Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's This????

Is it... it is! It's a wish list!!!!

Don't wet yourself or anything. It's not obscenely long and it's not particularly special. It's just Old Navy clothes. With the cool down we're having this week I am wishing for fall. Cardigans, jeans (oh yeah, I can totally wear jeans to work), sweaters... I love it. And I'm ready for it. So here are some things that I might just be heading out to look at this coming month.

I don't own a denim skirt. Okay, I do, but it's a little short and it has a skull on it. Definitely not work appropriate. But this one would be perfect with a lot of things I already own.

I could use some good pants. Unfortch, my legs are ridiculously short so I have to hem everything that doesn't come in short length. These cords (in several colors) would be totally worth it.

And along the lines of corduroy, this dress is corduroy also. I think it's a good texture for fall. And this would be super cute with tights.

And I can't do a fall wish list without cardigans. Cardigans are the loves of my life. I will probably wear them far too often this year. This argyle one is adorable.

Cable knit makes me all hot and bothered (in a good way). Cable knit + cardigan? Heaven. Total heaven.

So there are just some things that made me wish I'd been paid already. Not yet though. Soon enough.

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