Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Coolness

Okay, so we're big into UFC around my house. Georges St-Pierre (a.k.a. GSP) is my MMA boyfriend. All you have to do is see the man's legs and you'll be in love. ;)

This isn't even a great picture. Except for the fact that he's pummeling Matt Hughes (boooo!). But the little shorts + his amazing legs... we kind of have a fan club going.

So awhile back GSP fought Matt Hughes and before the fight (at Matt's last fight before he fought GSP) he had this to say...

Yes, he has an accent. He's French-Canadian. So anyway, that comment became pretty famous. It was everywhere after he said it and it showed up in a lot of viral videos. Not to mention got quoted a lot by yours truly. So the other day, GSP tweeted a link to this. My new favorite commercial.

I imagine I'm much more amused by it than you are. But oh well. I'm going to go ahead and watch it and giggle.

Happy Monday!

*photo courtesy of MMATKO*

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MalContent said...

I'm not impressed by his performance.