Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You're Kidding, Right?

Okay people, I understand. Michael Jackson (and all the freaky stories that were covered more than his career in the last decade or so) was big. He did a lot for music. He did a lot for dancing.

But he was a human being.

Well, some might argue that point...

It's sad that a family lost their son. But do we need headlines every five minutes concerning him? Do we really need to glorify this man THAT much? And seriously people, suicide?

Oh yes. Supposedly there are fans committing suicide over this. Which is a whole new brand of ridiculous. Come on people! Wake up! People lose their children, their parents, their spouses every day. And yet many get through it without trying to kill themselves.

Ugh, whatev. Maybe this is cleansing the gene pool a bit*.

*Okay, I realize that's harsh. But seriously. Think about it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Monday

I was quite out of it today. Infection in my throat, congested, and just tired. My medicine left me wonky (likely because I didn't eat enough).

But I'm staying hydrated and I'm going to SLEEP tonight. So here's hoping I'm back to 100% tomorrow.

image found at this blog

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

okay so this isn't a birthday cake, just a gorgeous creation I found on theknot.com

Today is the bliggedy blog's first birthday! I started this thing a year ago. I'm not even sure why I decided to start it...

I was going to find some cute party pictures, but that's far too much work for this girl. So let's look back on some of my favorite posts...

I liked this one just for the title... and the fact that we learned my apartment is good for something.

I encouraged kids to stay in school.

I wrote a post that my mom still asks me to link to so that she can show her friends. Pretty sure her entire workplace has seen it now...

I had a couple interviews before I was even done with school! And yet no job now, hmm...

I made my mommy proud.

I shared with the world the fact that I married Joey Fatone. Or at least his twinner...

I became addicted to Twilight. And a fan of all things Edward.

I realized my brother has a resemblance to Brad Pitt. He's still single ladies.

All in all, I've had a decent twelve months. No job yet, but it's coming. I know it is. Along with more cupcakes. And more cuteness with Tad. And more adventures with hubby.

And more Twilight...

Friday, June 26, 2009

For Your Friday

I finally uploaded the pictures on my camera. I put it off for as long as possible because my computer is such a jerk that loading pictures becomes about as fun as going to the dentist. No joke.

I totally forgot that I had gone to mom's and taken pictures of pictures (because I was far too lazy to scan them). So I have to share this one with you because I TOLD mom I would do it. We were sitting in the sewing room one day while I sewed and mom went through some scrapbooking pages (I know, we're so thrilling). She came across a picture from... eight years ago? I think that was how long it was. This was taken at a youth conference our church used to go to and I still laugh at how she says it was mean...

Hee hee. So we were going to take a nice picture and then I got a bright idea that we should all stick our tongues out at my mom without her knowing. I remember we wanted to laugh really hard. Then as soon as the picture was taken we did. Mom still feels like a victim, just ask her. Good times... love you mom!

BTW, did you spot me? I'm not quite a brunette in the picture.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Review

Hubby and I took the kid to see Transformers 2 today! Feels like we've been waiting forever. We were going to wait for my mom because she really wanted to take Tad, but our schedules are so conflicting that it wouldn't have worked this week.

Tad liked it, but I think it was a little long for him. Run time is about two hours and twenty minutes. He got a bit fidgety toward the end. But he still liked it. His favorite thing about it? Bumblebee of course!

He ended up changing his mind and not wearing the mask to the movies. But how cute is he? He's rocking some Bumblebee shoes and boxer-briefs too!
I really don't feel like getting all technical or anything here. It was pretty much what you expect a summer movie to be. I wasn't bored at any point and there were plenty of explosions and battles.
This movie had more humor than the first. Quite a bit was juvenile humor (Mojo, the dog, "establishing dominance" over the new dog). Julie White, who plays Sam's mom, had me dying. She was hilarious. Sam at a frat party was funny to me, but mainly because I know the guy who played Frat Guy #1. I was way excited to see him up there.
One thing I did think was kind of meh and almost useless was the character of Alice, played by Isabel Lucas. I can't go into detail without spoiling anything, I was just really... underwhelmed by her part and honestly forgot about her by the time we walked out of the movie.
There's plenty I could say to argue with all the reviews out there, but why bother? I'll just tell you: hubby and I enjoyed it. Don't go expecting a new world view. Don't go expecting some epic speech that will stick with you. Do go expecting something entertaining, and if you're able to do that you shouldn't be disappointed.

Coming Up

Off to be busy for the next few hours.

But I will have a Transformers blog coming later... yup. We saw it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm tired. I didn't feel good last night. So I slept like crap. Hubby is sick. And the kid is SUPER energetic.

No good blogging happening, sorry.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday Again

Wasn't it just Monday?

This week is looking to fly by. We're going to pick up the kid tonight just because hubby has time off this week and we want to take him and have fun. Plus...


Hopefully we'll get to see it almost right away. Although we're waiting for my mom because she wants to be part of taking the kid. So no word on when we'll actually see it.

Saturday is my cousin's housewarming (woohoo!) and Sunday we're goin' crawdaddin'. Thrown in will be a library trip, likely a trip to the park, some learning activities, and who knows what else.

So I will try to make my posts entertaining this week. Can't forget about the blog's first birthday on Sunday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Next Sunday, my blog will turn one year old.

I smell some goofy birthday-related posts coming this week. And maybe some attempts to get hubby to buy my a Bloggy Birthday present. hee hee...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sorry to Depress You

It's the weekend and I like to post happy things, but this story had me in tears this morning as I read the paper. And then I saw it pop up online and I had to post it.

Pixar totally came through and helped out a little girl with her dying wish.

Colby Curtin lived in SoCal and had a rare form of cancer. All she wanted was to see the movie Up. Ever since she saw the previews. But she finally got to the point where she was so sick that she couldn't make it to the theater.

So a family friend got in touch with Pixar, who flew out an employee with a DVD copy. Just so she could see it. She died seven hours later.

The whole story is here (and up top). I can't even give you all the details because reading the story a second time still makes me tear up.


I played with the blog last night. Playing is possibly still in progress. But I'm pretty proud I was even able to accomplish this one...

Thoughts? I definitely love the brighter colors. And I was way over the dots all over the background. Next up, my own picture in the header maybe... anyone who can help me accomplish that one??

Friday, June 19, 2009


So I'm really not all that excited that it's Friday. Because that mean hubby has his first of three overnights tonight. And these are real overnight shifts. As in, he won't be home until five in the morning.

We'll see how well I sleep. If anyone wants to come hang out and watch movies I'm down. I've got two kinds of Malibu in the fridge, all we need is mixers.

Plans for the weekend:
  • attempt to sleep through the night with hubby gone, I think I'll be okay
  • bake some goodies for Father's Day (with this heat, the baking will definitely be done at night!)
  • adventures in thrifting and yard saling with my darling cousin tomorrow
  • laundry (blech!)
  • some sewing action (bought two pieces of fabric is SLO yesterday!)
  • church and din-din with the parents
  • catch up on soap operas
  • and whatever the plan is for Father's Day (I haven't heard yet)

There will probably be some random wedding planning thrown in for good measure. And some desperately needed exercise.

And not one to leave you without entertainment, I give you a video. Little story... yesterday hubby and I took a last minute trip to the coast. Thursday nights in SLO is farmer's market. And it's HUGE there. There was a kid area, and they were playing the cha cha slide. And I had been wine tasting. And I very much wanted to dance... but I didn't. But with the song in mind...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Which I Ramble

People are jerks. Someone stole our little hibachi grill. Right off our back porch. We are SO ready to move, but the right house hasn't come along. I told hubby that if people were going to be ghetto and steal a little grill that cost less than twenty bucks, I'm going to be ghetto and chain things to our railing.

Did I mention hubby's sister is getting married? Yup. Getting married. THIS October. As in 107 days from now. She asked for my help (*happy squeal*) so of course I've been enjoying looking at all things wedding again. From DIY projects, to affordable dresses. I actually need to call one of the bridal shops today and get an appointment for her. Good times.

Of course with a wedding comes the realization that I need to lose some poundage. Not a ton or anything, I came up with an attainable amount I'd be happy with. And really, I don't even care about the scale, I just want to be a cute bridesmaid! Oh, did I leave that out? Yeah, I'm a bridesmaid. So hubby and I are going to be walking and hiking quite a bit.

Hubby and I looked up the fight card for the next UFC event, which happens to be event 100, which you know means it will be HUGE. And the card does not disappoint. But the date does. I have an event to go to. How does that happen so often? There was an amazing fight on the night of our wedding too.

So there's my ramblings. Looking back they aren't very happy. So here, watch a video that made my day because I have a weird obsession with a particular Journey song...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

So at first I was drawing a blank on what I am wishing for this week. But hubby and I have been talking about moving lately and it has me fantasizing about a house. I can't wait to have a backyard. I'll sit and enjoy my lunch while reading. Joined by these fine pieces from Target of course.

I want a chaise lounge. BADLY. So I would gladly relax on this with a good book.

And this umbrella! It has a funky arm so you can actually have shade!!! Costs a small fortune, but I love it!

And ohhhh Orla Kiely. Cutest dinnerware ever. I would gladly bring out my snacks or lunch on one of these splendid darlings. And of course the whole set would be necessary for guests.

Small wish list this week. But I am seriously looking forward to having a backyard. Not a tiny porch where everyone walking by can see me and annoy me. Next week may just be another house wish list...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All for the Ducks

Last night, at quarter to nine, six of us apartment dwellers were out in full force trying to rescue a duckling. Armed with nets, bread and flashlights. By ten after nine, our little friend was nestled in a towel in our place.

Ridiculous? Probably. But oh well.

This duck was in addition to the two that we already saved this afternoon. They went to Madera with my brother-in-law. Their names are Bumblebee and Megatron.

This one shall be called Jerkface. Because he was far too difficult to catch. So he better not die on us after all that.

Stupid ducks.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Blues

I know, people hate going back to work on Monday. So I of course thought of the Monday Blues today. But I thought I'd give you something else. Let's look at some good things that come in blue on this fine Monday...

this t-rex shirt is awesome

for those of you into being "green," a made from soda cans!

this octopus would be adorable in a sea-themed nursery

I love these cups, the shapes are so definitely masculine and feminine

I'm a child of the '80s, I consider this art

while I don't think I would wear these, they make me smile

I want to go thrift old frames and paint them now

perfect for your little man's room, or even a classroom!

and this makes me happy, it's called "Cloud Catching!" Do you love it??
If you can't tell, I'm totally loving browsing Etsy lately. Have you been yet? It's handmade and vintage goodies and I am constantly being amazed at some of the beautiful things I find there.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I hit up the Forever21 website this week looking at dresses. Little did I know I would spend too long on there wishing I had a fairy godmother, or just a generous benefactor, willing to take me shopping.

Everything you see is from Forever21. And I very much want each piece you see there. Can you tell I'm into long, flowy tops?
And actually, the one on the left is a dress. I think we could make it ourselves mom! *hint hint*

Friday, June 12, 2009

Music Week: Summer Songs

Originally I think I had planned to do songs that you can't help but dance to. And that may show up one day, but I thought with summer here that this list would be appropriate.

All of these songs are those ones that make you want to hop in the car, roll the windows down and let your hair blow around your big sunglasses while you drive to nowhere. Or to the beach. The beach is good too.

1. American Woman by Lenny Kravitz * Yeah, I know this is a remake of an original. But I like it better. Always on the mp3 player when I'm at the beach.

2. Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon * These guys are a newer discovery for me. But I LOVE this song. It just makes me happy when I'm in the car and get to turn it up.

3. Summertime by Sublime * This is currently the tone when I get a text message. Because I am THAT ready for summer to be here.

4. Fly by Sugar Ray * I mentioned the love of Sugar Ray on Monday. This song is the most summerish to me though. And it doesn't matter that it's old, I still love it.

5. School's Out by Alice Cooper * This song sticks out in my mind from a Simpsons episode. Then I believe I heard it in my dad's truck. And I decided I loved it then and there. Because really, who doesn't love a song that reminds you there's no school for a few months?

6. Island in the Sun by Weezer * I hear this and I want to sip a cold beverage while lounging in a comfy chair and checking out my bright pedicure.

7. Amber by 311 * This song makes we wish I lived at the beach. Well, I already wish that. But I imagine this song would be played every morning as I watched the surfers from my patio and sip my coffee.

8. All Summer Long by Kid Rock * I don't normally like Kid Rock. But this song reminds me of barbecues and a lot of alcohol with friends. You know, a good time.

9. Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America * This almost made the high school list. But it had to make the summer list. Peaches are a summery fruit, why wouldn't it get a spot here?

10. Rollercoaster of Love by Red Hot Chili Peppers * I may have danced to this one at a summer barbecue. It's just perfect. There's no arguing with it.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

So this week was actually pretty fun (for me). I may have lists pop up from time to time. For now, happy Friday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music Week: Songs I'm Ashamed to Like

I could use the phrase "guilty pleasures" here, but I'm not sure it fits the bill for each song. I actually own most of these songs through one method of acquisition or another.

1. Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls * Okay, I'm actually ashamed to admit I even like them. But I just do! I know they're skanky, I know they're a horrible example for little girls, but their music is just catchy! And of course this is one of the worst possible songs, which is why I chose it.

2. If U Seek Amy by Britney Spears * Yes, the song is arguably nasty. But I can't help but sing along with it. That girl makes 'em catchy.

3. Fergalicious by Fergie * Everyone knows I have issues with Fergie. She has an amazing bod with a face worthy of a paper bag. The song is stupid, but I just can't help turning it up and singing along. Even my cousin is ashamed to love it so much!

4. Ring of Fire, the version sung by Adam Lambert * I'm only ashamed of this one because it's a Johnny Cash song and I feel like I should be so loyal to the man that I throw out funky remakes. But I LOVED it when he did it on the show. It's so different and he was so good... sorry hubby. I know you don't approve.

5. Lips of an Angel by Hinder * I won't beat around any bushes here. It's a song about cheating. It's whiny emo sound. But I like it.

6. Just Dance by Lady Gaga * Let's get something straight: I AM NOT A FAN OF THIS WEIRDO. Her constant state of pantslessness, her funky hair, her trannyishness... not a fan. But this song is catchy. And I hate her for that.

7. Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas * Remember when the Peas used to be good? Yeah, I can barely remember that too. This song is so... I can't even describe it. My nephew could write it. That's how much there is too it. But when I saw them perform it on Idol, I sadly enjoyed it. And I regret to say that I have enjoyed it each time I've heard it since them.

8. Time of My Life by David Cook * I like David and all, but I'm slightly horrified that I like this song written by those horribly writers at Idol.

9. Lost in This Moment by Big and Rich * Big and Rich annoy me to no end. I would love to never see their faces again. And I tried to fight this song, but it just didn't work.

10. This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson * This version was done for an anniversary edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Marilyn Manson is gross, so I have issues with the fact that I enjoy his version of what is (in my mind) a classic. Hubby doesn't like it, and struggles with me liking it.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Tomorrow's the last day! And it's not going to be what I listed last week. I thought about it this week and thought of something appropriate to the timing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Music Week: Crappy Songs

Originally this post was supposed to be all about songs that I have a negative association with. Then I realized that there really aren't that many that make me want to poke my eardrums and/or punch somebody for any particular reason. So I extended it and included some songs that I could do with never hearing again.

1. How You Remind Me by Nickelback * So like every girl, I had bad judgement once or twice with my boyfriends. One weenie in particular ruined this song for me. It was really popular when we were dating so it was constantly on the radio. And one day, while doing his whiny "don't-ever-leave-me" bit, he said, "If you ever break up with me, this song will make me cry. I always think of you when I hear it." Thanks whiny girl. You succeeded in ruining this song for me now.

2. Baby Blue by George Strait * My mom and other people who know me are shocked that George Strait made the bad list. I STILL LOVE THE MAN. But in moments of (unsuccessfully) trying to be cute, the aforementioned weenie boyfriend would sing this. Badly. Which made no sense to me, seeing as how MY EYES ARE AS FAR FROM BLUE AS YOU CAN GET! He was an idiot, and I despise him a bit more for sending a George song to my bad list.

3. Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift * I get it, it's the ultimate "I hate you" song and it's cute and funny and so girl power. But the first time I heard it was an attempt to make me love it. I believe my response was, "Yeah, it's okay. I would have liked it in high school maybe." Which led the person forcing me to listen to get butthurt and act insulted. I'm sorry. I'm an adult woman, I have no angsty relationships.

4. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion * Aside from the fact that the song was overplayed, I have a good reason to be irritated when I really want to think about it. My "friend" went with my ex (of two weeks who she had actively been trying to convince he should break up with me) to this movie. Then "accidentally" gushed all about their "date" while I stood not four feet away. If I had been a violent person, she would be missing teeth. And it still irritates me that I stayed friends with her and didn't put her in her place.

5. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba * Stupid song, stupid band name.

6. I Wanna Know by Joe * I knew a guy who had this at the beginning of his voicemail message. I was an idiot and didn't see it as a sign that he was a MASSIVE PLAYER. This song reminds me of those scumbags that think they're the sh*&.

7. Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men * Isn't that who sings it? Whatev. Again, ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING SONGS TO EVER EXIST. Throw in an aunt with no musical taste who tried to convince me of how great it is, and I can skip it.

8. Macarena by Los Del Rio * How did a song sung by pervy old men get to be so popular? I unfortunately existed in the time that PE teachers and DJs at dances thought they HAD to play it. I've heard it about six thousand more times than is necessary.

9. Hey Baby Que Paso by Augie Meyers * If you don't know this song, I am so unbelievably envious of you. Really, you can't even imagine how much I wish I was you.

10. We Are Family by Sister Sledge * Overplayed and not that great. Then of course there's the fact that I heard it far more than necessary because my aunt who I like to not claim declared it "the family song." Um, no. I want out of the family.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Tomorrow is guilty pleasures/horrible songs that I'm ashamed to like. Including bubblegum pop, and glorified strippers who think they can sing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music Week: Good Songs

So I can't really just say that these are good songs. But when I hear them I can't help but smile because they remind me of something that made me happy. It was hard to find songs that weren't all about hubby. But I couldn't help but include two of them...

Music player follows the list again.

1. She's Everything by Brad Paisley * I've mentioned my love for Brad Paisley before. This song came out after hubby had proposed. We thought we had our song, but then this one came out. He asked me if I had heard it one day, and I said no. He told me, "This is our song. As soon as I heard it I decided." Then the next time we were in the car it came on and he turned it up. And being a big, fat, sissy girl I almost cried. So in case you had no clue, that's our song from our wedding.

2. Little Moments by Brad Paisley * This was going to be our song. The first time we heard it hubby laughed because he does remember the first time he heard me curse. And he was dying laughing when he heard it, because I didn't know he heard it. So we can't help but laugh when this one comes on.

3. I'll Be by Edwin McCain * Every girl should have something sung to her by a guy who can actually sing. This song was that first (actually only) song sung to me. And even though the guy ended up being more self-centered than I originally realized, I can't help but still like the song.

4. Roxanne by The Police * I mentioned this on my dad's birthday. Dad gets credit for my appreciation of classic rock. Especially this song. I hear it and think of dad. It's even his ringtone on my phone.

5. Slow Ride by Foghat * My nephew sings this. It was the first song he learned that didn't come straight from the kids' section at a music store. He still loves it, and I love to watch him play his air guitar with it.

6. Where It's At by Beck * So it's funny that I had a comment about omitting this song yesterday. I knew all along it would be used today. The summer between my freshman and sophomore year we had two interns from church staying with us. I was always the oldest so it was weird having these two college guys at our house. I automatically got two older brothers. And this song was big that summer. So it was sung (A LOT) in the car. Complete with sound effects.

7. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi * Hubby and I argue about this song. He says it's the Young Guns song. For me, it's the Me & Ed's song. My brother worked at this pizza place when we were in high school. And this song was in their juke box. And everyone sang it loudly while closing. And to this day, my brother and I can't hear it without singing it - loudly.

8. Low by Flo Rida * Did I even spell that dude's name right? I don't listen to this type of music much. But some of you may recall that we had the upstairs neighbors from hell last year when we moved in. Well, we were pretty stoked when we found out they were leaving. One night, I came by the apartment with my sis and two of my cousins. Sis, one cousin, and myself were pretty toasted. So we pulled up with the radio loud. Then this song started. So the three of us got out of the car while my other cousin kept it running for us. And we danced. And sang. Loudly. There may have been some unnecessary dancing around the neighbors' truck AS THEY PUT CRAP IN THE BACK OF IT. Yup, we pretty much celebrated their departure as they made it.

9. Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera * I was obsessed with the movie before I got to see the performance on stage. And I knew that this song would be the one that would make or break it for me. And when we saw it in Vegas a couple years ago, I teared up a little at this song. Because it was that good, and I knew I would not be disappointed. (And actually the version on the player is from the movie, oh well.)

10. The Fishing Song (I'm Gonna Miss Her) by Brad Paisley * It's a funny song in the first place. But my grandpa LOVES it. And we were pretty stoked to get Brad Paisley tickets for him last summer. So the song ends up reminding me of grandpa, which is fine by me.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

There's your happy/good songs from me. Once again, my buddy James is participating if you want to wander your way over there. And feel free to leave me some comments sharing some of your favorites!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm working on the music player issue. I hate computers sometimes.

Music Week: Songs From High School

It's music week! You get to judge me by my taste in music, yay!

As I made today's list I realized that my tastes were all over the place back then, much like they are today. Also, I was going to post a youtube video for each song. I realized that it was a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE REAR. Especially when so many labels/artists disable the embed feature. Laaaame. So my music player is at the end. Read through, then listen. Or listen as you read. Whatever you want to do.

So, songs from high school (I am totally dating myself with some of these).

1. Everybody by The Backstreet Boys * Oh yeah, I LOOOOVED the Backstreet Boys. My mom will tell you. I had the CDs, posters, VIDEOS... I was going to marry A.J. My girlfriends and I knew the moves for this ENTIRE VIDEO. If you don't remember it, and you feel like reminiscing (mom, you know you want to), you can click here for the video. I'm not gonna lie, I was totally singing the song as I wrote this blog.

2. Someday by Sugar Ray * Okay, I could have posted anything by Sugar Ray here. I had a crush on Mark McGrath. A guy with tattoos to a high school girl? Yup, automatic love. I remember going out and buying their album and listening to it ALL THE TIME. Actually, it was a pretty good one, maybe I should bust it out and have some good times...

3. Don't Speak by No Doubt * I got the Tragic Kingdom album my freshman year. Or maybe just before my freshman year. That was the start of the girl-crush on Gwen Stefani. I loved that she was kind of punk, but still girly. I had never wanted platinum blonde hair and red lips so badly in my life. This song still stands out the most though because I was a high schooler. Boy doesn't like me? Play this song. Break up? Play this song. Just plain bad day? Play this song. This is also the first concert I was DENIED and I still give my dad a bad time to this day.

4. You Were Meant For Me by Jewel * I got this CD my freshman year also. And I loved it. So what if Jewel had some funky teeth? She was cool. She played guitar and wrote amazing songs. This one was another one that was probably the anthem of many a high school girl. I mean, what girl didn't think her crush was meant for her?

5. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band * I don't think I SERIOUSLY got into DMB until junior year. That's probably when I bought my first CD from them. Then I quickly went back and got the rest of the ones I could find. This was their "pretty song" that every girl liked though. And in high school, I was just like a lot of the other girls. And I am BEYOND STOKED THAT I WILL SEE DMB IN CONCERT IN TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!!!!

6. What I Got by Sublime * This was the CD that EVERYONE owned by the time we graduated. The stoners liked it, the preps liked it, the jocks liked it. If CDs could get STDs, this album would be the dirtiest one of the '90s. Easily. Everyone wanted to borrow it, or copy it, or just steal it from others. And every time I hear this song, I automatically flash back to the north parking lot at school, sitting in the back of my pumpkin orange monster of a truck.

7. California Love by 2Pac and Dr. Dre * This was as "gangsta" as I got. And 2Pac became decidedly "ungangsta" by the year 2000. Mostly because of this song. It was played at every party, every dance, and blasted from every car in our parking lot. It was just catchy, you couldn't NOT like it.

8. Tonight Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins * Another one purchased freshman year. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was another one that was owned by just about everyone. It was a 2-disc album which was a great thing for us high school kids. And it was just a great album! I still listen to it. And I still love this song in particular.

9. How's It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind * I loved Third Eye Blind, much like the other females. And I loved this song. From the very first time I heard it. It was kind of depressing, which angsty high school girls like. I never owned the album though, I think it was just one that was consistently borrowed from friends.

10. Lovefool by The Cardigans * Right now, at least half of you are wondering what song this is. You are lost. It was from the Romeo and Juliet remake (with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes). And it was on the radio ALL THE TIME. It was just catchy. And I was a freshman at the time that it got big, so you can't expect me to demand a lot from my music at that age.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Alrighty, there ya go. I had a seriously hard time narrowing it down and almost named albums, but I wanted actual songs to post here. Also participating with me is my buddy James, although his lists may be slightly different. I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, songs associated with good memories. Expect a lot of them to be about hubby, just deal with it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


As I discussed a video with my mom she said she hadn't seen it. I told her it was on my blog Friday.

It totally wasn't.

The Cheeseburger Song wasn't supposed to be there. It was supposed to be THIS one that reminds me of my brother. So enjoy it now.

More Plans

So I actually did do some stuff yesterday. I made my crackers, WHICH ARE TO DIE FOR. I will be making them again. Possibly soon. Possibly today...

I went to my sister's and hung out. Took a few pictures of the kids, but not many. We were having fun just hanging out. But I took one of my niece that I LOVE and can't wait to print.

Didn't dye hubby's shirt. But it's on the list. We're wondering if it will stain our sink so giant bucket may go on the shopping list.

And now today I have more stuff! Not until later though. Housewarming party for one of my oldest friends, maybe the car show at church, Saturday night service with mom and dad (since I'm doing everything else with them), then after church we'll head off to dinner where hubby will meet us since he'll be off work by then.

And I don't care where we go, I am getting a mojito. Been craving one since I had one last week.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I like having plans in mind. As of right now plans for the day include:
  1. Making something. I don't know what yet. Did you know that homemade crackers are pretty easy? I might try some of those.
  2. Taking some pics of some adorable kids. No, I'm not going to go crazy and take pictures of random kids. I need to hit up my sis and see if she still wants me to come over and take some. Hanging and chatting with sis will of course ensue.
  3. Read up on screen printing. Because apparently it's not too difficult and I love the idea of making custom shirts for the kids. And hubby. And everyone else I know.
  4. Maybe... just maybe... dye hubby's shirt. Because he threw it in the bleach load and it has some splotchy action going. But I don't want to overdo it, so it needs to be watched. Which means being home. So we'll see about that one.

So I've got some stuff planned for this fine, cloudy Friday. And I'm actually hoping it will rain because I've got this image in my head of my niece playing with an umbrella that I think will make for excellent pictures...

Oh, and because it's Friday, I want to give you something good to look at. So here, watch this video. It's just called "The Raptor."

I almost peed my pants laughing the first time I saw it. Mom, I know you're doing the same thing. Doesn't it remind you of NICK???

I almost peed

This is when I'm slightly ashamed to love Twilight the way I do. I promise I WILL NOT ACT LIKE THIS OVER A TRAILER! I did not cry, or scream, or grab my chest repeatedly.

But Claudia, I am fully prepared to act like this if we ever meet Rob. I will be ridiculous.

By the way, I didn't bother watching the whole video. Their reactions were good enough for me. And you may want to skip their "shout outs" to whoever they're talking to.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coming Next Week...

I blogstalk. A lot. You should see my favorites list. It's quite possibly large enough to be called obscene. I even have it separated into a few categories. And it's STILL obscene.

As I peruse these blogs I find many things. Sometimes I find recipes (that list is pretty ridiculous too). Or party ideas. Or crafts and projects that would be great to do with the kids. Yesterday (or maybe it was the day before, I forget) I found something to blog about! Which is great because some days I'm just out of ideas.

So next Monday I'll be starting Music Week. Although I don't know if I can actually call it a real week. It will go Monday through Friday. So only five days of music posts. But hey, whose name is on this blog? Mine! Which means I can do what I want. So five days constitutes a week around here...

The reason I'm posting about this ahead of time is because I'm hoping that anyone who reads this here blog on a regular basis will join me. So... I guess that's only you James. I don't think anyone else who reads has a blog. But feel free to comment my posts with your own lists!

Anyway, I'll post songs applicable to different things each day. Here's how it's gonna go...
  • Monday: songs from high school (expect sappy songs and accompanying stories)
  • Tuesday: songs that I have good memories of
  • Wednesday: songs that I have bad memories or association with
  • Thursday: songs I'm slightly ashamed to like (expect some total crap)
  • Friday: songs to shake your booty to (those irresistible ones)

So if I have any readers that blog, let me know! If you want to participate I'll link to your blog in each post.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not As Scheduled

I know SYTYCD was on tonight. And I have it on the DVR, but I won't be watching it right now. I will hopefully get to it tomorrow.

Had church, got home at maybe quarter to nine, and found hubby and Kayla (the neighbor) outside. She had JUST had someone try to break into her place. Via her 9-month-old daughter's window. While her husband was out of the house.

So I've been over there with her waiting for the cops, playing with the baby, and just trying to help Kayla calm down. I'm surprisingly not AS shaken up as I thought I would be.

But have I declared it open hunting season on all scumbags? Yes I have.

Wednesday Wish List

This may be a new weekly feature. I'll give it a shot. I figured, middle of the week... let's do a post filled with pretty things I wouldn't mind owning. Kind of helps that the title works...

This week: summery things.






Monday, June 1, 2009

So Much To Say...

It's Monday, and I like to try funny or amusing or pretty posts to help you not suffer a case of the Mondays. But I have some random things to share from the weekend. And I hate being one of those people that does update after update on Twitter, so I'll just spew it all here.
  • So glad there were leftover cupcakes from the shower that I baked for on Saturday. Lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting... heaven.
  • Had a good mini-bonding time with my cousin and my aunt on Saturday. I get to spend a lot of time with cousin, but not as much with my aunt. It was fun.
  • I'm feeling more ridiculous than usual because I just want to watch the New Moon trailer every hour.
  • I am so lucky to have my husband. At times I feel like I don't deserve the wonderful, perfect man God has given to me.
  • I might make a friend! Haha, that sounds lame. But our neighbors invited us over last night (we stopped by, we had a date planned). And Kayla (crazy that she shares my cousin's name) is a stay-at-home mom meaning we can just randomly stop by and be bored together.
  • Hubby and I saw Star Trek last night. I'm still contemplating a video post so I can really let you know just how annoying the people behind us were.
  • I kind of love Chris Pine from Star Trek. Well, I did. Then I realized that he TOTALLY reminds me of my buddy Leon. Who I've known for... fourteen years now. And at this point he's like a brother. So I think a guy who reminds me of my brother is hot? Ew.
  • The MTV Movie Awards are super lame.
  • Andy Samberg is not funny.
  • Megan Fox looked super greasy and nasty.
  • I heart Robert Pattinson, he was the highlight of the awards show.
  • Kristen Stewart is awkward. And I was getting vibes from attendees that she's not very well-liked.
  • Cam Gigandet is HOT.

And that's all for now. I just didn't know how to tie it all together so you get a bullet-point blog today.