Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Review

Hubby and I took the kid to see Transformers 2 today! Feels like we've been waiting forever. We were going to wait for my mom because she really wanted to take Tad, but our schedules are so conflicting that it wouldn't have worked this week.

Tad liked it, but I think it was a little long for him. Run time is about two hours and twenty minutes. He got a bit fidgety toward the end. But he still liked it. His favorite thing about it? Bumblebee of course!

He ended up changing his mind and not wearing the mask to the movies. But how cute is he? He's rocking some Bumblebee shoes and boxer-briefs too!
I really don't feel like getting all technical or anything here. It was pretty much what you expect a summer movie to be. I wasn't bored at any point and there were plenty of explosions and battles.
This movie had more humor than the first. Quite a bit was juvenile humor (Mojo, the dog, "establishing dominance" over the new dog). Julie White, who plays Sam's mom, had me dying. She was hilarious. Sam at a frat party was funny to me, but mainly because I know the guy who played Frat Guy #1. I was way excited to see him up there.
One thing I did think was kind of meh and almost useless was the character of Alice, played by Isabel Lucas. I can't go into detail without spoiling anything, I was just really... underwhelmed by her part and honestly forgot about her by the time we walked out of the movie.
There's plenty I could say to argue with all the reviews out there, but why bother? I'll just tell you: hubby and I enjoyed it. Don't go expecting a new world view. Don't go expecting some epic speech that will stick with you. Do go expecting something entertaining, and if you're able to do that you shouldn't be disappointed.

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