Friday, July 29, 2011


There may be a necessary update of "The List."

I may or may not be putting athletes on there.

I may or may not have tweeted to Brian Wilson that I love him.

And before you ask, yes, I am completely sober.

Happy weekend.

Friday Photo

Happy Friday! I'm going to work for a bit today. Then I have to come home and clean because I have a weekend of crafting, thrifting and all around awesomeness with my partner in crime.

And since it's our weekend, I thought I would post a picture of us.

There's too much awesome in this picture to describe. The owling, the panda hat, the beard, THE BALLPARK. Also note that we are wearing B.Weezy shirts, even though you can't see them.

I'm looking forward to my weekend. Now off to get things accomplished.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Girl Moment

So really, y'all know I love baseball. I like the sport. Not just the men playing it. But there's definitely an advantage to sitting in the bleachers in San Francisco...

Hellooooo Cody Ross.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Oh look who's been absent again... We had a busy couple days. And unless you want a game recap, I don't have much for ya.

Actually I have some amusing pics that I could post.

Anyway, I did my nails last night. And took a crappy webcam picture!

Ummmm... yeah it's a less than stellar pic. So if you can't tell, my nails are this awesome muddy cement color. My new fave I think. And my ring fingers have little leopard spots in black and white. Free-handed and actually not too difficult.

So I looked at my calendar tonight and I have about three weeks of vacation left. A little less depending on staff days before we start. I'm loving vacation, but I'm kind of excited! It's going to feel so much better this year since I actually KNOW what I'm doing now. But in that three weeks I'm trying to fit in several things:
  • my tattoo
  • a trip to SoCal
  • a camping trip
  • more Tad time please!
Soooo... I'll try to be better about showing up to amuse you. And I'm reworking some of the weekly features. I might have different ideas for the new school year. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm a huge DIY person. Going to a concert? Make a shirt. See something I like online but don't like the price? Figure out how to make my own version. I made the best shirt ever yesterday.

Yup. Winning. For those that don't know, Romo is a reliever for the Giants. And he's GOOD. Like, super good. I got a lot of second glances and some good laughs out of my shirt. Even had a woman ask for a pic of me and hubby (ya know, with his Wilson-esque beard). I love San Francisco on game day. Besides that... well I could skip it. :)

OH I have to tell you the highlight of Cole's day. Adorable. We were leaving our parking garage and this Camaro comes around the corner BUMPING music and hubby turns to me and says, "That's Pablo Sandoval!" Cole's head flew around so fast I though it would pop right off. Traffic was stopped so he was still close to our car and I told Cole to roll down the window and yell his name. He did and Sandoval totally grinned in his sideview mirror. And we DIED over his license plate (I'll withhold to avoid contributing to stalkers). The rest of the day Cole would randomly say to himself, "I can't believe we saw Pablo Sandoval outside the stadium!" Super cuteness.

Now we get one day of a little relaxation (besides taking in some recycle and having dinner with some family) before work and play start up again. And yes, I WILL actually work tomorrow. I'm headed out to my classroom to do some organizing and cleaning.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Again, a little early this week, but it's for a good reason.

Baseball game tomorrow!!! Giants are playing the Dodgers (if you're not in the know, they're huge rivals so this is a BFD). We're also going Saturday. Because hubby had already taken the day off. Yay for baseball!

I got festive with my nails last night. And yes, this was all done by me with a tiny paintbrush. I should have taken a pic of my right hand because it looks JUST as good (a big deal seeing as how I'm right-handed). So from the pinky working inward...
  • W (for Wilson... or win, your choice)
  • a beard!!!
  • the SF logo 
  • 38 (Wilson's number)
Not shown is my thumb, which has a cute orange heart on it. :)

Now I need to get to work on some shirt-makin'. I have some cleverness in my head...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh Dear

I've made a recipe three times this week. THREE TIMES. It's that good. And bad. Because if you eat these all the time... I don't see your butt thanking you at all. :/

Anyway, I figured since it's been such a hit, I should share. Especially since I can't take the credit for it.

First, let's look at my first version. Done Tuesday for the All Star Game.

Yup, baseball version. Of something that I don't even have a proper name for. I guess the easy name would be Oreo truffles. Or The Answer to World Peace. Ya know, whatever.

I've seen versions of these in several places, but the way this blogger wrote about them is what finally sold it to me. I laughed. Feel free to do the same. If you're afraid of making a big batch (and unless you have a lot of people to share with... you should be) a half batch is easy. Half the cream cheese and half the Oreo package. That would be 21 Oreos. I counted for you because I love you.

I made them Tuesday and they were popular. So popular that my cousin who had one Tuesday requested them for our failed Harry Potter premiere on Thursday. No pics of that one because I apparently had a fail of my own in that department. Sadsies. Tonight I make them for my mom's house.

And I branched out tonight. I made the original Oreos AS WELL AS the Golden Oreos. I have 30 of these babies setting up in my fridge. Good thing hubby works tomorrow. I can send some there. My butt will thank me when it doesn't expand.

So try these. Please. Or if you're too busy, pay me to do it. But don't blame me if your shorts get tighter...

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Most Epic Fail of All Epic Fails

Ummm... we waited for four hours. Have been super pumped for weeks.


Free tickets do not make up for this. We may or may not have shot some reaction videos. If you're a Facebook friend you'll get to see them.

UGH. Have to go to bed so we can attempt to make an early morning show later.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Technically this is the second time I've done my nails this week. All in honor of Harry Potter tonight!!!!

Lightning bolts was as creative as I was about to get. I thought about doing house colors, but changed my mind. This was easier. I'm about to go pick up my cousins and drive by the theater to check out the line situation. I've not done a midnight show for one of these movies. Us girls may or may not be making goofy videos in line...

Since I will mostly likely be too exhausted to blog tomorrow - have a great Friday friends!

Why Am I Not Rich?

Pretty sure EVERYONE needs a proofreader. Found further proof on tonight's Target purchase...

Do you SEE the problem? I think they meant to say "MLB OfficiallY licensed." Someone messed up. And if they had hired me, it wouldn't have happened. :)

And please don't speculate about the purchase of baby booties. They were clearance and will still be relevant when I do have children. Far FAR down the road. They were too adorable to pass up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Old Spice

Dear Old Spice,

It's no secret that I LOVE you. Rather, I love your commercials. That Isaiah Mustafa... yes. And yes. But I think there's room for another man. A man that men want to be like.

Brian Wilson.

NOT the musician. The amazing bearded baseball player. That man is unstoppable.
  1. He's my boyfriend. Hubby is okay with this because they look so similar. Okay... and the fact that we have not actually met. Hmmm... problem.
  2. That beard? Well that will sell the product itself.
  3. He's hilarious. For reals. Look up any interview with him. People love him so much there's a Facebook page campaigning for him to host SNL.
  4. He's loved. The ladies LOVE B.Weezy. Just read this blogger's reasons they are destiny. I laughed. And wished I had a blog when I was single so I could write crazy things. Back then it would have been reasons I was going to marry Barry Zito (I apparently have had a thing for pitchers for years).
So really Old Spice, let's make this happen. I promise I will only buy your product for my husband if you make this happen. And when I have sons one day, they will only use Old Spice.

But only if you get me Brian Wilson.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Sparkly Hearts Everywhere

    All Star Game tonight!!!

    I know I've been a bit baseball obsessive lately, but it's summer. And I was raised on baseball. Pretty sure I bleed green for my boys in Oakland. Hubby actually commented a couple weeks ago that I'm rather dude-like in my tendency to wake up and turn on MLB network in the morning.

    Yes, it's been happening. I love that channel.

    So I saw this commercial a couple weeks ago for the first time and I enjoy it. Especially Eckersley and his epic stache.


    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Random Memory

    I just remembered this in the car today and decided it needs to be posted. Because I don't think I did when it happened.

    We had a birthday party for my Tad here at my house back in May. More like a little family dinner. So my mom was here and my youngest nephew, Anthony, (he's four) heard me call her mom.

    Anthony: Why you call her mom?
    Me: Well, she is my mom.
    Mom: Just like she (pointing at Beth) is your mom.
    Anthony: (thinks for a minute, then speaks to me) Ohhhh, like you're Paul's mom? (Paul is Tad's actual name.)

    The look on my sister's face, plus my mom's huge eyes, plus the cackling that occurred after this exchange... priceless. I only wish I were Tad's mom.

    Can I Get A Duh?

    Hubby and I awoke this morning to the Prez on television (again!). Now I won't even get started about how the man apparently LOVES his speech time (of which I've watched... one maybe? In his whole time in office.). I will mention what he's talking about.

    Raising the debt ceiling.

    Ummmm... wait, we're already becoming a country of people who can't pull ourselves together and pay bills. But you want to RAISE the amount of money we can borrow? So we can take a longer time paying it back? And a longer time not supporting ourselves??

    Bad idea. Duh.

    I came to the conclusion a long time ago that to be a politician, you must have to have terrible math scores. Like, dismal. Because I'm constantly amazed at the numbers spewed forth showing that no one is aware IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT, YOU SHOULDN'T SPEND IT. Really.

    Okay I'm done.

    In other news, it's my parents' anniversary today. 30 years! And it's free Slurpee day. Okay, it's a wimpy size, but still.

    **AWWWWWW SUPER SADS!!! My tattoo is postponed. :( Our friend just messaged and had something come up that's gonna keep him out of the shop today.

    Hello Monday. You raise your ugly head again.

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Weekly Manicure

    My nails are appropriate for what's coming the next couple days...

    If you live under a rock and don't know what this week is... All Star Game. Hence the nails. :) I love them. They're fun. And they'll be gone Thursday in honor of something else special...

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Catching Up

    Yeaaaahhh vacation makes me lazy. Hence the non-consistent blogging. Oopsie. :)

    Wanna know what's up?

    We had an excellent 3rd of July (yes I said 3rd) out at a friend's house. On the 4th my cousin texted me and we had a last minute BBQ for four. Complete with fireworks (legal here and illegal in the skies around us) and a walk/bike ride through the neighborhood. The pups weren't terrified of the fireworks, they just didn't enjoy them much.

    The 5th of July was a day for baseball. We have a Triple-A team here and there were fireworks after the game AND the tickets were two-for-one. How could we not go? We took my cousins (twin shoutout!) with us. Despite the Alabama-like humidity and discomfort, it was a good game. Our team won and the fireworks were legit.

    There's plenty on the schedule to come too... can't let my last few weeks of vacation be boring!
    • Monday... I have an appointment for my first tattoo! I'm kinda nervous. :)
    • Tuesday... All-Star Game. I'm honestly pretty underwhelmed with the voting results. But at least there'll be some legit pitchers.
    • Thursday, well... technically Friday at 12:01 AM... HARRY POTTER!!!!! I haven't seen any of the others at midnight and this is the last one so I figured why not? We'll have a decent little group going.
    • Also in the slightly more distant future are a couple more baseball games, a couple local (and not quite local) shows to attend, and we still need to make time for camping!
    So what have y'all been up to?

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Weekly Manicure

    Meant to post yesterday because OF COURSE they're themed for yesterday's holiday...

    The blue is glittery too... just doesn't photograph well on the webcam.

    You can also see my pimpin' ring. I love it.

    We're off to a baseball game tonight. Our AAA team is a feeder for the Giants. And they may not always be great, but they have 2-for-1 tickets tonight AND fireworks. I can support that.

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Hmmm... Odd...

    So I'm guessing most of y'all have donated to some group at some point and received those nice little return address labels that you mostly use for bill-paying because they're never actually THAT cute. (Wow that was a run-on sentence.)

    Well, I was kinda stoked because I thought I got some in the mail yesterday.

    Thooose aren't address labels. Hence the "WTF" expression on my face. Wanna see what they are?

    Yeah. Because I apparently need thirty-three label-sized stickers that say that. What am I supposed to do with them???

    I know what I'm going to do with them. They're going to show up in random places. And if I'm good, I'll even photograph it. Because I have sixty-six of these babies to play with. Hubby got them too. If you want me to sticker-attack someone just hit me up.