Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Do you KNOW how close we are to Halloween? I've got one of three costumes figured out. Possibly two. Possibly three. One for sure involves sewing, which my mom is so generously helping with (thanks mommy!).

Anyway, I mentioned it briefly elsewhere, but it looks like we'll be having a party over here. Nothing to do with my wish list, just thought it worth mentioning.

Oh, did I mention my school doesn't "do" Halloween? Yeah, kind of a bummer for me, but oh well. Guess I'll have to find another excuse for the accessories I'm sharing today...

I love this. A lot. It's pretty, but still a little creepy. (via angelastudio1)

This is cute enough that I could wear it all the time. Right? (via sparklinghope)

One word: LOOOOOOVE. (via janinebasil)

Another one that's cool and normal looking, until you really look. (via gravesidelooks)

And this? Oh so cute. Well, as cute as a ribcage can be. (rudeandreckless)

Etsy could become a serious problem with a paycheck in my bank account...

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