Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello All

Not much to say today. Hubby got home safe, I managed to fall asleep about fifteen minutes before he got home. haha

Figuring out what we're going to do tonight. Hopefully someone is getting the fight, because I have a lot of cleaning to do if we get it over here and have people over...


STILL awake. This wine is doing nothing. I'm on my last movie. 300. *sigh* Two movies with my Gerry in them? I can handle that.

Hubby should be home in a couple hours. Who knows if he'll be tired enough to sleep right away. You know that feeling, you have to wind down after work.

By the way, this movie is easily top five material. Shirtless men, good story, excellent soundtrack, Gerard Butler... yup. I'm a happy girl.

Is it just me?

Or did all little girls watching Labyrinth when they were little want to BE Sarah when she's at that masquerade in the big white dress. I was set on getting married in a dress like that with that hair when I was a kid.

I did still get the big poofy dress, but not those sleeves. Even watching now, I totally wouldn't mind being all made up like that.

And let me just say, David Bowie rocks in this movie. I heart him.

Still Awake

Not even tired. Of course I'm totally babying my wine...

Phantom is over so I've moved on to another movie. A classic. One of my absolute favorites for as long as I remember.

I'm talking about Labyrinth. Yes, that awesomeness starring David Bowie. If you dare to speak poorly of this movie, I will HUNT YOU DOWN.

Don't go there.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Three Things

I found chocolate for my wine about a half hour ago... wait, longer now. Yum.

Hubby finally texted me. His coworker says I should open a bakery. He likes my stuff that much. This thrills me. Seriously.

Second-best song in Phantom is "Point of No Return." The song resonates with me for a very different reason that I will not be sharing with you. But that's another song that, when delivered well, should make any female seriously lust for the Phantom. Really.

Very Important

Okay, hands down best song of the movie/Broadway show is "Music of the Night." You cannot argue with this. I don't care what you say. I will stick my fingers in my ears and hum while you try to argue.

**Mom and others who do not want to know that yes, I think about sex, TURN AWAY NOW!!**

The song is a song of seduction. Done right, it should totally make all women watching the performance want to hop in bed with the Phantom. Even Christine in the movie looks like she is about to just lose control and jump him a couple times. And I totally do not blame her.

Gerard, I'll help you make the music of the night.

What? I'm just sayin' is all.


Having said that, I think all men who try out for the Broadway production should be auditioned in front of a small audience of women. He should sing THAT song and you'll know you have a winner when the women are fanning themselves and giving him some bedroom eyes.

About this movie...

So have I told you that I think (as far as the movie goes) Christine TOTALLY made the wrong choice?

I'm sorry, but Gerard Butler was the Phantom. And sings like a man. Raul looks like a little sissy girl.

I'd take the Phantom with his half-ugly face any day of the week against this sissy-la-la Raul.


So tonight is hubby's first overnight shift. Not that he'll be gone all night, but he won't get home until about four in the morning.

Let me explain something to you. I am a MASSIVE CHICKEN. I jump at every noise. This worsens when I am home alone. It is now just after ten. I have a few hours to go.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to pass out on the couch or not. But I'm trying to keep myself entertained.

Chatted with my girlfriend Andrea (love you girl!) for a while. But now I'm bored with the internet. I caught Catch and Release on one of our movie channels (Jennifer Garner, Kevin Smith, Timothy Olyphant) and really liked it. Of course, the people in the movie were drinking wine. Which made me want some. They were drinking white wine, unfortunately all I have is red. Did that stop me from opening a bottle? Nope.

Now I have Phantom of the Opera on. Singing will be happening. Very loudly. And probably badly. Possibly watching Revolutionary Road after this. (Don't ask me why I have it, I will not tell, just know that I did NOT download it.)

All this time, I believe I will craft. I'm working on some Valentine's stuff. Hopefully I can stay focused with the wine in my system...

Expect lots of random little two-sentence posts from this evening.

Friday Photo

So I made my eclairs yesterday. They turned out pretty good. Hubby likes them. I took some to mom's work this morning. They were pretty easy too.

But I haven't uploaded pics yet, so you're not getting those.

I did get more Disney pics on my computer though. The ones from mom's camera and the ones that the people at the park took. (Yes, mom bought the insanely priced CD, but it's worth it sometimes.) So you get more Disney today! Tired of it yet?

I love this picture. For so many reasons. Doesn't it pretty much encapsulate the Disney experience for a child? End of the day exhaustion. Mom said he started dozing off shortly after this. This was on the walk back to the hotel on my birthday (when Tim and I stayed later than they did). Tad has this weird attachment to my dad. It's like he thinks he's the coolest person on Earth. And I love it. So I love this picture.
There ya go. Friday photo.
Now I'm off to spend five hours or so with my husband before he has to go work crappy hours. He won't get off work until 3:30 in the morning. I'll be crafting and watching movies by myself tonight.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol - Night #7

So the people at Fox have "blessed" us with another night of Idol this week. Joy. New York and Puerto Rico all in one hour. Let's get going, shall we?

8:02 - Ohhh, Adeola gave up her job in order to go to Hollywood? She's that sure. I'm worried. And I was right to be. Poor thing is gonna have to go beg for her job back. Although, if her bosses are watching right now I think they'll take pity.

8:06 - We have Jorge. I love that name. Not that I would give it to my kid. But it's fun to say! Oh, and he's singing in Spanish! And he's good! And Paula asked him to sing in English... also good. Not quite the same though. His Spanish song was better. Like him.

8:12 - Jessika could be better. She really isn't horrible... oh, wait. I spoke too soon. OMG! Simon kills me. Love him. Truly.

8:14 - She is straight up throwing a hissy fit. Make her go away.

8:16 - Melinda is cute. She's such a hippie. Haha... she dances naked in her room. I kinda like her weirdness. I hope she's good, I want to see more of her. I love her song choice. LOVE it. With every ounce of me. And she's actually good. I don't know about outstanding, but she should definitely go to Hollywood. It's impossible not to like this girl.

8:22 - Oh how I love The Darkness. I do believe in a thing called love.

8:24 - Jackie isn't very good. She's semi-interesting, but even if she made it to Hollywood she would leave quickly. Oh, and now that Simon asked her to sing a second song she actually sounds like she could stand a chance. Why didn't she just pick that the first time??

8:26 - I was going to make a smart remark about the wimpy music with the bad Spanish narration but my sister just called. Why? Because she wants me to watch two of her kids ON VALENTINE'S DAY! Seriously. I swear she must be drunk or crazy to think I'd say yes.

8:33 - I'm bored with the guys that think they can get through on something other than singing. I don't care that your stoner buddies think you're funny. The judges care NOTHING about that except your singing.

8:34 - Case in point: Joel. Thinks he's a comedian. And he's not that great of a singer.

8:35 - Joel needs to medicated. HEAVILY. Or maybe just hit over the head with a baseball bat.

8:36 - I'm glad Simon is fed up with these "comedians" too. It's just old. This guy is annoying. I'm done with him.

8:44 - Now that I've been significantly distracted again (by my sister again) we return with bad auditions. Boring.

8:46 - Okay, Monique's little brother is cute. He kind of reminds me of my oldest nephew. Monique is good. Not great, but good. Simon let her through. Hubby says that if little brother wasn't there they wouldn't have let her through.

8:53 - Alexis is back. She was a NUTJOB last year. Supposedly she's changed. Whatev. She's just as annoying as she was last year so far, just in a different way. She's still not good though. Some things never change...

8:55 - I think Simon is baiting her. Yup, she finally gave him the finger. That's what he wanted. And now she called him an asshole. He so loves the abuse.

8:56 - Patricia is there with her entire family. I don't think I would bring anyone but hubby. Maybe mom and nephew. Oh, and Patricia is good. She'll get through.

8:58 - Simon is letting her sing a second song because he didn't love her on first impression. Now she's singing in Spanish. And I don't know if it was good enough. Oh, she made it. She's gonna have to step it up in Hollywood.

WOOOOHOOOOOO! Next week is Hollywood week! I'm excited. I'm so ready for the end of these auditions.

Next week won't be live blogging. I'll just spew my thoughts at the end of the show. Sound like a plan?


Seeing as how I have a large amount of coffee whipped cream left from my cupcake project, I wanted to make something with it. The obvious choice was more cupcakes, maybe vanilla this time.

But then I said to myself, "Self, you already made cupcakes this week. Why go boring and be predictable?"

I made some food using puff pastry today and contemplated using some of that for the cream. But decided against it. Then I had an epiphany tonight.


That's right, those adorable and tasty French desserts. I looked up a recipe and found one on that got great reviews and looks easy. So I will be attempting eclairs today.

And before you go thinking I'm two hundred pounds - no. I'm not. I give away a lot of the stuff I make. Hubby takes it to work, I share it with my parents or other family members... not much of it hangs around here.

Results to come later today, or possibly tomorrow with the Friday photo...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol - Night #6

Last night of auditions. Finally. They're in Salt Lake City tonight.

8:03 - Ugh. Why are we talking about the Osmonds??? NOOOOO!!! I'm not even reviewing this guy.

8:11 - Wow, Tara's a tall girl. And could she look more angry?! And she thinks she has ESP?! I'm feeling a bad audition here... yup. Hey! I think I have ESP!

8:14 - Here's our medley of bad people. *sigh*

8:15 - Why oh why did this guy think it was a good idea to bring his friend in a rabbit suit? Why do people think gimmicks HELP? STOP!!! Chris, let this be a lesson. You aren't horrible, but your bunny friend is NOT HELPING.

8:23 - Bet Salt Lake loves the stereotypes that they're all super nice and cheerful. I should move there just to displace all the cheeriness. Haha...

8:24 - Ryan is basically telling people to beg. Great. I hate when they beg.

8:24 - Frankie's a mom? She looks like a kid! She's good. Haha... I think she reminds me of Sarah Silverman. A little hotter. She'll go through.

8:27 - Megan is 23, a mom and divorced. Ouch. But since they're showing us her story she'll obviously make it to Hollywood. She's good, different-sounding. I don't know who to even compare her too. Very lounge-singer. I like her.

8:30 - I don't know what it is, but I find myself very easily annoyed by Ryan this season. Anyone else? It's like they upped the bad jokes. Or maybe I'm just in a mood. That's extremely likely.

8:35 - Andrew is like that other guy who had the super deep voice. Meh. Not for this competition.

8:36 - Austin looks like a baby. And those senior sweater his posse and he are sporting in the school vid are VERY unfortunate. But let's go to audition. I love the song he picked. Meh. He's better than I would be, but that's probably not saying much. Haha... I can see where he might be able to improve though. I have no preference about whether or not he goes to Hollywood. They're giving him another song. He sounds better on this one, even though I don't know the song.

8:40 - Apparently Rose has an "inspirational story" after the break. Why don't you just go ahead and tell us she's going to Hollywood, Ryan? Really.

8:44 - Crying people. Do we really need a montage? Really?

8:46 - OMG! Simon snort-laughed at a contestant!!

8:46 - Oh this is a biiig girl. Like, tall. Yup, 5'11". Jeez-o. She's Samoan, so there ya go. They're not a small people. Taylor can sing too. And at almost six feet, you can't say she has no stage presence.

8:53 - Rose is cute. Obviously a hippie, but she's cute. She's the story of the night that they've been alluding to since the first commercial break. I hope she isn't always barefoot.

8:55 - She's going to audition barefoot. Betcha when she gets to Hollywood she does all those performances barefoot too. That'll be funny. She'd pretty good, but I think I've heard better too in all these auditions.

8:57 - Simon said she's "one of the few he'll remember." That's pretty good.

Alright, we're done for the night. And for the week. Wait, what?!? Well, crap. There's more Idol tomorrow. Okay, guess I'll see y'all tomorrow.

Stupid Blog...

So my formatting went insane with my cupcake post. Now I'm starting over. So you get a super short post with no recipe to speak of now. Because I'm cranky.

I made chocolate cupcakes with coffee whipped cream filling last night. Filling with whipped cream was definitely different than filling with something denser and more substantial. I'll have to work on my whipped cream method.

I made the whipped cream. And still have a bunch left. I'm contemplating more cupcakes. We'll see.

Have some pictures now...
Yes, I cheated and used cake mix. I'm a made-from-scratch virgin. And that isn't sewage in the bowl. I added about a tablespoon of instant coffee to the water that the box calls for. Made a very very subtle difference.
Whipped cream ingredients. That's more instant coffee (one tablespoon, dissolved in a tablespoon of HOT water). And two tablespoons of sugar. I could have cut this recipe in half. next time I probably will.
So my solution to the whipped cream not being dense and heavy? I poked holes in the cupcakes with straws. haha... I'm a creative baker!
Here's the babies all frosted. Before I added a little spot of whipped cream on the top. The spot of whipped cream looks like a nipple. I swear, my mind isn't in the gutter.

And here's the beauty cut in half. They're amazingly tasty. I will definitely be making them again. And again.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol - Night #5

So apparently this is the last week before Hollywood week. Yay for that. This live blogging is starting to interfere with stuff. I have cupcakes waiting to be frosted!

Let's get on with the show...

8:01 - OMG, they're totally talking about Journey. I heart them. Mostly because of Scrubs. lol

8:02 - Oh Randy's shirt is all kinds of hideous.

8:03 - I missed this guy's name. He's not horrible, but I don't know if he's good enough to make through Hollywood week.

8:04 - Hm, they let him through. I guess we'll see. There have been better tryouts though.

8:05 - Didn't we have Simon holding a dog last season? I distinctly remember a girl bringing her dog and Simon loving the dog. Sadly Sharon is not that great. She reminds me of Jessica Simpson. The guys let her through. Now the girls are. I don't think she'll continue past Hollywood.

8:07 - So Kara is asking for Simon to make a move. Skank. haha...

8:12 - Okay, the show is not all about Ryan. Annoying filler.

8:12 - I'll take Ryan over this girl any day though. Ouch.

8:14 - Kaneswa isn't too great. Cute dress though. Too bad there's no way my boobs would fit in that thing. Ah, to be young again. Oh, wait, this is about singing. I feel bad for her. She was super confident. And not the insane confident of most bad singers.

8:16 - Julissa is a little weird. But hey, she can sing. She needs to trim her bangs a little. I can barely see her eyes. Oh, does that make me old for saying that. Haha, Simon's bothered by her laugh. That was hilarious. I think she'll do better when she's not trying to be Whitney. Whitney Houston takes a LOT of power and effort.

8:24 - I bet this guy gets called gay by some guys. I'm not saying he is, but he's sociable. And some straight guys have a problem with that. Darin needs to not let his friend getting cut hurt his song. Tears are not going to win you sympathy dude. Aaaand there we go, less than good. I don't know if it's his issues or if he's always like that.

8:27 - Oooh, Naomi compares herself to Mariah Carey? That could be bad. But we have to wait because her friend looooves Randy. And now we have to waste time with them meeting. She's going to sing "Loving You." And we have a bunch of lap-sitting. This is freakish. Can we get to singing? Finally... okay, she can stop. And Kara is like, molesting Ryan's head. Ohhh... I'm scared for this part of the song... I winced. I physically winced. Moving on...

8:35 - Jasmine has a fan club with her (her sisters and mom). She's singing Fergie (we all know my love/hate relationship with that fug woman). She sings pretty good though. And she's through.

*side note: I am diggin' Randy's red glasses. Really.

8:38 - Wow. George is a very hairy young man. His beard rivals hubby's and he's only 18! I can't get over the amount of hair on this guy! Okay, this guy's kinda weird. Oh, and not so good. At least he has physics to fall back on!

8:46 - Anne Marie is cute. And Simon is sending her away telling her to come back as a "star." Weird.

8:47 - T.K. is singing "Imagine." And thankfully he's doing it well. He'll go through.

8:49 - I can't believe Simon said no. What a jerk.

8:53 - Michael is FREAKING OUT because he can't play his guitar. The first line wasn't bad, but now he just sounds nervous. Poor guy. I wonder if the guitar helps at all.

8:56 - Oooh, Simon is getting mad at the kid. Haha... I can't help it, it's funny.

8:56 - Pardon the language (mom), but what a little bitch! He straight up told his mom "Don't touch me." Wah wah.

8:57 - Anne Marie is back. She put on some makeup and lost the jacket. She's good. But she was the first time too. She stands an honest chance in Hollywood.

It annoys me a little that the judges want people to look like "stars" during tryouts. Hellooo, that's what a stylist is for!

Okay, we're done for the evening. I got all my cupcakes frosted during commercials (yes, you'll see them tomorrow). I'm going to enjoy one before we head out to a show (my brother and our friends are playing tonight). If you're local head out to the Starline and join us!

Until tomorrow friends. Seacrest, out.

(haha, I couldn't help it)

Just in case...

If anyone was sitting around thinking, "Man Ashley rocks. I should buy her something," I have a perfect idea for you.

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this forever! It's the complete series! I loved that show. I would sit and watch it at Tim's even though everyone laughed at me. I went to see the movie with my grandma and cousins! I'm pretty sure I need it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

K is for...

K is for... krappy letter. haha... No, really, I'm having a hard time with this one.

K is for kitchen.

I never did enjoy cooking (or the aftermath of cleaning). For a while when I was younger my mom would make my brother and I each take a night where we would cook (obviously with help) dinner. I don't remember it lasting very long. And I think I defaulted to turkey burgers more than once.

Tangent: can I just tell you I make some rockin' turkey burgers? I like to put chopped green pepper and carrot shavings and feta cheese in them... ohhhhh tasty.

So yeah, never did get into cooking much. Then sometime after high school I started really enjoying cookies and cakes and such. Maybe it's when I worked at a bakery. I would sit and chat with the decorators and watch them create these beautiful cakes. Then I would go home and decorate sugar cookies. So baking became my thing.

Then I got married. And I knew I couldn't make Tim cook every night. So I cooked a little. I was very proud of myself on the day I sliced raw chicken breasts. I had never done that before. Raw meat grossed me out. I dreaded the mixing of my turkey burgers.

Tangent: really, the turkey burgers are amazing. I may have to post a recipe next time I make them.

Then I started reading blogs. You should see the ridiculous size of my favorites list. Ridiculous doesn't even begin to cover it. So I start reading these blogs and started wanting to make some of these things. So I did. And it was easy! And the food turned out good! Imagine that!

Now I actually kind of enjoy cooking. I like trying to make new things. I'm still scared of frying things. All that popping oil... OUCH! But I totally try new things. Just last week I tried two new things! And there's lots more on the list of things I want to try. I may just have to make a recipe a weekly thing around here. My blog could include a little bit of everything. Cooking, crafting, fashion, humor, sarcasm... wait, I went on another tangent.

So there ya go. You'll find me in the kitchen at least four days a week making an excellent dinner. Who would have thought?

Happy Birthday

That's right. There's another birthday. I never realized just how many there are. And I don't even blog every single birthday!

This birthday is muy important. It's my grandma's birthday. My dad's mom. This woman is awesome. I see her put up with so much crap (and there's no other word for it) from various sources and she is still a saint. If anyone deserves to get to Heaven and sit right next to Jesus, it's her.

Grandma watched my brother and I for most of my first five years. I was at her house all the time until I started school. There were exceptions, like if an aunt wanted to watch me, or my other grandma, but it was mostly Grandma Ophie.

I wish I had one great story that defines her, but there's no way to do that. She loves and cares freely. Everyone is always welcome at her house. I could bring five extra people to any gathering and she would find the extra plates and feed them until nothing else would fit. I was fortunate that the university I just finished at was pretty much across the street from her house. I'd stop by all the time and she would feed me and we would just visit. That's just Grandma. You can stop by any time and she welcomes you in.

So here's me and my little (big) brother* with Grandma. Happy Birthday Grandma! Love you.

*And yes ladies, he's totally single. Isn't he cute? Did I mention he's a musician???

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've Been Busy

So I resolved that this would be the year I learned to sew properly. While I haven't done that, I have made time to be crafty over the past couple days. See, I read blogs and the writers are just so creative and make such cute things that it inspired me. I know I'm creative, I know I have some stitching skills. Why shouldn't I be able to make cute things?
So I tried. And totally succeeded!

Felt seems really big in the crafting circles right now. People are making EVERYTHING out of felt. I've seen a lot of people make flower brooches and hair accessories, so it seemed like a good start. These things were super easy once I got started. I might even churn a couple out for my outfit today (going to Grandma's later for her birthday - birthday post coming tomorrow). I made these for a party I went to last night. (No, I didn't wear all of them.) Wanna see them in my hair?

Ignore the fact that the picture isn't great. I got so many compliments! So these are a keeper. Might even make some for cousins or friends. I put an extra panel on back so I can slip in a bobby pin or safety pin if I want to wear them as a brooch. I'm so happy with them!

Up next, I think I'm going to try some little Valentine-related things. And ultimately, little dolls. I've already sketched my first doll... but you can't see him. He's top secret...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Things

I really am one of those people that can be made happy by the little things in life. So maybe sharing a little thing every once in a while can make you happy. Or at least make you think of your own little things.

I got to have strawberries in my Multi Grain Cheerios this morning. *happy sigh*

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Photo


Sorry, kinda tired today. I went to bed early last night, but kept waking up. Don't you hate that? So let me go scouting for a photo...

Yes, I'm giving you another picture of my baby. If you look carefully, you can see his amazing bedhead. Seriously, this kid has the best waking-up-in-the-morning hair ever.

Plus he's just cute and this picture makes me smile.

Hope you find something to smile about today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't string together a good entry

So I'm going to share some random things with you today. You may or may not find this entertaining. Ask me if I care.

It's raining today. FINALLY. It's been a seriously dry winter over here, and I just hope the rain continues. Does anyone else love it like me? Wait, I think I only love it because I'm not working.

Speaking of working, I JUST WANT TO GET INTO OUR DISTRICT! Being a sub would even rock right now! I've never wanted to work so bad in my life. And adding to the anxiousness/trepidation is the fact that a neighboring district just put a hiring freeze in place because of the fact that THE PEOPLE RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT ARE STUPID! Yeah, I live in California where apparently the state doesn't understand the concept of "living within your means." Let's hope I can get a job somewhere. I don't want to go wait tables.

I had to make a trip to Wal-Mart this morning (yes, after I complained about it here). And I happened to see the Us Weekly with Fergie (yuck!) and Josh Duhamel (*swoon*) on the cover. Because ya know, they got married. I just wish she would have PUT SOME EFFORT into her look. It's your wedding and your hair looked... well, blah. Really. I'll post pics if no one believes me.

I've become a big fan of the caps lock lately. I feel it really gets my point across. Like in the instances above. I'm enjoying it. It really is like yelling. And slightly therapeutic.

Ducks are funny. There was one outside this morning shouting loudly like a drunk man. I mean it. I laid there and listened to him attempt to raise the dead while hubby got ready for work. Then as I left this morning I had to wait for two ducks to cross the street. I didn't mind. Watching them waddle is funny. Seriously. Watch a duck waddle today if you have the chance. It's amusing.

Okay, I've rambled enough. Oddly enough, those are the things at the front of my mind. Now I'm going to attempt to get crafty. Trying to make a cute hair accessory for a party on Saturday. If it's cute, you know I'll share.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol - Night #4

Haha... my husband: "Are you going to do this live blogging crap every time it's on?" I think he's a little fed up with having to finish cooking or cleaning because I'm in front of the computer and the TV.

We're visiting Louisville, KY tonight. Should be interesting.

8:03 - Oh, Tiffany's dad is so a Michael Lohan in the making. I am diggin' those glasses. Hawtness. I almost wish she was better than she is. Because she is exactly what I was expecting. Disappointing. And what is with every contestant wanting to "try it again" this season?! They already said no, walk away.

8:05 - Hubby just sat down and said, "Is that a guy?" Oops. Poor Tiffany. Wait, not poor Tiffany. She's running her mouth. I wish the cameras would just quit following these people sometimes.

8:07 - Honest question - should they really let people who have already been signed audition? Joanna used to be signed with a label. And she's really good, like REALLY good. But if she had already been signed, what happened that she's now on this show? I don't get it? Whatev, she was good so of course she should go through. But the record label thing is going to be on my mind all night...

8:09 - WTF? A guy with his gun? Whatev, the producers wouldn't let someone with a loaded gun near their cash cow judges. We'll see how right I am after the commercials.

8:13 - Ouch, Mark's last name is Mudd. That sucks. Oh lord, he's one of those people that barely opens his mouth when he talks. That's pretty rotten. Oh, false pre-commercial crap. He doesn't have a gun. Thought so. He's not right for the show. At all. Okay, him and Simon are like, staring each other down or something. And now they think he's threatening them? Last time I checked, "Be careful" is not a threat.

8:16 - Oh, me likey Brent. He can sing, he's scruffy, and those dimples... *swoon* Paula is liking him too. Back off Paula! You're too old!

8:19 - And he's going to Hollywood... more swooning to come this season.

8:23 - Medley of the night. Oh, I didn't even recognize the song the first girl was singing. WTF is up with the zebra guy??? Hubby is laughing uncontrollably at the guy doing Michael Jackson.

8:25 - Matt is good. I like his song choice too. Oh and of course Simon has to be a jerk and tell him he doesn't "believe in himself." Dude, there's a nicer way to tell him to be more confident.

8:27 - Uhhh... here's one of those people that makes me wonder who the heck actually got him to audition. Ross "studied" how to sing. That tends to NOT WORK! Ohhhh... just let him sing. Paula you have no idea what he's talking about when he's talking about mathematical radicals. I could have told you he wasn't right for this. And yet the producers think he's funny?! I just feel bad for the guy. He's already doomed because he's labeled as a nerd. OH! He's straight up drinking Paula's water and using her straw! I'm done with this. Can we continue?

8:37 - They're telling this girl's story. Meaning she'll make it. Plus they already showed her with a guitar, which also promises good things. Alexis... yup, she's good. She has a pretty big voice for a little girl. Unexpected. Like her, but don't love her.

8:45 - Aaron is loud. And energetic. I hope he's good, because he's awfully enthusiastic about singing. Simon totally dogged on Tyra Banks!!! lol Okay, Aaron needs to tone it down BIG time. He might be good if he isn't yelling. Awww... they aren't putting him through.

8:50 - Rebecca has a "cheat sheet" on her arm. Oh, and it can't do anything for her voice. Poor thing. Wow, Kara was mean and actually feels bad about it! When did the judges get souls?

8:52 - And now the medley of good people. That means the last "inspirational story" is coming up next.

8:58 - Here's our "feel-good" story to conclude the night. Laneshe grew up homeless pretty much. Mom's her number one fan. I'm not going to go into the whole story. Let's just see the audition. She's singing a song she wrote. Her voice is good, don't know about the song. "I like your thuggish way?" Definitely not a fan of the song. But like I said, good voice. She'll get through.

9:02 - She's through and crying.

Okay, done tonight! On to Lost!!!

Do you know what TODAY is?

It's Wednesday the 21st of January. That means that at eight tonight...


Now there is a problem. American Idol is on at the same time. But I've decided that I sincerely enjoy my live-blogging and I'll watch American Idol while I set the DVR for Lost. *sigh* What did the world do before DVR?

It's also comic book day. So I need to scoot my butt over to to see if anything came out today that I was waiting for. See y'all tonight at eight!

Lost isn't until nine! Yay!


So have any of you heard of Bold Loft? I sure hadn't. But I was perusing the blogs in my favorites list and Little Ant Design mentioned them in relation to some pillowcases. Pillowcases especially for Valentines Day. So I clicked the link... and OMG WANT EVERYTHING THERE!

Bold Loft has a ton of adorable things just for the holiday. And I would probably be happy with just about anything on that site. But I have to share some of my faves with you.

There are couple t-shirts. As in his and hers semi-matching stuff. But it's better than that! Because the shirts make a scene together. Like this one...

ARE YOU DYING?! I am so contemplating purchasing these! How can it get more adorable?!

Wait, this is almost more adorable. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for musicians. This just makes me sigh with total happiness.
Then there are the pillowcases...

I love the way this little girl is blushing.

But this set is the best. It's cute in so many ways!
So yes, I'm distracted and deeply lusting for this stuff. It's the cutest. I might just have to buy some. But which to choose?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol - Night #3

Okay, I walked in late, let's jump in...

8:03 - I ran in the front door and thankfully hubby already has the show on. And I'm confronted by the most annoying laugh I've heard as of late. And a dress that scares me more than a little.

8:06 - Drama queen. Oh, and she keeps singing. She has potential to be good, but lord she's dramatic. I hope the drama thing is just part of the auditions. Because I want to know if she can sing and not just pout and laugh annoyingly.

8:08 - Seriously, make her stop laughing.

8:13 - Medley of not-so-good. Dull. Oh, but Dean-Anthony... and that coat. Haha... it does look warm. Um... not great. Seems like he's performing more than singing. Which is great in the right place, but not here. Oh he did NOT just say the carpet matches the drapes!!! Oh lord! Poor judges...

8:16 - Jesus. No, I didn't say Jesus as in from the Bible. I mean the Hispanic name Jesus. It's the guy's name. He's not bad, but he's trying a little too hard. I'd put him through. What... they're having him bring his kids in! They had so better let him through to Hollywood after letting his kids in the room. And he's singing again. Better this time. Yay! They let him through!

8:25 - Ryan's talking to Dalton. And he can totally solve a Rubik's cube. And he just did it in like, thirty seconds! Crazy. Now he's auditioning, and he looks beyond nervous. Ooh, and he's not good. Sadly. Like, at all. Aww, he's never sung in front of people either. Doubly rough.

8:28 - Dude, already time for another commercial? Lame, Fox. Super lame.

8:33 - Here we go, Simon and Kara finally get pissy with each other. It's about time. I'd probably get sick of Simon too.

8:34 - This girl has like, notes on how to train for gospel singing. Oh and she can't pronounce "larynx" or "trachea." Haha... I'm sorry, that's funny. Okay, the studying is old, can we get to the audition???

8:35 - Finally, she auditions. She seems really... intense. She's playing too much with her voice. And I don't get some of the spasms in her facial muscles. WTF?? I have no idea what she's even doing or saying anymore. I give up.

8:38 - Still arguing and trying to sing more for them. Finally walking away. That took too long.

8:39 - "They really made me feel like one of those auditioners that can't sing. Even though I can sing." Actual quote. Awesome. But now she needs to quit running her mouth.

8:40 - Another stinking commercial??? But at least I'm pretty hopeful for a guy coming up.

8:44 - John is good. So is Allison. And Raquel. Thank goodness for a medley that doesn't make me hang my head in shame and disappointment for these people.

8:46 - This girl, Annie, seriously doesn't know what she wants to sing??? You have to walk in knowing what you're doing! Ouch... what on earth? Kara calls it overdone and Annie responds, "Really?" You mean you can't tell???

8:47 - Now it's Adam's turn. This is the guy I'm feeling hopeful for based off his clip before commercials. Kara totally winked at him just now. I swear. I'm not seeing things. Oh and he's singing "Bohemian Rhapsody." And nailing it! Yay!!! Simon is the only one who has been at all negative. And he's still letting him through! Yay!!!

8:55 - Kai takes care of his mom. Which is cute in itself. And this guy vaguely reminds me of my brother. Which makes me like him that much more. Awww... him and his mommy are cute. Hubby just brought up a point that they don't give this much backstory when the singer sucks. Whatev, I still like hearing the backstory. Okay, I like him. A lot. They think his stage presence needs work, but they're letting him through.

8:59 - They're playing one of my favorite Christian songs behind him calling his mom!!! And in case you're wondering, it's "I Can Only Imagine."

Lame. I didn't know it was only an hour tonight. Booooo. Guess I can let hubby watch Scrubs tonight. Lucky him. See you tomorrow night!

In Honor of Today

It's inauguration day. I'm not treating it as a holiday, and I'm not even go into the millions of dollars being spent of the festivities. I'm not going to talk about "change" or any other catch phrases that are so ubiquitous today. Today, I'm going to take a moment to do something that not nearly enough people have done...

Thank you, President Bush. You may go out unpopular, but there are still some people who remain patriotic enough to recognize that your job is not easy. You took risks. You made decisions that you may have questioned later, but at least you made one. So thank you. For everything.

Talk your trash "America." Call yourselves patriotic while you badmouth the man who ran the country for eight years. Do you think he enjoyed every minute of it? Probably not. But it was HIS job to do. And he tried his best.

Think carefully about everyone you know personally. Your parents, coworkers, friends... now imagine they are put in the position of running a country. Imagine they are facing daily reports of crime, immigration, possible terrorism, poverty, and other problems facing the people that they have been chosen to lead.

Would your mom have been able to make a split decision about a bailout? Would she have been comfortable doing it? Could you have been faced with 9/11? And been the face that people look to for assurance? Could your best friend have had an easy time running an entire country?

Be grateful for the man that was willing to make these decisions.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Really Teenagers? Really?

I'm at the age where I'm embarrassed I was once a teenager. The whining, the "angst," the attitude, the everything... I'm ashamed I was once that stupid.

But I think they're getting worse. Need proof? Click here.

If I couldn't get into a movie, it was simple: we left. How difficult is that? Why do teenagers think they're so tough and entitled to everything now? It's ridiculous. I think if I had been there I would have pointed and laughed. Just for gits and shiggles.


Dear people,

This just make you look like a bunch of ungrateful jerks. Too bad "treason" isn't defined like it used to be.

(And yes, this slanderous talk was considered treason during time of war)

J is for...

I totally contemplated "J is for jerks" but then I realized it would probably read a lot like last week's "I is for idiots." Can't have a repeat, can we?

So instead, I bring you... J is for job.

I finally finished school and now I'm waiting for my credential to go through so I can have a job. The tough thing about finishing mid-year is there usually aren't many full time positions. But I'll sub for the time being and be fine with it.

Hubby is also looking for a new job. He finished school last year. He currently has two jobs, but one is part time and one is per diem. And neither are keeping him busy enough. So he's been applying at a few places. One of those places? About two and a half hours from here. And right now that's looking like the best chance.

This is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Exciting because it would be a full-time job, and we would live closer to the beach (!!!!). Nerve-wracking because this is a big move. I would stay here by myself while he went to work for four or five days. Then I'd get him back on the weekends. This would be until May, when our lease is up. Then I would have to pack up all our stuff and we'd be moving.

The distance makes me a little nervous. My whole family is here where I am. And I'm super close with my family. There's also a lot of his family here. Not to mention our Tad. What would I do if I had to move away from him? I think that's the worst of it for me. I can't imagine being far away from this kid that we helped raise and make into the little weirdo that he is today.

*sigh* So there ya go. Nothing is definite, just decided to let everyone know the possibilities in my corner of the world.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

It's another birthday today. My third this month. When did January get so busy?

Anyway, today is my cousin Carson's birthday. Have I mentioned Carson to you? He pretty much rocks.

Carson is actually a double-cousin. Our moms are sisters and our dads are brothers. So there's a lot more resemblance between me and my brother and Carson and his sister.

I'll keep this short and sweet, because I know that's the way he'd prefer it. Carson is hilarious. I die laughing every time I'm around him. He's like another little brother. And sorry ladies, I know he's handsome and manly, but he's taken. This is a picture from my wedding and it encompasses him perfectly. In his tux, eating a Ninja Turtle ice cream.


Happy birthday Carson!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Review... of the best movie this year

Okay, so we saw Gran Torino. I had my doubts when I very first heard about it. I hear "Clint Eastwood" and my brain defaults to westerns. Which, sorry, I don't enjoy. But the more I heard about it and the more I saw the previews, the more I wanted to see it.

So when hubby brought it home (don't ask, we didn't download it or purchase it, just don't ask), I knew I would sit and watch it with him. Well, we finally did last night.

Best. Movie. Of. The. Year.

Hands down. If you haven't seen it, go see it before it leaves theaters. If you have seen it, leave me a comment and give me your feelings (spoiler-free please).

Clint is badass*. I mean, he always was, but this movie... wow. Okay, it's not the most culturally sensitive movie. And I'll admit, I died laughing at several parts where Clint was blatantly and horribly racist. But I couldn't help it. Just the way he was a complete and total ass. It was funny. BTW, I totally want him to be my surly neighbor now.

The story is good, and I really can't reveal much because I know some of you haven't seen it. Just trust me when I say it is amazing and I'm already to watch it again. I didn't see the ending in the way it happened, I expected something else, but it wasn't disappointing.

So if you have the cash, and the time, go see Gran Torino this weekend. I promise, it is an awesome, amazing, spectacular, and every-other-adjective-that-means-good movie.

*Saying he was badass reminded me of a joke my husband told some of us last weekend at our friends' house: "Why does Clint Eastwood always talk through clenched teeth? He's trying to hold back the awesome!" Laugh. You know it's true.

Friday, January 16, 2009

January 20th

It will go down in history. But not for the reason you think.


*thanks to my buddy James for pointing this out*

Friday Photo

Happy Friday all! I started my morning with an email that had a link to some GORGEOUS engagement pics of a friend of the family. It makes me want to take pictures again... and because she made me think of my own pictures. I thought, what better way to reminisce than to share one of mine as the photo this week?

Photo courtesy of the amazing Mariano Friginal

No words necessary. Just enjoy. And if you love it, go to Mariano's blog (oh look, I linked under the picture) to see some fabulous recent work.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

Only a day late, and like I said, the birthday girl wasn't at home to read this yesterday. She was in Disneyland (lucky!).

This is my Bonnie. I love her. Lots.
I've known Bon for like... fifteen or sixteen years now? She saved me more than once when I was a rotten junior high and high school kid. I'm sure she kept my mother from killing me. She listened to my drama. She told me what I needed to hear, even when I didn't want to hear it.
For all those reasons plus a million others, she was my matron of honor when I got married. I cannot imagine going through the whole planning process without her. She was amazing and supportive and so fun.
If I'm not careful I could ramble so I'll leave you with this. Every girl needs a Bonnie. Mom's are great and everything, but Bonnie's are a necessary thing.
I love you Bonarif.

Currently loving...


and this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I owe a birthday blog tomorrow. Time escaped me today. But the birthday girl wasn't here to read it today anyway. Look for it tomorrow birthday girl!!!

American Idol - Night #2

Ready for more friends? Let's jump on in... Kansas City tonight.


8:03 - Chelsea says she has emotion and power in her voice. Um, the emotion and power of a dying cat at 3 am. Poor thing.

8:04 - Hilarity, Simon just called her a dying cat too.

8:06 - Ashley... first you pick a song that Simon co-wrote, then you mess it up a little. But he's a total ass for calling you out. In the middle of singing.

8:09 - The screaming girl preview... oh I need to make sure I'm not eating while she flips out. Because I'm the jerk who will laugh and end up with food on the computer screen.

8:14 - Okay, Casey is cute. Not hot, but cute. Haha, my husband and I just read each other's minds and decided she kinda reminds us of Mandy Moore. Who we love... but back to the audition. She's good too. And she's going through to Hollywood.

8:17 - Um... what's up with this guy. The v-neck and chest hair combo is killing me. KILLING me. It's pretty much wrong.

8:20 - Medley of tearful rejects.... haaaaa! There's the screamer. She looks like she's auditioning for a horror movie.

8:25 - So they're highlighting David Cook. And I just remembered how much I love him. It's a lot.

8:26 - Why would this skinny do this to this song? WHY???

8:27 - Okay, first one of the year singing "Amazing Grace." And have I told you what I think of that song? It annoys me. Everyone uses it when they're challenged to sing. And I hate it. Overused. You're beating a rotting, decaying horse people.

8:28 - Vaughn, is it? Take it down about five notches. I have a feeling he'd be better if he didn't try to show off so much. Projecting is not always your friend. And now they're making me wait until after the commercial to find out his outcome.

8:35 - Okay, he made it through.

8:36 - EEEEEEEE!!!! I love Jason!!! So they're talking to him now. And I'm loving him all over again. Erm, don't love his brother as much. HA! But he called him girly! And they're both potheads. OMG, I can't even tell you how amused I am by them... okay, audition time. Wow, he's good. Not quite the same sound as his brother, but kind of similar. I like him. But not nearly as much as I loooooove Jason. There's just something about a pothead with a guitar...

8:39 - My husband just said that Paula only let him through for one reason. "Paula only wants to bone Jason and she wants a better chance at it. And you can quote me on that."

8:45 - Haaa! Some girl just tripped on the stairs. Good stuff...

8:46 - Matt has a seriously cute little kid. Ooooh, I love this song. And I like his voice. He's no Chris Daughtry, but I like. What is it with me and bald guys with facial hair?! Awwww... Randy doesn't like him. Kara does. Figures that Paula does. It's on Simon... HE'S GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! I hope he proves to be good. I'll totally vote for him.

8:49 - Um, Jasmine looks like a spaz. Srsly. Craaaaaazy. OH! And she can't sing. No surprise there. The freaky ones never can. The crazy eyes told it all.

8:52 - Jessica... she's holding a guitar which gives me some hope. OMG, her grandma rocks!!! She just said, "These are my crazy pills." Her glasses make her resemble Lisa Loeb. Ooooh, she's good. And she's not a perky, annoying thing either.

9:00 - We have sisters... and they're auditioning together? I smell disaster. Oh, and they're rapping. Mistake numero dos. Oh my... their names are India and Asia. Hmmm... um, their rap scares me. Oh, now they're singing for real. Big girl isn't great. Little one isn't either. Oh, little one made it through. Surprising...

Un momento... on the phone. Paused the TV.

9:03 - Jamar isn't as good as I think he thinks he is. Did that make sense? It did to me. He sounds like he's yelling sometimes. He started out way too loud. Kara got it right... overdone. But they all agree he's good if he doesn't shout. He's in.

9:05 - Dude, he's got a piercing like, under his EYE!

9:10 - Now we have Daniel, he's Jamar's best bud. Ohhhhh Lord his wife died four weeks before the audition. Holy crap. Not gonna cry... I'm not. Whew... okay, can we get to the audition? He's good. I like him. I'd vote for him in a second. Plus he's a little cute. That never hurts. Even Simon "really liked him." He's totally going through.

9:13 - Haha... this girl looks scared. And her voice scares me. Oh, another bad female. We've got a string of them going... ouch.

9:14 - Hello eyebrows! Haha... he's a bit of a smart ass. It's funny. OMG, Anoop, you can sing. Dude, this guy looks like an awkward nerd and he can SING! Holy crap. Okay, will you do some manscaping on the brows if you make it through? He's so going through. Yup. Unanimous.

9:17 - What. Was. That. Another medley. Pretty bad. At least they aren't butchering Bon Jovi tonight.

9:19 - Can I remind y'all that Jasmine is just PAINFUL?

9:24 - Pointless freak medley. I don't care what they do for attention. Get to the singing.

9:24 - Ugh. A guy brought some cheer rejects. Great. I'm done with him already. These girls are wasting my time. FINISH BEFORE I FAST FORWARD!

9:25 - Andrew is finally up. Meh. I may be biased because the cheerleaders annoyed the crap out of me.

9:27 - He's singing something else. And still not gonna make it. Stupid cheerleaders are crying for him. Ugh. NEXT!

9:29 - Middle school band director? That would be Asa. He's got a pretty cute little girl too. I like him. Haha... Simon didn't know why he picked his song. He said, "Cuz I like it." Straightforward. Everyone likes him. He's gonna go through. Keep an eye on him readers. He's good.

9:36 - Don't shoot me, but this was the conversation my husband and I just had.
Me: Man, why do they let special needs people on? He's gotta be. (I hate the way they're mocked when they appear to have something wrong)
*after intro where guy says where he's from*
Husband: Oh, he's not special needs, he's from Nebraska.

Like I said, don't shoot me. Let's get on with the show...

9:37 - Wait, he just said his own mother doesn't think he can sing. Why would you try out?! OH! It's gonna be an original song... ouch. I'm hurting for this guy. Make him stop please. He's embarrassing himself.

9:39 - Okay, now he's singing a song about his grandmother. I'm scared. They should really let him down already. Okay, now they are. Whew... who tells these people they should go after it???

9:40 - Yesssss! Slow-mo evil Simon laugh! I love those.

9:41 - This guy is telling Simon he had a dream about him. I'd be scared if I were Simon. Okay... he's not god-awful. But he's certainly not going to Hollywood. Hmmm... methinks he resembles Urkel a little.

9:42 - Dennis has resorted to begging. Just stop dude.

9:43 - Still begging. Stop running your mouth.

9:43 - The judges have lost it. They let him through. This guy is a spaz.

9:50 - Hee hee... our next contestant is asleep in her chair. Oh, oh, oh. She's singing "Loving You." You know, the high pitched one? Not good. And she's still la-la-laing... haha!!! Let's send her home. She looks like the hissy fit type.

9:52 - Ha, she's calling them ridiculous? And freaking out some poor kid sitting next to her. Ignore the cameras now honey.

9:53 - We've got, Lil , a girl who basically survived a tornado. She's good. I'm not surprised, they've been pushing her story at every commercial break.

9:55 - Simon called her "absolutely fantastic." And "classy." Damn. They looooove her.

Alright people... auditions continue next week. Look for more live blogging then. Because this is seriously super fun.

Way To Go Ryan

I know some people missed out. And some people are evil like me and just want to laugh at Ryan again.

So here. Happy Wednesday...

Oh Yeah...

Muy important...


Time-filler, space-filler... whatev.

I'm working on my portfolio for my exit interview tomorrow. Thrilling?


I have to put all this stuff together and then go into a room tomorrow and present someone with my binder and talk about myself for an hour.

You're thinking, "Oh, talking about yourself for an hour should be easy."

No. It has to apply to student teaching. And teaching. It's not like I can talk about how excited I was to wear the particular outfit I'm wearing tomorrow*. Or how I was super stoked to have strawberries in my Cheerios at breakfast**.

I know it will be easy, but I'm feeling hormonal and that makes me not look forward to it. Whatevs. I'll get through it then go pick up some paperwork so I can get a job. Then I'll come home and probably fill out said paperwork. Or catch up on soap operas. Who knows?

*And yes, I totally have my outfit planned. Have had it planned for a few days now. Super cute. Trendy, but still teacherly.

**And yes, I've been saving the strawberries to have in my multigrain Cheerios tomorrow. Because that's the best EVAR! And I thought it would be nice before an interview.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol - Premiere Night!!!

So I'm gonna try this "live blogging" thing. I'll post updates every once in a while. Like when I see something particularly hilarious/disturbing/wrong. And there will be plenty of moments I'm sure.

8:04 - OMG, they showed my favorite AI related clip ever!!! The breaking hearts of the teenage girls... kills me every time. Does it make me a little evil?

8:13 - First gimmick. And it's an afro. Oh, and some freaky dancing. Waiting to see how this turns out... tapping? Really? Me = disappointed and not even mildly amused.

8:19 - Okay, this girl's pretty good. Is it Emily? But I just got biased for her because she TOTALLY HAS A CUPCAKE TATTOO ON HER NECK! I love cupcakes. Side note: wonder how her image will change if she actually makes it all the way through. They won't actually go for her lawn mower hair cut, will they?

8:26 - Randy's turn. "I just want someone to tell me that I'm great." Um... insecure? Maybe? Let's see how he fares. OH GOD! He's gonna try Bon Jovi??? Ick. Why do people decide to do this? I'm with Simon on the "wimpy" thing. Aaaaand now he's gonna cry. Just walk away dude.

8:32 - Poor Michael. Bet his palms are all sweaty. Wait, what's he doing? That's not singing. I'm not sure what that is. And now he's having a breakdown???

8:39 - Medley of awesomely bad tryouts. OMG. Dying. Is Shawn a chick? It sounds like one, but is looking rather androgynous.

8:40 - Dude, your energy is hurting me a little bit. Can we take it down? Okay, with all the movement and major PERSONALITY, this guy needs to be on a stage of a different kind. Don't ask me what kind, because honestly - he scares me.

8:43 - Arianna is seriously cute. And I like her version of this song better than the original one. Her voice is much better.

8:51 - I don't know about the new judge, but I am LOVING her shirt on day 2.

8:52 - He's kidding, right??? Is he faking? Please tell me he just always does that. Aww, poor guy just isn't good.

8:54 - Her face does not look sixteen. And the cowboy hat should be burned. While still on her head. She's more annoying than a screaming toddler. And she fell, haha. Oh the giggle... I'm going to get the gun. I'm scared of her voice... okay, she's not the worst I've heard, but really? She picked this song? Why? I'm done with her.

9:00 - Named after Stevie Nicks... think mom was setting some subconscious expectations?
She's cute. And she's good. Wow. They'll send her to Hollywood.

9:03 - Okay, she hasn't even tried out and I'm already ready to rip the extensions and fake eyelashes off of "Bikini Girl."

9:08 - This guy totally reminds me of a buddy from high school. And he can actually sing. Randy's right, his appearance and voice totally aren't expected together.

9:11 - Haha... Paula's jaw dropped at the guy singing Carrie Underwood.

9:11 - Time to skank it up! I already saw girls mad dogging her. Damn, she's semi-good. Camera operator is obviously a man because they keep showing her rear end. I want to throw my soup at her bare stomach. OMG, the eye roll. Really, somebody shoot her. Her little attitude already annoys me.

9:15 - Ryan looks really uncomfortable with the kiss. Something to the gay rumors?

9:16 - A guy named "Sexual Chocolate?" After the break? I'm glued.

9:21 - AAAACK!!! He has a tattoo that says it? A-MA-zing. Sadly, the voice is not.

9:24 - Can you say "Oh my gosh" one more time? At least her voice isn't annoying like she is. Oh Lord. "Simee?" Now she's killing me. And she's not doing it softly. Haha, get it? Because that's the song she's trying to sing?! I'm hilarious.

9:33 - Deanna's speaking voice reminds me of Kellie Pickler. She's cute. Funny, her singing voice doesn't match at all. But I like her. Don't know if I like her enough to vote for her down the road, but still.

9:35 - And Ryan is a freak for pretending to be her family. And her mom screaming on the phone made me die.

9:36 - This kid looks like a girl. Or at least a girl's head on a boy's body. I hate when they sing songs that I don't know. Because then I don't have a basis for comparison. Wow, he made it? Maybe they'll make him take off the pounds of foundation if he goes further.

9:43 - Singing in the closet? What??? Poor Alex. Simon already started with the closet jokes. Holy crap, he can actually sing. He seems so timid and... I don't know. I didn't expect much from him. And of course Simon doesn't like him. HA! Alex mocked him by saying he could sing, "God Save the Queen." That was actually funny. And he's going to Hollywood.

9:47 - Ahhh, Bon Jovi butchering. Oh Lord. OMG, and one of these guys totally looked like my uncle! But back to the problem at hand, people should be shot for butchering "Dead or Alive." Really. How can you even do that to the man? It's his absolute best song! Me and my brother could rock this song so much better than all these people.

9:54 - Here's the story that AI is going to MILK. Scott is a blind contestant for those of you that are not watching. Holy crap! He entered college at fourteen and graduated at nineteen. And he's actually really good. And he's through. Like I said, they are so going to run with his story this season.

9:57 - OMG! LMFAO! Ryan just tried to high-five the blind guy! Still

9:58 - Still laughing.

That's it for tonight friends. Tomorrow they go to Kansas City, where last year's winner is from. Expect more live blogging.