Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Plans

So I actually did do some stuff yesterday. I made my crackers, WHICH ARE TO DIE FOR. I will be making them again. Possibly soon. Possibly today...

I went to my sister's and hung out. Took a few pictures of the kids, but not many. We were having fun just hanging out. But I took one of my niece that I LOVE and can't wait to print.

Didn't dye hubby's shirt. But it's on the list. We're wondering if it will stain our sink so giant bucket may go on the shopping list.

And now today I have more stuff! Not until later though. Housewarming party for one of my oldest friends, maybe the car show at church, Saturday night service with mom and dad (since I'm doing everything else with them), then after church we'll head off to dinner where hubby will meet us since he'll be off work by then.

And I don't care where we go, I am getting a mojito. Been craving one since I had one last week.

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