Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week! Thursday...


Sorry mom, that's what this post is about. You had to know it was coming. I mean, Claudia and I took off on a zombie tangent last week.

So, take me seriously or not people, but a zombie outbreak could totally happen. Scoff if you want, navigate away, call me crazy. But it could totally happen.

Hubby found this article last week. Okay, let's just start with my issue with the phrase "cheating death." If God wants you dead, you will be dead. Period. But what the article gets at is that by using hydrogen sulfide, you can suspend a body in it's current state. The body systems don't shut down, they just stop. Think of all those movies and television shows you've seen where a character just stops time and everything freezes. It's like that.

Now people might argue, "Oh, but if it's tested right and used correctly, it can totally save lives! What about an accident victim that could have survived if there had been just one more hour for the surgeons/rescuers involved?" And I get that scientists are seeing the benefits of this. But hubby and I discussed how this could totally lead to a zombie outbreak.

(This is the part where you laugh because my husband and I sit and ponder the possibilities of zombies and other such things that are thought of as ridiculous.)

The problem is that you are stopping a body, then reanimating it (a.k.a. bringing it back to life) at your command. Cells are shutting down. The door is wide open for some "freak happenstance" where the person is brought back, but their cells continue to not function. No breathing and normal life necessary. They would be a living dead person.

See? Zombies.

Okay, you could argue that it would be closer to immortality than actual zombies. But I choose to go with zombies. Because with this drug still being experimental there are all kinds of ways for trials to go wrong. Who knows? There may be side effects. Like a strange craving for brains...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freak Mutant Thing From Hell!

Just got wind of this news story and thought it would be fun and appropriate for Halloween week. Apparently Australia has got a bit of a shark problem on their hands...

A 20-foot shark??? Did you SEE the bite it took out of that other shark? That's insane! Don't go in the water...

And if you can't watch the video (because your workplace is lame or something), here's a pic of the 10-foot shark that was nearly bitten in half by the lurking monstrosity.

Halloween Week! Wednesday...

Oh lookie here. Another list. Sorry if you don't enjoy them. I do. And I know some of my readers who do. I know not everyone gets super into the holiday. And some people work for the Halloween version of the Grinch, so they have to do little things to get away with their celebrating. So here are some more subtle accessories.

I love this. You could totally play innocent if someone said you were too festive. "But, I'm really into arachnids! It has nothing to do with Halloween!" (via beadifulexpressions)

These make me giggle. I'm not into the cutesy vampires lately (more like Edward and Eric), but these kill me. I'd wear them. (via emandsprout)

Check out this GORGEOUS headband. Flowers, netting, AND fancy skulls? I'll take one. And maybe a couple more in other colors. (via jammerdesignz)

I would get one of these for hubby. Seeing as how he's a tech, I see anything skeletal and think of him automatically. (via jesswitaj)

Don't you just want to squeeze this little guy??? I love his crooked little smile. It's marked as a magnet or a pin. I'd happily put him on my sweater. Or he'd look really cute clipped to a lanyard if you have to wear an ID at work. (via lizziboo)

Okay, this is rather large. It's pretty much a corsage made of fabric. AND I LOVE IT! I love the bigness. I love the colors. I love the feathers. It makes me sigh. And I have several black tops that would be perked up by it. [via flowertothepeople (even the shop name is awesome!)]

And now we come to this little piece of art. I. Love. This. Necklace. I think it's my favorite thing on the list today. I have a major thing for birds right now. And those flowers? Yes please. And the different shades of orange? *sigh* (via Gingeroni1)

I promise I'm done with all the Etsy goodness now. Really. I may even have a post later today. Yup folks. There's a possibility of two posts today.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Week! Tuesday...

Did I mention that I would probably have more than one list this week? I just can't help it! There are so many cute things on Etsy right now! So here's the first list this week...

I love these. Oh so much. Aren't they cute? They might be too much on the cute side for hubby. But I may have to attempt making my own at some point... I could have a whole village! (via jannypie)

I love my wine. And I love these festive stemless wine glasses. I might be tempted to use them year-round because of their coolness. (via demetriaco)

I have a love for these simple little dolls. I read the blog of one woman who makes all kinds of versions for her kids. I've yet to do my own, but these would be a nice start to my collection. Because when it's something that small and cute, how can you not have a full-blown collection? (via goosegrease)

These are the coolest (and creepiest) temporary tattoos I've seen. I'd love to see people freak out. (via buttonhead)

This garland is awesome. 'Nuff said. (via paperacorn)
This is a stamp. Yes, a good ol' rubber stamp. I would put it everywhere during the month of October. (via terbearco)

And hubby wants these lunch bags. Heck, I do too. It would be fun to leave your lunch in the staff refrigerator if it was in one of these bags. (via sammo)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Week! Monday...

I have a couple CDs that go into rotation around the end of September every year. Full of songs that put me in a festive mood. Not blatant stuff like, "The Monster Mash" or any of that. It's good stuff. So I thought I'd share some with you for the start of our week. I'll be listening to some of these all week.

Create a playlist at

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey Everybody!

Guess what?? Halloween is this week!!! Finally! So this week I'll be posting Halloween-related things. Look forward to some cute Etsy finds, a scary real-life story, and some dressing up (via Face in Hole).

Saturday I will honestly make an attempt to get some costume photos up (we may be taking the kids to a church thing Friday night). Let's start the countdown!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday

I played a little bit on FaceinHole last night and got this. It's my new wallpaper on my phone and I printed it out to put in his room. I'm dying. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I love this song. I love how it was done. And I love the dress. Favorite scene from last night. Mom, if you didn't watch Glee, you must watch this clip.

Right Now

You get randomness today because I feel like it.
  • I am at the doctor's as this is posted. Just my annual appointment. So joyous... NOT!
  • Hubby is getting pastries and other such goodness at the bakery I used to work at. He got a craving the other day or something. I am really hoping they have quiche. I miss that quiche, as well as other things they made. I DON'T miss the weight I gained while working there. I seriously dropped about ten pounds when I quit.
  • I am thankful for the cooler weather. It means soups and other yummy things for dinner. Last night was a bean and bacon soup. I found the recipe here, but hubby made adaptations to suit our tastes.
  • We've been on a wine kick lately. And now we're out. This does NOT happen at our house. We always have wine. Except for right now. So we'll be taking a trip to Cost Plus to remedy that situation today. Seeing as how it's October, we'll get some Halloween-themed wines as well as some Spanish ones. We always buy Spanish wines.
  • I have GOT to get started on our costumes. I still need a few supplies, the rest I can borrow from my mom (hi mom! I just need your quilt batting! And maybe some help making pants for me...). I'm way excited though because I had an epiphany last night that should make our masks easier.
  • I need to make cupcakes. Darn. I have a recipe I want to try out. Plus I'm making them for my dad's birthday next week. And I've got to narrow down flavors. Maybe I should see what his preference is first...

And last, but SO not least, a dear friend of mine has started a blog. But this isn't just any blog. It's going to be an advice blog. She's awesome and I can't wait to see how all this turns out for her. If you want to visit (and you know you do) just click here. And if you have a question for Dear Rhiannon, email her at Yeah, I threw the email in there for those of you who are too lazy to hit up her blog.

Love you Rhi! And can't wait for the blog to get up and running on a regular basis!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

So since I FINALLY got to see Where the Wild Things Are yesterday it was easy for me to come up with a theme for today.

And since some people may want to know, I'll throw in a mini-review. Um, I loved it. I think Tad liked it. I think mom liked it (she had the day off since she just got back from vacation). Hubby liked it. I only cried once (instead of the billion times I thought I would). And I think the best part was hearing the actual lines from the book here and there. Hearing them gave me warm fuzzies. I choose not to address the aspect of whether or not it's a kid movie. If you really want to know, email me.

Let the wild wish list start!

Go ahead and squeal. Or fall out of your chair. You know you want to. Aren't these insane??? I don't know if I would even be able to wear them, but I want them all the same. (via stabbyvonkillerstein on Etsy)

I spotted these and now I very much want to do a Wild Things room for Tad. I can totally see it already... but seeing as how I want to paint a forest on one wall I should probably wait for a house. (via BuddhaTaxi on Etsy)

Okay, we kind of have a theme for our tree and it's definitely NOT involving Max, but I would throw a theme out the window if I got these ornaments. They're adorable! Maybe I'd even hang them in Tad's future room. (via nannyCakes on Etsy)

I love this simple journal. It would be in my purse constantly. Maybe holding a list of children's books that I needed/loved/wanted to check out. (via mamaroots on Etsy)

Oh, and I want a Wild Things birthday party now. hee hee Okay, maaaaybe I'll let Tad have the party. (via digipixels on Etsy)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Lord

It might just be necessary to make a fecal roster this week. (Yeah, think on that one. You know what I mean.)

As of right now, Comcast holds the top five spots.

Monday, October 19, 2009

And Now Some Amusement

Love it. To death. The guy in the grey t-shirt really has the boy band faces down.

Go Away, Monday!

I hate you, Monday.

I need to call and make a doctor's appointment. I don't want to because I'm being paranoid and I'm sure they're going to refer me to someone else. Once again, it's likely paranoia, but that's what I'm good at.

Something is up with our cable. The power went out last night and since then none of our channels are coming in. All we get is that stinking message, "This channel should be available shortly." Grrrr...

I still haven't heard from the student loan folks. Even if they aren't going to grant deferment, I feel like I should have heard something by now. Come on people!

And I get to go pick up my parents at the airport tonight. Which isn't really bad except that I'd like to go see my boys at their show. But they'll probably play late enough that I wouldn't actually get to see them if I went.

I'm totally over this Monday. Hope y'all have a better one.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guns and Cars

Last time we went to Vegas (a couple years ago) hubby had one thing on his list we didn't get to. He wanted to go shoot a machine gun. See, we live in California where you can't do anything fun. So to shoot fully automatic machine guns you have to go somewhere else.

We didn't miss our chance this time.

I shot an MP5. It was fun, but it was over pretty fast (duh, it's full auto!). And I can totally see why you'd want one for a zombie apocalypse.

Hubby shot an AK-47. I love this pic, doesn't he look like a little kid on Christmas? His had a bit more kick to it than mine so he was feeling it in his shoulder the rest of the day. It didn't stop him from loving it though.

Okay, have you heard of Barrett-Jackson? In simplest terms, it's pretty much the biggest and coolest car event you've ever been to. They auction off insanely cool collector's cars. We've actually watched it on television before. So our visit just happened to coincide with Barrett-Jackson being in Las Vegas.

This made me happy...

Look at that pretty Camaro. I may have drooled a bit. We didn't pay to go in and wander around and watch the auction, but I kind of wish we had. There was a free driving expo outside so we decided to go check that out.

I AM SO GLAD WE DID. Can you see who's driving?
I took it around a short course. And I loved it. I want one. I might have been bouncing around for a couple hours afterward and randomly poking hubby in the arm saying, "Guess what? I drove a Camaro."

And that's the bulk of the interesting Vegas photos. We did go get cupcakes on a few different occasions and I of course took pictures of their beautimousness (yes, it's a word! I have a friend I say it with all the time). So there's that. But there ya go. My vacation in a few blog posts. Unless you really want to hear about the stuff that there's no pics of. You decide.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey Look!

It's a few more Vegas pictures!

So like I said, we did a lot of bumming around and I really didn't take a huge amount of pics on this trip. Tuesday we went to the longest time share presentation on Earth and I thought hubby was going to start throwing punches by the time we left. So to feel better we headed over to Rio to eat lunch and see about getting Penn & Teller tickets.

Okay, hubby LOVES Penn & Teller. He watches their show, Bulls#&t, during his downtime at work. Penn has reached hero status for my husband. So when we managed to get our tickets for HALF PRICE (if you really want to know how, just email me) he was pretty stoked. Hell, so was I! Half price tickets in Vegas? Gimme.

So we went to see them Tuesday night, but there weren't any photos allowed during the show. I didn't know how anal the place would be so I just left my camera at our hotel.

Ugh. Never again.

Penn and Teller were outside after the show. Signing autographs, taking pictures, Teller was TALKING (that was weird)... and I didn't have my camera. So we were slightly bummed. Until I suggested that we be lame enough to go back the next night after the show. With my camera this time. So we did.

This is just a cute picture of hubby. I enjoy it.

And of course I love this one. Betcha didn't know Teller and I are BFFs.

And no, hubby didn't get giddy. But he does look pretty excited in this pic.

And I think this is my fave. I wore flip flops because I KNEW I would look like a midget with Penn. And I do. It's hilarious.

And how do you end the night when you've met one of your heroes? With the best burger around of course.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I slacked off last week. Soooorry. This week I thought I'd make a list for hubby. Target has seriously been slacking off in the Halloween t-shirt department the past couple years. Hubby used to find two or three shirts he loved every year. But not recently. He actually did find a couple this year. But not like the ones they used to have. So I did a little searching online and found some shirts he might wear. And if your man (or you, if you're a dude) is even close to as cool as my husband... he (or you) might enjoy these as well.

I found this first bunch at FlippinSweetGear

And I found all these freakin' awesome ones at CafePress

Surprisingly, it's a little difficult to find shirts online that aren't lame. There are countless ones saying some crap about "this is my costume" but that is SO not hubby. We dress up. That's what Halloween is for! I love all the ones above and if I had the money I'd totally buy some up for hubby. But not enough money is the story of my life right now...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You'll have to wait for wedding pics, because I really didn't take too many. I mean, there are some from getting ready, and some from the reception, but not a huge amount. So you'll wait. Because I say so.

How about a few Vegas pics?

I don't remember if I tweeted it, but I totally won some money. We were in poopy moods Monday because the place we wanted to get dinner at on Sunday was closed. And then the place we wanted lunch on Monday was closed. So on a whim we sat down to play some slots before looking for another place. And I totally won!

Okay, it was only a little over thirty bucks. But hey, that not bad! I used it to buy stuff at H&M and the swap meet later. (If you're wondering, we were at the Silverton when I won, which made hubby love the place that much more.)

No, this isn't a random picture of Domo (and don't you dare ask who Domo is). 7-11 has Domo cups!!! Which made me stupid happy. So we got some after we got cupcakes (which will be a different post). Coffee is better in a Domo cup.

We also eventually went out on Monday. But I was kind of a slacker and didn't take many pictures on this trip. So my Vegas posts might be kind of wimpy. But there are a couple good ones coming up later this week! I promise.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Las Vegas

Wow. Where do I start?

I've seen you before, so the lights weren't overwhelming. Neither were the smut-peddlers or time share pushers. And yes, I think the time share employees can be called pushers. They can also be called aggressive and annoying.

You should probably put your cab drivers through anger management. Or medicate them. I can't remember the last time I heard that much honking. It got to the point where all I could do was laugh. But seriously, one of those guys is going to lose it one day and his head will explode causing a serious accident.

While we're on the subject of driving, let me tell you something... paint is totally affordable. See, elsewhere there are these lines painted in the road so drivers know exactly where their lane is. This helps them avoid straddling two lanes, which helps lower the frustration level of people sharing the road with them. It's also nice to know just how many lanes there are in the road you're driving on. Just a suggestion. Or maybe you don't do it because of the never-ending construction going on all over town. ALL OVER town. Everywhere. But that's a different story...

Not to sound like I had a terrible time. I enjoy the weird, random people. I enjoy shows. I enjoy cheap food. I had fun, I promise. And I'll be back.

But one more suggestion.

For a place known for their all-hours gambling and popular night-life, I have to say I was disappointed with food selection later at night. Why is it so hard to find food late at night? People are gambling, which probably means they're drinking, which could lead to them being hungry. People are coming out of shows, and they might want to go grab a bite to eat. I'm fully aware that eating late at night is not exactly diet-friendly, but it's Vegas! There's nothing friendly to personal health there anyway. So keep a few of those restaurants open. It stinks when you have to leave the strip to find some food.

Will you listen to any of these? Nope. But I'll be back. And I'll keep things in mind for that trip. See you in a few months.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Hello all. I hope you didn't miss me terribly while I was off having a fabulous time in Las Vegas.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't totally fabulous. But hubby and I had some fun while we were there. I didn't realize until we were on the road that I never made a wish list for Wednesday... oh well. Hopefully you can forgive me. If the so-called "resort" were nice they would have free internet. But nooooo. You can pay per day, or sit through "their short ninety-minute presentation" to get it for free. Um... no. Even janky little motels have free wireless! But whatev... hubby and I have already decided not to stay with this particular group again. Enough already.

I'm hoping to have normal posting resume Monday. But we'll see. I have pictures to upload, thoughts to process, and I may even try to get hubby guest-posting (or at least throwing his two cents in here and there). In addition to that, I'm going to be out for at least part of the day tomorrow. Shooting with hubby and my brothers (my real one, and the two I've kind of adopted over the years), hopefully getting up to see the newlyweds... you know, fun stuff.

For now, you can peruse my Twitter account to see what I was up to during the week. Can't wait to discuss with you this week!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wait... is that...

Holy cow. It is...

AHAHAHAAAA!!! That is so a fanny pack!!!

I spotted this on my favorite site and had to share. There's a few choices if any of you are dying to bring it back. And don't you dare call it a waist purse like the seller is.

It's a fanny pack.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Cool

I was playing on Etsy with some spare time I happened to get and found something. Remember Rizzo's dress in Grease? Here's a Barbie to remind you...

Okay, now take a peek at this pretty thing.

I think it could work if you wanted a similar dress. Or if you wanted to be a ladybug for Halloween. I'd rock it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Things...

Seeing as how I'm in Las Vegas this week (darn), I came up with some easy-to-write fluff before I left. So here's some randomness for you... having to do with the gym.

  • I know I mentioned wanting to look cute at the gym last Wednesday when I made my wish list. But don't go thinking I get all made up and make my hair look perfect too. The only time I wear makeup to the gym is if I already had it on and didn't have time to take any of it off. So I can't help but laugh at the women that come fully made up to work out. Honey, if you are exercising correctly, you should be sweating. Sorry, but the gym isn't the place to look ready for a beauty pageant.
  • Along the same lines, the girls who check themselves out amuse me. Not the ones who glance to make sure their form is correct when they're lifting weights. I'm talking about full-blown checking themselves out and fixing their hair. And I've seen it. It just looks ridiculous.
  • Maybe I'm weird, but I absolutely love when the treadmill tells me, "Great Workout!" after I'm done. It would tell me that whether I finished a thirty-minute mile or a ten-minute mile, but I like it.
  • I get really annoyed when the cleaning staff cleans around me. Like, they are vacuuming within centimeters of my feet or wiping down the machine that I am using. Seriously. Could you wait? Or maybe just leave me alone? I don't know about the rest of you, but my allergies make the smell of most cleaners almost unbearable. So I don't want it sprayed that close to me while I'm breathing heavily. Too much to ask?
  • I always laugh when someone races to take the parking spots right in front of the doors. I've seen people get cut off several times. Because God forbid you have to walk more than six feet to get into the gym... WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO WORK OUT. Um, walking is free people. Park a little farther and call it your warm-up.
  • There's a woman I've seen at the gym a couple times and I think I have a gym crush on her. She has amazing arms. And she is HARD CORE when she works them out. I want to be her best friend.

That's all for now. There are other little things that irritate me. Like the guys that stare and such. But those are just random observations about the gym. I think my favorite is the treadmill complimenting me on my workout. Seriously, I wait until I see those words to move on with my workout.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I'm a Jerk

That's right. I admit that I'm a jerk. Especially when it comes to spelling and grammar and such. I'll totally acknowledge that I'm not perfect all the time, but don't ever make a sign with a mistake on it. And if you made a mistake, don't put that sign up in my presence. I'll totally pick it apart.

So today's fluff... I mean post, is a random smattering of photos I've taken involving something that made me stop. For one reason or another. Enjoy.

Yes, I paused the television so that I could get this picture. I'm still trying to decide if a sunny ho is more or less desirable than others.

Even in the mountains. *shakes head*

Mom was with me when I spotted this one. Why? Why would you want your license plate to say THAT?

I had my parents laughing when we saw this one. I know that someone just forgot to finish that final "F," but now it says "girts." And that's just not a word.

I think I've shown this before. It's a two-for-one. They can't spell "patchy" or "Santa Barbara."

Okay, I'm really a jerk for this one. I know these people. And I know that "being" is simply a typo, but I can't let it by.

These are those magnetic words. They were only a dollar, but really? That's pretty bad.

And the teenage boy in me giggled at this. There has to be a better way to abbreviate "homogenized."
There you are, evidence that I'm a jerk. But I'm going to keep doing it. Everywhere I go. So spell carefully America...