Friday, June 12, 2009

Music Week: Summer Songs

Originally I think I had planned to do songs that you can't help but dance to. And that may show up one day, but I thought with summer here that this list would be appropriate.

All of these songs are those ones that make you want to hop in the car, roll the windows down and let your hair blow around your big sunglasses while you drive to nowhere. Or to the beach. The beach is good too.

1. American Woman by Lenny Kravitz * Yeah, I know this is a remake of an original. But I like it better. Always on the mp3 player when I'm at the beach.

2. Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon * These guys are a newer discovery for me. But I LOVE this song. It just makes me happy when I'm in the car and get to turn it up.

3. Summertime by Sublime * This is currently the tone when I get a text message. Because I am THAT ready for summer to be here.

4. Fly by Sugar Ray * I mentioned the love of Sugar Ray on Monday. This song is the most summerish to me though. And it doesn't matter that it's old, I still love it.

5. School's Out by Alice Cooper * This song sticks out in my mind from a Simpsons episode. Then I believe I heard it in my dad's truck. And I decided I loved it then and there. Because really, who doesn't love a song that reminds you there's no school for a few months?

6. Island in the Sun by Weezer * I hear this and I want to sip a cold beverage while lounging in a comfy chair and checking out my bright pedicure.

7. Amber by 311 * This song makes we wish I lived at the beach. Well, I already wish that. But I imagine this song would be played every morning as I watched the surfers from my patio and sip my coffee.

8. All Summer Long by Kid Rock * I don't normally like Kid Rock. But this song reminds me of barbecues and a lot of alcohol with friends. You know, a good time.

9. Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America * This almost made the high school list. But it had to make the summer list. Peaches are a summery fruit, why wouldn't it get a spot here?

10. Rollercoaster of Love by Red Hot Chili Peppers * I may have danced to this one at a summer barbecue. It's just perfect. There's no arguing with it.

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So this week was actually pretty fun (for me). I may have lists pop up from time to time. For now, happy Friday!

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