Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Randomness

Every once in a while I ask hubby if I could go blonde. He always says no. I wouldn't actually do it (unless of course someone paid for me to have it done professionally and then paid for me to go back if I hated it). But it's fun to try and picture myself blonde.

Also random and in the same subject of being blonde... I love Britney. No I don't have to put a last name because y'all should know who I mean. I wore a fedora last night and bumped Britney in the car. And secretly wished for blonde hair.

When I was younger (like, just out of high school up until 24 or so) people would randomly say I looked like Britney. My cousins said it all the time (so did their mom). I had a coworker call me Britney instead of Ashley for a period of time. He found himself amusing. Then there was the short period of time that Britney went brunette. There was a pic of her on a tabloid cover in her sunglasses and my oldest nephew (who was maybe 3 at the time) turns to me and says, "Tia Ashley, that looks like you." I laughed.

In non-blonde randomness I am having to deal with drama. At almost thirty years old. Ugh. Some people should just exit my life quickly and quietly. Or at least put their drama elsewhere so I can have fun. Because I'm pretty sure I grew out of "OMG my crush likes you so I'm going to HAAATE you" way back in high school. Seriously.

It's Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. I'm hanging out with a friend. :) On Saturday I will see my little brother. And on Sunday... perhaps I'll actually rest.

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