Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Photo

Ah Friday again. Seriously, at the rate time is flying by I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday before I know it.

Great, I just thought about being 40 in ten years and made myself depressed.

So we're just over a week away from Halloween!!! And I have a green porch light. It's REALLY green.

This is from inside the house. I can't even begin to express the greenness of this light to you. It's kind of funny. Decorating is still going on around here. Not done yet. We'll actually attack the front yard after our gardeners come this week (yes, we have gardeners... they were included in the rent). More pictures to come of course.

I have another busy weekend again. But it'll be fun so I'm excited. Happy Friday!

**And if any of my locals want to join me at Babylon Saturday afternoon I wouldn't tell ya no.**

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