Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lookie lookie...

I'm here! I know y'all have missed me. My last post was LAST WEEK. So long ago, right? But I've been crazy busy and having crazy amounts of fun. Let's break it down for ya.
  • Thursday, March 29 - Had a day off so I could take care of some BTSA stuff. Which led to me being home slightly earlier than normal. So I got a relaxing afternoon. AND I got to see Third Day on Thursday night!!!
  • Friday - Half day at school. Most of which was spent having an Easter party. Then got home, packed and off to So Cal!
  • Saturday - Lounged around all morning then went to a wedding. At the risk of sounding conceited I looked pretty dang cute. And we had so much fun. There was a photo booth that we got crazy in. There was a random guy who tried to dirty dance with my grandma (you know I was watching for him the rest of the night). Plus we sat at the hotel bar for awhile afterward just chillin'.
  • Sunday - Morning after get-together at someone's house. It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we chose to spend the rest of it at Disneyland. Always a wise decision if you ask me. 
  • Monday - California Adventure. It was another gorgeous day. Spent the whole day over there. Visited the preview center thing because it was all about Cars. I cried watching the video because I am apparently a total girl and cry about stupid crap now. But listening to the people talk about it... and I'm so excited to take Tad!!! We finally saw World of Color that night too. Please people, if you haven't gone you NEED TO. It was amazing.
  • Tuesday - Morning at Disney... with my cousin!!! She was down with her boyfriend and we met up since we have somehow never been there together. We had stupid amounts of fun for only being there a few hours together. And I accomplished a goal... I WAS THE REBEL SPY ON STAR TOURS. See they redesigned it and now at the beginning you get stopped and a picture of the Rebel Spy (a random person from your ride group) gets flashed on the screen. Just the day before I had told hubby that my goal was to be the rebel spy. AND I TOTALLY WAS. I raised my arms and cheered. People laughed. Sadly we only spent the morning there because we had to head home.
  • Wednesday - BASEBALL!!!! Hubby bought tickets for exhibition a couple months ago. We bought 14 together and just got a group of people. SO much fun. Especially because it was the A's vs. the Giants! I was actually torn about wearing my Oakland shirt. I think I might be turning into a full-blown Giants fan... but I wore it. And people said how cute it was that hubby and I are an interleague couple. And my A's won. WHAT?! I know. 8-1. Maybe that was a sign I shouldn't give up on them yet.
And now I have a few days left to have some fun. Visiting the cake supply shop today. Maybe going to a movie. Still crossing my fingers that SOMEONE will be willing to head to SF with me tomorrow. I just want to stay busy and have fun.

And because I wasn't here Monday, here's a manicure pic for you. I didn't do them until Tuesday, but at least I did them.

Happy Thursday. If you think you can contribute to my fun then hit me up.

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