Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Another Monday, another bad picture of my manicure.

Bad lighting, I know. The black has a really subtle sparkle in it. The ring finger is actually a dark purple glitter. With doodles. Because I was kind of bored.

I'm recovering from my weekend and getting ready for tonight. I thought I was better after a good night's sleep on Friday night, but I woke up yesterday feeling rotten again. It's just a cold, but UGH.

I'll maybe post some costume pics later. Or not. It's going to be a busy day. Sissy and the kids are coming tonight. :)

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


No, not like I scared you. Like, I don't like something.

Being a grown up is just no fun sometimes. You can't tell people what you really think of them, you can't post funny (okay, wrong) pictures to your Facebook, you can't use naughty language on your blog...

Can I pleeeeeease let someone know what I think of her? Just this once?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Coolnesssss

Yeah, I've been a bit sporadic. And it's bound to get worse. Just warnin' ya. I have a mall stop and then church tonight. Haunted house tomorrow night. Range date with some ladies from school on Friday. Halloween festivities on Saturday. Shooting on Sunday. Actual Halloween on Monday.


But in my time spent on the interwebz, I found this yesterday. Some of you are bound to have seen it already. I've watched it twice. Both times the song was stuck in my head for hours. I will probably be singing it again this morning.

I wish I had enough money and boredom and money to do something like this.

Happy Wednesday. Halfway through our week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Last Halloween manicure for this year. Sadsies. :( I like this week's though...

So the lighting doesn't do it much justice, but they're a sickly greenish (like a zombie) with dark red blood splatter. It was pretty easy. I love them. I'll have to change them before Saturday since I'll likely paint my nails to go with my costume, and I don't think fairies have zombie-killin' nails. :)

New week. Bring it on. I got some fun stuff planned.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Photo

Ah Friday again. Seriously, at the rate time is flying by I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday before I know it.

Great, I just thought about being 40 in ten years and made myself depressed.

So we're just over a week away from Halloween!!! And I have a green porch light. It's REALLY green.

This is from inside the house. I can't even begin to express the greenness of this light to you. It's kind of funny. Decorating is still going on around here. Not done yet. We'll actually attack the front yard after our gardeners come this week (yes, we have gardeners... they were included in the rent). More pictures to come of course.

I have another busy weekend again. But it'll be fun so I'm excited. Happy Friday!

**And if any of my locals want to join me at Babylon Saturday afternoon I wouldn't tell ya no.**

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Randomness

Every once in a while I ask hubby if I could go blonde. He always says no. I wouldn't actually do it (unless of course someone paid for me to have it done professionally and then paid for me to go back if I hated it). But it's fun to try and picture myself blonde.

Also random and in the same subject of being blonde... I love Britney. No I don't have to put a last name because y'all should know who I mean. I wore a fedora last night and bumped Britney in the car. And secretly wished for blonde hair.

When I was younger (like, just out of high school up until 24 or so) people would randomly say I looked like Britney. My cousins said it all the time (so did their mom). I had a coworker call me Britney instead of Ashley for a period of time. He found himself amusing. Then there was the short period of time that Britney went brunette. There was a pic of her on a tabloid cover in her sunglasses and my oldest nephew (who was maybe 3 at the time) turns to me and says, "Tia Ashley, that looks like you." I laughed.

In non-blonde randomness I am having to deal with drama. At almost thirty years old. Ugh. Some people should just exit my life quickly and quietly. Or at least put their drama elsewhere so I can have fun. Because I'm pretty sure I grew out of "OMG my crush likes you so I'm going to HAAATE you" way back in high school. Seriously.

It's Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. I'm hanging out with a friend. :) On Saturday I will see my little brother. And on Sunday... perhaps I'll actually rest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Want

Okay, so since I'm not a huge fan of making wish lists anymore I thought I'd pull stuff straight from my Pinterest. Since I'm addicted to Pinterest. And I spend too much time on it...

I have a board on there titled "Want." Simple enough. And I came across this one last week. It's pretty much in "need" territory more than "want."

Best part of pinning from Pinterest... I don't have to link. If you squint, you can see the links to the site, my profile, and Pinterest under the pic.


Anywho, you know you love the shirt. It's on the birthday list. Or the list that y'all can shop from because you love me. :)

So glad it's already Wednesday. I love when a week goes by quickly.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Oh another Monday. And another weekend that flew by too quickly. But I did do something fun this weekend! I love it!

That's right! New tattoo!!!! It kinda matches my grandpa's panther. I showed him yesterday. He loves it. He actually said, "Gosh that looks better than mine!" And if you look at the top of the photo, there's my manicure for the week. Here's a better one...

We're goin' old school with Frankenstein this week. I think he's pretty cute. But I guess he really shouldn't be, should he? Oh well. I love him.

So let's start counting down to Friday, shall we? I have good things planned so I'm ready to get there.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Photo

Another week done... thankfully. I feel like time is flying by lately. We're already just over two weeks from Halloween. Meaning I have about two weeks to finish a costume. I think I have everything - I just need to do it. Plus two more for after Halloween... yup. One for a theme night at church and one for a dress-up day at school. Excuse me if I don't hang out and do nothing for awhile...

I wanted to show off some handiwork today...

I painted that dresser. I did the stripes. For my thirteen-year-old cousin. I am in LOVE with how it turned out. I kind of want one myself now. It was super easy and I kinda wish I could be paid to do it. So if anyone needs zebra stripes... hit me up.

I'm out to get ready for my weekend. High school football tonight and tattoo tomorrow!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Current Count

Halloween is making itself known around these parts. Our current list with check marks next to them...
  • 10 pumpkins (at the moment, there WILL be more)
  • 3 orange light bulbs
  • 1 green light bulb (and it is REALLY green)
  • mantel is decorated
  • bathroom is decorated (yes I decorate my bathroom)
  • wreath done (a new one this year)
By the way, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a few hundred times that my neighborhood is LEGIT when it comes to Halloween and trick-or-treaters. I'm so stoked. We're sticking with last year's tradition of Beth and her fam coming over for dinner then walking the neighborhood. I may just get my brother-in-law's new friend to come with her adorable little man...

So ready. 19 more days.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Things

Better late than never... right? RIGHT???

Yesterday was a tough one for my family. My mom had to take our dog to be put down. He was 14 and has had several cancerous tumors over his life span. The last one was inside his mouth on his gums. When mom took him for surgery in June, the doctor warned her that they may not have gotten all of it. They didn't. It came back quick and poor baby was finally miserable. It actually looked like it wanted to burst or something. So we had to say bye. Obviously didn't leave me in a writing mood.

So in honor of my Josiah dog...

5 Favorite Memories of Josiah
  1. ha, how about the day we got him. I NEVER had a pet growing up. I think my dad was against it more than my mom. And we never really pushed for one. But my sophomore year of high school we were playing mud football at church on Black Friday. And as everyone is leaving, my brother and I spot a puppy wandering around the field and church parking lot. He came right to us and he had the sweetest face. We convinced dad that GOD WANTED US to have this dog. And he came home with us. And stayed. :)
  2. Josiah always loved having his belly rubbed. You couldn't start petting him or even really get near him without him turning over on his back to beg for a belly rub.
  3. Josiah is an escape artist, even at 14 with bad hips he found a way to get out. When he was young he got out for an extended period of time. We freaked. We put up signs but nothing came back. Fast forward a few MONTHS and my mom sees a random "Found Dog" ad or sign or something. So she called the lady (who happened to live two blocks away). After the woman described Josiah she threw in, "He loves having his belly rubbed." And we knew. We got him back. :)
  4. Hubby and I had a pup a few years ago that we ended up adopting out to another family (long story). But not before he met Josiah. Josiah didn't like him. To the point that he jumped up on the picnic table outside because our baby couldn't reach him there. It was pretty funny. If dogs can give death looks, Josiah was giving one.
  5. Like I said, Josiah was old. He started limping and just moving like an old man. But when Tad was over and ready to play, the limp disappeared. He was just a puppy playing with a little boy.
He was a good dog. And yesterday sucked. We'll definitely miss him.

I'll try for a happier post tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Manicure

I know... I totes neglected the blog last week. I got no rest last weekend so my whole week was just a tired blur. I rested a little this weekend, so hopefully I'm good to go this week. I even put a little effort into my manicure...

Candy corn!!!! The yellow is a little lighter than it should be, but it's really cute.

Wanna try to beat my randomness this weekend? I visited my brother at the bar he works at Saturday afternoon. Which turned into staying there for about five hours. And having drinks with some friends of my dad. Who else can say they had a beer with someone dad went to high school with? Yup.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Unplanned hiatus. Just when I don't think I can be busier - I am. So here's my manicure this week...

First: I'm aware baseball is over. But I was cold and this hat was handy.

Second, the nails are black and green with different angles stripes. Complete with silver glitter. I couldn't think of anything Halloweeny. I'll do better this week.

Over the last week I have had entirely too much fun with my aunt and cousin. To the point that our pastor may or may not think we're crazy. :) We all work with a children's group at church.

I need Halloween ideas. I have ideas, but costumes are getting smaller and I'm... well, I'm not. Plus the fact that I'm a little old for some of this stuff. Plus the fact that one of them (yes, I'll probably wear multiples) has to be church-appropriate.

I'm evil. The past week has only confirmed it.

It's Thursday already. This makes me so happy. I need some veg time this weekend. Badly.