Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Day

My baby lost his first tooth yesterday. I haven't seen a picture yet, but I should see him on Saturday (hopefully he'll be spending the night). I can't wait. I'm dying. He's going to look SO STINKING CUTE. I might just pass out from the cuteness.

So in honor of my little man, here's a story he told me. It's from July.

Monsters in the House (yes, he titled it)

There was a spider on the car. It crawled down to the window. He CRACKED the window. He came in and bit a person. The spider ran with the person to the house. All his friends ate the person. And then the house closed and opened the doors and the ghosts came in. And all the spiders crawled on the ghosts and gave the ghosts hugs. And then they switched. And a person got a jar and he put spider food in it and the spider came in and cracked the window and bit the person.

The End

I'm not sure what was up with the spiders that day. We were in the car on our way to go camping when he told me this one. I'm hoping to get some more if he stays the night this weekend. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Do you KNOW how close we are to Halloween? I've got one of three costumes figured out. Possibly two. Possibly three. One for sure involves sewing, which my mom is so generously helping with (thanks mommy!).

Anyway, I mentioned it briefly elsewhere, but it looks like we'll be having a party over here. Nothing to do with my wish list, just thought it worth mentioning.

Oh, did I mention my school doesn't "do" Halloween? Yeah, kind of a bummer for me, but oh well. Guess I'll have to find another excuse for the accessories I'm sharing today...

I love this. A lot. It's pretty, but still a little creepy. (via angelastudio1)

This is cute enough that I could wear it all the time. Right? (via sparklinghope)

One word: LOOOOOOVE. (via janinebasil)

Another one that's cool and normal looking, until you really look. (via gravesidelooks)

And this? Oh so cute. Well, as cute as a ribcage can be. (rudeandreckless)

Etsy could become a serious problem with a paycheck in my bank account...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 Things

What's uuuuup?

Do you love when life points and laughs at you? Yeah, I've been having some of those moments. So I'll share them today. Because they do say misery loves company...

5 Ways Life is Trying to Get Under My Skin
  1. I have become the new queen of flat tires. Three in three months. I want a crown.
  2. Picture day is Friday. So who's face decides it's time to revert to junior high? Yup.
  3. I got my new computer, yay! But the build date is over a week away. Let's hope they're severely overestimating.
  4. SOMEONE canceled his birthday plans for Halloween weekend. Booooooo. But now I get to have a party here... which means cleaning. Boooooo.
  5. I get paid this week! My first check! Which I have to use part of for student loans. Ugh.
See how things are here? I feel like I need to sit down with life, offer it a beer, and beg for mercy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

... my super adorable Grandpa Felix!

Would you even guess that the happy man in that picture is turning 80? I wish I had video of his little "entrance" at his party because he was too cute for words.

My grandpa rocks. The man loves his country music, his Clint Eastwood movies, and of course his family. He was the first person to tell me inappropriate jokes. He was also the first person to tell me to pull his finger. He made me laugh more times than I can possibly count. He had a fun party this year filled with friends and family. All you have to do is ask anyone about him and I can guarantee they're going to have a great story. Because every time he's around, there's a story in the making.

Happy birthday, Grandpa. I love you.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Need Your Help!

So hubby and I sat on our front porch tonight and discussed random things. Halloween came up (of course) and we remembered that he never got to finish a project last year because we need materials.

Here's where you come in.

Does anyone have ANY film canisters? Ya know, the plastic ones that film came in before we all got fancy with our digital cameras? They're super hard to find and we need some more for the project that didn't get finished last year. If you send me some maybe you'll get a special thanks. Which may or may not be in the form of your name on a styrofoam headstone in our yard.

Just kidding.

Unless you really do want to be honored that way. Then I'll totally do it.

But seriously, if you or anyone you know (don't we all know a hoarder or two?) has any plastic film canisters you don't want, please hit me up. I would love you forever. :)

Friday Photo

What's uuuuuup? It's Friday. I'm sure you're as happy about this as I am. I know I'm ready to catch some extra sleep this weekend!

I thought I'd let ya look at the 80's goodness from last weekend's party.

Yup, I'm wearing legwarmers. Be jealous, haha. I actually found them at Target! Isn't that frightening? Girls aren't actually wearing them to be fashionable again, are they?

I'm off to have a busy day. We have Grandparent's Day at school today which the kids have been looking forward to for a couple weeks now. Fun, but definitely a lot of work.

Happy Friday friends! Have a good one!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Since we've jumped into Halloween on the bliggety blog, I do believe it's time to start my costume search. You never know if I might have to make something, so the hunt needs to begin.

This year I may have an excuse to dress up THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW. Amazing, no? Friday the 29th we're hitting up a show/costume party. Saturday could be my dad's birthday party. If he would just make a guest list already. And then of course Sunday is the big day itself.

You know me by now. You should know that I will NOT wear the same costume three nights in a row. I have a few I haven't worn yet (hooray for post-holiday clearance). But do YOU have any suggestions for me? I'm seriously thinking Greek goddess for one night. Super easy. But the other two nights are anything goes. My little manlet is going to be Darth Vader and I'm not enough of a nerd to be anything from Star Wars with him (unless you have a good idea).

Help me out?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

I'm giving in. I can't take it anymore. It's only 38 days away and I'm ready to decorate and start celebrating NOW.

Halloween my friends. It's time for my favorite wish lists.

Let's start with some things around the house. Because I have more space to decorate than I did last year. And BELIEVE ME we are taking advantage of it if we can.

I pink puffy heart damask. Damask anything. So this pumpkin runner is perfect for me. (from diningout)

Skulls? Yes. Dia de los Muertos look? Si. I'm in love with these. I know they're coasters but I think I would rather hang them as art. (from FormaNovitas)

I would probably actually hang these things year round. I love black. It matches my soul. haha (from ohshabbyday)

LOOK AT THESE. Gaze upon their cuteness. They're putka pods and I had no clue they existed. These babies would be scattered all over my house. In a vase, glued to a wreath, hanging from my manzanita branches (oooh, I like that idea)... they're going to be ordered. (from roseflower48)

Have I shown you this sign before? I think it would be super fun to put it in the front yard with a bunch of zombie props. Scare the kiddos ya know. (from zedszombieranch)

Oh, and MORE Dia de los Muertos? Of course. This is hand-painted on a bottle. I'm pretty sure I could do this. And I totally have some random empty bottles. Hmmm... I feel a craft coming on... (from twitterpatedpretty)

I'm so stoked. I'm counting down.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Coolness

Okay, so we're big into UFC around my house. Georges St-Pierre (a.k.a. GSP) is my MMA boyfriend. All you have to do is see the man's legs and you'll be in love. ;)

This isn't even a great picture. Except for the fact that he's pummeling Matt Hughes (boooo!). But the little shorts + his amazing legs... we kind of have a fan club going.

So awhile back GSP fought Matt Hughes and before the fight (at Matt's last fight before he fought GSP) he had this to say...

Yes, he has an accent. He's French-Canadian. So anyway, that comment became pretty famous. It was everywhere after he said it and it showed up in a lot of viral videos. Not to mention got quoted a lot by yours truly. So the other day, GSP tweeted a link to this. My new favorite commercial.

I imagine I'm much more amused by it than you are. But oh well. I'm going to go ahead and watch it and giggle.

Happy Monday!

*photo courtesy of MMATKO*

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Photo

It's Friday! And hubby won't be working horribly late tonight! Could this get any better? Oh wait, yeah.

My little manlet is playing flag football. How cute is his seriousness? I'm contemplating going to watch him play tomorrow. But I'm going to Madera tomorrow night too. So I'm not so sure about two trips...

Anyhow, enjoy the cuteness and happy Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's Just My Life

So even though I have my credential I'm not done "learning." There's a class/program I have to go through to clear my credential. Meaning that if I didn't clear it within a certain amount of time, it would expire. I don't know what would happen after that because everyone I know has never left theirs preliminary.

Just a little background info.

So there's another teacher here at work who has to do the BTSA program too. Lucky me! I don't have to do it alone! Well, for a couple reasons we're doing our program a few hours out of town. So yesterday was our first meeting. We did the smart thing and decided to drive together. I don't mind driving so it was no big deal.

The drive up was quick. We got there no problem. We were even early. The class went kind of quick. We didn't feel like we got as much out of it as we could have, but hey, that happens.

Then we go to leave. And there's something wrong with my car. As in, it's moving horribly slow and making a noise. We're still in the parking lot so I just park in another stall.

I have a flat tire.

Not deflating. FLAT. Meaning I ran over something because it was perfectly fine earlier.

Have I mentioned I can't really change a tire? Don't judge, I'm not in the mood.

Oh, and we were two and half hours from home. From anyone we knew.

So I went inside and got a guy to come help us out. He was joined shortly by another guy. They changed the tire and I called hubby. He told me I couldn't go fast on that spare so if I wanted to drive at a sane speed I had to go get it patched. Then I direct my attention to my car. My spare is pretty flat. Thankfully one of the guys had Fix-A-Flat. Then one of the guys directed us to a street where there were at least four tire shops so off we went.

First place. Closed. Ten minutes before we got there. Same story with every other place we tried. We finally found a transmission shop that was still open, but despite my cute looks they told us they don't do tires. They did direct us to a little ghetto-type place that they thought would still be open. So off we went. Not too excited about it getting dark and driving around looking for a tire.

Found the place. Got creeped out by the dude's son. But got the tire patched! For a decent price! And it was quick!

So finally we got on the road and laughed about our adventures. We can laugh now. But driving around a town you don't know looking for an open tire shop SUCKS. We got home at about ten. And I have never been so happy to see my house.

Let's hope that the next adventure to BTSA is less of an adventure.

Oh Boy

I WILL blog today. Because yesterday was quite an adventure. Wouldn't you like to know why a two and a half hour trip up turned into four hours on the way home?

You know you're curious.

And no, it wasn't traffic.

Check back around lunchtime. That'll probably be the first chance I have to actually write something.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Hola! It's Wednesday. Which I would normally be happy about. But I have to drive up to Sacramento and back so I'm not too thrilled today.

Anywho, I have an 80's themed party to go to Saturday night. Which had me looking all over Etsy to see what goodies they had. And I had some fun.

So of course the 80's were all about cassette tapes. So I thought this ring was pretty cute.

And I'm of the original Mario Bros. generation. So this keychain is pretty awesome.

Then I saw this. Rainbow Brite crib sheets???? I need a wee one now.

If I had the cash and the time before the party, I would totally buy this dress. How fabulously 80's is it? I'm kind of in love.

Then there's this. WOW. Do you guys remember Jem? Please tell me you remember her. She's truly outrageous!!! haha I still may pull an all-nighter on Friday and make myself this dress. Because I really really really want to be Jem. I loved her as a kid.

Happy Wednesday all. Do something truly outrageous!

haha, I couldn't help it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I kinda forgot about this here blog the last couple days. I had a full weekend. Full in a good way. Then this week is my yard duty week so I'm at school a little earlier than normal. Plus I had to make a sub plan for tomorrow afternoon since I have to go to Sacramento for a class (bleh).

But then y'all are probably used to how sporadic I've gotten, huh?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just a quick note. We all know what today is. So just take a moment for yourself at some point and remember.

We should also remember to move on and not let the day overpower anything. Which is why tonight I get to watch two of my closest friends marry one another. I'm glad to have something positive to celebrate today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey! It's a Friday Photo!!

Yup. Got one for you today. Not a new one or anything. But a good one.

Just have to brag on my boy and how adorable he is. Seriously. That face is the sweetest thing ever.

Have I mentioned he has TWO loose teeth? I can't wait for him to lose them. He'll be too cute to handle.

So happy Friday! I have big plans this weekend. Church event, wedding (including cake made by me!), and some shootin'. I might relax in there somewhere too. What are your plans?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

my sissy!!

You all know my sissy already. You know we're troublemakers together. So I'll keep it short and semi-sweet.

She's the mother of my child (literally, she's Tad's mom and I tell him he's my baby all the time). She's vulgar and hilarious. She will always have my back. And I love her (even when we don't agree, which happens more than you might think).

Happy birthday love!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's This????

Is it... it is! It's a wish list!!!!

Don't wet yourself or anything. It's not obscenely long and it's not particularly special. It's just Old Navy clothes. With the cool down we're having this week I am wishing for fall. Cardigans, jeans (oh yeah, I can totally wear jeans to work), sweaters... I love it. And I'm ready for it. So here are some things that I might just be heading out to look at this coming month.

I don't own a denim skirt. Okay, I do, but it's a little short and it has a skull on it. Definitely not work appropriate. But this one would be perfect with a lot of things I already own.

I could use some good pants. Unfortch, my legs are ridiculously short so I have to hem everything that doesn't come in short length. These cords (in several colors) would be totally worth it.

And along the lines of corduroy, this dress is corduroy also. I think it's a good texture for fall. And this would be super cute with tights.

And I can't do a fall wish list without cardigans. Cardigans are the loves of my life. I will probably wear them far too often this year. This argyle one is adorable.

Cable knit makes me all hot and bothered (in a good way). Cable knit + cardigan? Heaven. Total heaven.

So there are just some things that made me wish I'd been paid already. Not yet though. Soon enough.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You ever have one of those weekends? Where everything you did was awesome? That was mine. It could have been that it was my first holiday since school started. And the fact that hubby and I had a day off together for the first time in almost a month (seriously, we didn't realize how tough our opposite schedules would be).

Would you like a rundown of the awesomeness? Okay then...

Friday 5ish pm - I get home and decide that a bath and book are necessary. Done and done. Feeling good.

Friday 7ish pm - I realize I never watched part one of the Jersey Housewives reunion. So I watch. And I LOVE it. Can't wait for part two.

Saturday 6ish am - Uncool. My body decided to try and wake up. I have none of it and fall asleep for another hourish. Good enough I suppose.

Saturday 9 am - Mom and I go to my baby's first flag football game! He was adorable and that is all that even needs to be said.

Saturday 11ish am - Mom and I go to set up centerpieces and decor for my grandpa's western-themed 80th birthday party. We love what we've done with the place.

Saturday 5 pm - Party starts. Tweeting ensues. It's a good time with no drama and my grandpa is the cutest thing ever.

Sunday 10 am - Head to grandma's with the parents. Menudo, pan dulce, and more family time.

Sunday 2 pm - Cousin comes to town. We go pick up my Tad and do some shopping.

Sunday night Tad and Kayla both stayed here. We watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid (hilarious!). Looked for constellations. Just hung out. Then all day Monday we were at my mom's. Again, just hanging out. I snuck in a nap while Tad played.

Thank goodness for a relaxing weekend. Now to count down to the next holiday...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Right Now

Right now I wouldn't mind having...
  • a Starbucks gift card with a large amount of money on it. There isn't one on my way to work (technically), but if I had a gift card I would stop at the closest one every morning. And every Wednesday on my way to church (P.S. - I may have convinced our pastor to bring me Starbucks next week... love him!).
  • a pair of leopard print flats. There's a lot that they would go with.
  • another hour of sleep. Can't wait for this three-day weekend.
  • the powers of mind-control. No comment on who I would use it on, just having it would be amazing.
  • tickets to see GSP and Koscheck fight later this year. Oh wait, I know someone in the UFC now so maybe I should get to work on that...
Right now I will just be grateful that it's Thursday and I'm pretty caught up with my planning. What do y'all want right now?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's September. SEPTEMBER. Do you know what that means????
  • 60 days until Halloween. You know what that means... costume search, house decorating, themed wish lists (hopefully).
  • 84 days until Thanksgiving. Which I have been contemplating having at our house. Am I psycho? Don't answer that. I'm afraid I'm very much aware of my level of sanity. Or lack thereof.
  • 81 days until Thanksgiving break. A full week off? Sweet, sweet freedom. I'm hoping to visit some out of town family.
  • 105 days until my birthday. My 29th birthday. Good Lord, did I really just admit my age on here? I'm so scared of 30 next year. I'm not gonna lie.
  • 108 days until I get to sleep in for THREE WEEKS. Hooray for Christmas break!! My last day is even a half day! Can I get a hallelujah?!
  • 115 days until Christmas! Let's not think about that one at the moment...
  • 122 days left in the year 2010. HOLY. COW. Seriously. Maybe it's best not to think about that right now either...
Now that I've probably scared the crap out of a lot of you, have a happy Wednesday!!!

haha It feels good being evil.