Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Manicure

I really did mean to post pics earlier... it just didn't happen. But it is now!

So the nails look purpley here... they're totally not. They're a navy blue color. Thank the flash for the crazy color change. And the stripes look boring and like they have nothing to do with anything... but they do.

All will be revealed Friday. Actually, Saturday probably. We'll see.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Update

The list is in desperate need of an update. I just read my old one out of curiosity the other night... yeah. We definitely need an update.

This time I thought I would make it fun and add pictures. You're welcome.

1. Brian Wilson - Yes, he's at the top. I know people hate the beard and some people think he's too weird... but I just LOVE him. To the point that some inappropriate things are said here at home. Hubby laughs it off, no worries. But that man... wooo. *fanning myself*

2. Joe Manganiello - I feel like a picture is necessary here because I know not all of you watch True Blood. Talk about hotness. And he's EXACTLY what I pictured from the books. Actually, he exceeded expectations.

3. Josh Duhamel - He will never leave. Never. He's my Leo. *sigh*

4. Gerard Butler - He almost didn't make it. But then I thought of Phantom. And his accent. And his general sexiness. *drool*

5. Phillip Phillips - I feel like a cougar posting this. I know I'm not THAT much older, but I feel like I am. He's just so adorable!!! And his singing... oh that boy makes me swoon. ESPECIALLY after he sang some Dave Matthews last night. I was a ridiculous, drooling mess. My husband may or may not have been shocked a little...

We'll see how long this one lasts. I just appreciate God's work a bit much sometimes. ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Idol - Top 6

Oh Idol... you just won't be the same without Colton tonight. I'll confess, I cried a little watching the results last week. I totally knew the results too. But when Phillip looked super sad over him leaving, and then Colton picked the song he did... tears. He'll get a contract. And I'll buy everything he does.

Oh yeah... QUEEN THEME TONIGHT!!! I love this night, it's always amazing or awful.

Um, so Jennifer decided to channel C3PO tonight... wow. Just no honey. I'm your BFF and I feel the need to let you know that you look terrible.

We are currently debating whether Joshua is being pushed as the winner by the producers. I just get that feeling. And that makes me like him a little less.

Also, I let slip a simple, "Oh hi" to Phillip and got a stare from the husband. hee hee

Overall take on the medley. Like. Eric keeps telling me to write what he is saying. It's kinda funny. I think he likes being featured every week.

Jessica is singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" which she will probably nail. Oh gag, the effect with her on the screen behind her is no bueno. Too much producers. I like this a hell of a lot better than her ballads. She's much more fun. P.S. I'm skipping the judges again. No me gusta.

Skylar (*snore*) is up. Oh honey don't try to be cute, it doesn't work. She picked "The Show Must Go On." Good song. So I tried something new and didn't look at her while she sang. I liked the beginning, but then it went downhill. Eric tried my method but said he looked up and it ruined everything. lol

Joshua is doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Definitely one of my faves. Good choice for him. I'm laughing because husband is hearing the Dwight Yoakam version and it makes me laugh. Mostly that I know that's what's going through his head. I'm enjoying this though. I approve.

Elise has picked "I Want It All." I gasped and said, "I love this one!" But I think I've said that to every song. Oh the hazards of loving a band... Good choice for her. I liked it. A LOT.

Phillip is doing "Fat Bottomed Girls." YES. I squealed and fanned myself. I'm utterly ridiculous over here. *sigh* Wow. Phillip, call me. CALL ME.

Hollie's turn. Singing "Save Me." Good choice for her. I liked her. I always do though. Eric likes that she doesn't "slut it up" with her outfits.

So for round two I guess we get contestant song choice?

Jessica is singing "Dance With My Father." Husband just made a good point, girl can sing, but she's not exciting. He actually said she bores the something out of him. But I do try to keep it PG around here so I won't type the word he used. I also can't help but laugh at the wind machine.

Skylar's turn again. She's singing something by Jason Aldean. I don't know it. She's TOO twangy. I like country, but she's nasal and twangy and I don't like it.

SADSIES I caught up and now I'm watching live. Boo.

Joshua is up. He's singing "Ready for Love." OMG another standing ovation. Husband just wiggled his fingers and said, "Dance puppets! Dance!" They are so fixing this for him to win.


Elise has chosen Jimi Hendrix. Yes. I want to like her. But I'm just not feeling it much. Some of it is slightly too screechy. Husband likes it.

Phillip. I'm just gonna die right now. Because I already heard he's sing DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. Oh... wooo... no words. Really... no words. Can I just say that I was listening to DMB in the car today and I totally thought to myself, "When oh when will my Phillip sing some DMB?" AND THEN HE DOES AND HE NAILS IT. Apologies to my husband but I am IN LOVE.

Truly, I do not see his performance being erased from my DVR. I'm still swooning. And I want one of the shirts his parents were wearing. I would wear it ALL THE TIME.

Hollie is up and singing "The Climb" but I can't hear it because we have a severe storm warning. Not even for my city. Boooooo. Love the choice for her. And she looks adorable. AND the judges stood for her. Good. Eric was diggin' on her little celebration hop/dance that she did after her song.

Well Phillip for the win tonight. I'm about to propose marriage to the boy right now. Now to get down to who's out tomorrow. Instead of a bottom three we're going with a bottom two at my house.

Eric's choice:
1. Skylar
2. Elise

Tim's choice:
1. Elise
2. Joshua

My choice:
1. Elise
2. Hollie

I know, I didn't put a certain non-fave in there. I'm hoping since I don't predict it she'll leave. I can hope, right??

Elise is the only common thread through all three of us so I'm wondering if it'll be her.

We'll find out tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I didn't take something from my running playlist this week. I had this Kings of Leon CD in my car last week. I think for the whole week. If not it was pretty darn close. I think it's my thing at the moment. And I LOVE this one.

 It's mellow. And lovely. It kinda reminds me of my cousin's band (technically my husband's cousin, but we're close enough that he's just my cousin too).

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Manicure

Ummm... so I logged in to write my blog and things look WAAAAY different around here. Here's hoping I don't screw something up...

Not the most outstanding picture. It looked better on my phone. I did grey with some coral tips. Then added an image from my new stamping plate I got this week. Kinda crooked... oopsie.

I'm not quite ready for another week. But I keep telling myself I only have seven weeks of school left before I get vacation. And I know that seven weeks will fly by...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

American Idol - Top 7... Take 2

So no one went home last week. The judges used their save on Jessica. So two go home this week?

Just warning you, this will be a quick less than sunshiny post. I'm tired and just want to go to bed at the moment. I probably won't even listen to the worthless judges tonight.

Let's do this.

Hollie gets to go first. Hollie if you ever read my blog, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. I'm telling you you'd be perfect for my brother. :) She started with "Rolling in the Deep." Love this song. And she seems like she's having a much better time tonight. She's kind of engaging the audience a little. And of course she sounds good.

Colton has a red stripe in his hair now. It made brother in law think of the beer. He's doing "Bad Romance." And changing it up a little. YES. I liked it, but I like it better when he makes me swoon.

Elise is up. She's doing "No One." Good choice for her. She sounds good, but I don't love it for some reason. I'd still keep her over a certain obnoxious "country girl."

Oh Phillip... he's doing Usher. Like, really. REALLY. I loved this song back in the day. OMG. No coherent thoughts... drool... puddle of Ashley on the couch. I just want to jump him!!!! Hm I am fanning myself and swooning all over the place. To the point that husband looked at me and said, "I'm sitting RIGHT HERE." This man... oh this man... Jennifer called him sexy and that's still an understatement.

Jessica gets her turn. She's singing Alicia Keys. Good choice, if not a little predictable. Good. As expected. I think I'm getting too used to her.

Skylar... gotta admit, I'm not gonna watch the whole thing probably. Even brother told me to fast forward. haha She countryfied Lady Gaga. And I am slightly impressed by the arrangement, but I don't like her. Hello remote. Assist me with the fast-forward button.

Joshua's turn. Time for the judges to gush and swoon like they do every week. I like him, but he's not the best there is. Sorry. I also wasn't listening to the song he chose... so I couldn't tell ya. I will tell you the producers are so trying to pimp him as the winner. He always gets backup singers, and dancers and such. They want him for some reason. And he sounds good of course. I like that he has his niche all figured out too.

Round two goes way back. Apparently we're celebrating the spirit of Soul Train. Hmmmmm...

Hollie is back. And she looks adorable in pink. Like a little Barbie. She's singing "Son of a Preacher Man." I just see a Barbie when I look at her in all that pink. I love it! Oh yeah, she sounds good too. But this song was a good choice for her.

Colton... is singing "September." WOW. Husband didn't even recognize the song. I LOVE IT. Perfect for him. Better than his first performance for sure.

Elise part two. Ooooh she's singing "Let's Get It On." Good in theory... not so much in reality. Sorry Elise.

Phillip! *squeal* Singing "In the Midnight Hour." Another thing I love about him is there is no way to mistake his voice. I'm in lurve...

Jessica is singing... I missed it. I was too busy squealing over Kris Allen (because I totally saw him at California Adventure and freaked out). Husband is distracted by the awful pants she's wearing. Honestly, meh. I'm not loving.

Skylar... "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Meh. Do y'all even want to hear how much I'm not excited by her?

Joshua gets the final spot. "A Change is Gonna Come." Fitting for him, but this whole genre kind of does him a favor. So I'm not surprised.

Okay... we're losing two tomorrow. So instead of a bottom three I'm just gonna guess who's leaving.

My call:
1. Elise (it'll finally be that week for her)
2. Hollie (same)

Husband: (he's going with who he HOPES leaves)
1. Skylar (a.k.a "Little Okie Chick")
2. Joshua

1. Elise (prediction)
2. Skylar (want/wish)

Obviously I'm not alone in my non-fandom of a certain female contestant. :) We shall see tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

It's an old one. And a scandalous one!

Watching the video last night made me laugh. So naughty! But when this song came up on my run yesterday I knew it had to be the video today. I mean, how hot is Nelly Furtado? I'd kill for her stomach in this video.

My running playlist is full of old stuff like this. You guys are in for it. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Manicure

Hey guys.

Monday... blah. I was exhausted for no apparent reason. And running sucked. I didn't want to go, but I made myself since that's probably the grown up thing to do.

All I know is I'm gonna Rockstar it up tomorrow morning.

At least my nails are cute though.

I love them. Appropriately springish. And I stepped away from the plates this week. This was by hand. As you can tell from the less than stellar hearts.

Got a new nail plate in the mail today. Good chance I'll be using it next week. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Idol - Top 7

So I wasn't here last week and just watched it all on the DVR. Not much to say about it. Ready for tonight. Wow, the finale is just over a month away? That's fast! And I just realized the girls outnumber the guys at this point. I'm pulling for a Colton - Phillip finale.

So this week's song choices are anything from 2010 to the present. Could be really good or really bad. We've had some crappy music come out the last couple years.

Skylar is up first (meh). She wants a Kellie Pickler song. I feel like the chorus is a little shouty. But then, I'm not a fan in the first place. Randy liked her. Jennifer did. Steven did. Moving on...

Colton is next... *swooooon* My friend already texted me to tell me he's amazing tonight. OH we're at the piano again... he's singing "Love the Way You Lie." I don't know it, but it's cool because it's COLTON. And he's amazing. AMAZING. Jennifer liked it. Steven said he could've recorded that RIGHT now and sold it. Randy liked him. I'm sold.

Oh yeah, we have duets. I forgot.

Phillip and Elise are our first duet of the night. It's "Somebody That I Used to Know." Eeeeeee!!! I like the song already. And Phillip KILLED. Elise was good too. They're just amazing together. I think I like this better than the original. Phillip can come sing it to me anytime.Steven loved them. Jennifer insulted my Phillip a little and I don't know if we can be BFFs anymore. Randy liked Phillip better. Boooo...

Jessica is up. She's singing "Stuttering." Which Jimmy barely knows. And unknown song isn't always fun for me. It's a good choice for her. It fits her voice. Randy tried to sound special by saying he knows the song. Blah blah... Jennifer said it was beautiful. Steven loved her.

Joshua is singing Bruno Mars. I like it. Good choice. But we need to ditch the "dancer." She's just distracting. Standing o from the judges.

Colton and Skylar (bleh) are our next duet. Skylar wants my boy and I don't like it. Woo... fanning myself. They're singing "Don't You Wanna Stay." Which I LOVE. And Colton... well honey YES. Skylar is no Kelly Clarkson. Ouch. The whole living room cringed on one note. Colton makes me wanna stay... Skylar not so much. Eric and I are being mean now and having such fun. We just keep throwing random "nope" at Skylar.

Hollie is adorable. We like her in my house. Ooooh she's singing Pink. Love Pink. Have for years. WHO is the boy on the guitar with her??? Hmmmm... I like this acoustic version she has going. I love her. I stick by my statement a few weeks ago that she should hook up with my little brother. They would be the cutest couple in history. And then my kids would have an aunt with an accent. :) Jennifer was not nearly nice enough. Steven disappointed me. Randy liked her better than last week. Stupid judges. I'm going to get to the point where I just fast forward their worthlessness.

Phillip!!!! Squeals, unicorns, rainbows and love!!! He's doing Maroon 5. Oh that boy and his guitar... here comes the gibberish. The boys have learned to leave me alone so I can have my moment. Because this boy... oh this boy. Wow... that's all I have to say. Steven loves the way he's changed since we started. Jennifer called him underwhelming and I just screeched a not-flattering name at her. Randy said it wasn't his greatest but I DON'T CARE. HE IS PHILLIP AND HE IS FANTASTIC!

The last duet is actually a trio. Hollie, Jessica and Joshua are together. They're singing Kelly Clarkson. They actually sound good together. Fun song. The judges liked them. And I'm done listening to them because they don't like my Phillip.

Elise gets the last spot. She picked Lady Gaga. But a semi-normal song, "You and I." I like her. I still feel like she might be in trouble tomorrow because it seems to be a common thing right now. But she did good.

Alright... so my bottom three for tomorrow... not sure. I would love for Skylar to be in the bottom, but I doubt that'll happen. Here goes...
  1. Hollie
  2. Elise
  3. Skylar (because I'm hoping)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Let's see if I stick with this. Because I listened to A LOT of music over break. Just because. A lot of time spent in the car. Some late nights downloading. New playlist for my running. So I'll share every week. Not that all of it will be new. I'm not claiming to be some amazing producer-in-the-works who knows what will be "hot" next.

For now, a new song. I'm addicted. I put it on Facebook last week. And added it to my phone. And my workout playlist. It's definitely going to be an obsession this summer.

Off to work. Hoping my kiddos aren't insanely tired or insanely wired. *fingers crossed*

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Manicure

I was a bit lazy this week. I went with the nail stamp again. Feeling kinda uninspired. Maybe it's because spring break is over and I go back to work tomorrow. Sadsies. :(

It was a good one though. Much fun was had and I even caused a little trouble. ;)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lookie lookie...

I'm here! I know y'all have missed me. My last post was LAST WEEK. So long ago, right? But I've been crazy busy and having crazy amounts of fun. Let's break it down for ya.
  • Thursday, March 29 - Had a day off so I could take care of some BTSA stuff. Which led to me being home slightly earlier than normal. So I got a relaxing afternoon. AND I got to see Third Day on Thursday night!!!
  • Friday - Half day at school. Most of which was spent having an Easter party. Then got home, packed and off to So Cal!
  • Saturday - Lounged around all morning then went to a wedding. At the risk of sounding conceited I looked pretty dang cute. And we had so much fun. There was a photo booth that we got crazy in. There was a random guy who tried to dirty dance with my grandma (you know I was watching for him the rest of the night). Plus we sat at the hotel bar for awhile afterward just chillin'.
  • Sunday - Morning after get-together at someone's house. It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we chose to spend the rest of it at Disneyland. Always a wise decision if you ask me. 
  • Monday - California Adventure. It was another gorgeous day. Spent the whole day over there. Visited the preview center thing because it was all about Cars. I cried watching the video because I am apparently a total girl and cry about stupid crap now. But listening to the people talk about it... and I'm so excited to take Tad!!! We finally saw World of Color that night too. Please people, if you haven't gone you NEED TO. It was amazing.
  • Tuesday - Morning at Disney... with my cousin!!! She was down with her boyfriend and we met up since we have somehow never been there together. We had stupid amounts of fun for only being there a few hours together. And I accomplished a goal... I WAS THE REBEL SPY ON STAR TOURS. See they redesigned it and now at the beginning you get stopped and a picture of the Rebel Spy (a random person from your ride group) gets flashed on the screen. Just the day before I had told hubby that my goal was to be the rebel spy. AND I TOTALLY WAS. I raised my arms and cheered. People laughed. Sadly we only spent the morning there because we had to head home.
  • Wednesday - BASEBALL!!!! Hubby bought tickets for exhibition a couple months ago. We bought 14 together and just got a group of people. SO much fun. Especially because it was the A's vs. the Giants! I was actually torn about wearing my Oakland shirt. I think I might be turning into a full-blown Giants fan... but I wore it. And people said how cute it was that hubby and I are an interleague couple. And my A's won. WHAT?! I know. 8-1. Maybe that was a sign I shouldn't give up on them yet.
And now I have a few days left to have some fun. Visiting the cake supply shop today. Maybe going to a movie. Still crossing my fingers that SOMEONE will be willing to head to SF with me tomorrow. I just want to stay busy and have fun.

And because I wasn't here Monday, here's a manicure pic for you. I didn't do them until Tuesday, but at least I did them.

Happy Thursday. If you think you can contribute to my fun then hit me up.