Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American Idol - Top 9

Hello Idol. And hello Phillip. *sigh* I love him. LOVE him. Sexy beast.

Oh, sorry about that. Having an inappropriate moment. But that boy... *whew* he just does things for me!

Oh whatev Ryan. Quoting Hunger Games? Not cute... so tonight's theme is the idols of our contestants. Anyone else tired of Tommy Hilfiger styling them? I feel like he's boring. BUT Stevie Nicks is our mentor!! She's amazing.

Colton is first... OMGOMGOMG COLTON IS SINGING LIFEHOUSE. I shrieked when he said that. My mom texted me just to ask if I saw him. Melting. Into a puddle. I have an ex who used to sing this. Plus I saw Lifehouse live. So I have standards. And seriously... I'm rambling and sounding ridiculous but this boy... oh my. I turned my phone off so I wouldn't be interrupted because I had two people texting me and it was just too distracting. Steven called him a dream come true. Yes. Yes. YES.

Awwww Colton... seriously. Killing me. KILLING me.

Skylar had to take my moment away. No surprise that she likes Miranda Lambert... I find both of them obnoxious so it makes sense. I'm tempted to fast forward... but I guess I won't.

*tangent to distract me during a song I don't enjoy... I posted a video of Phillip on my FB and my buddy who is NOT into Idol at all watched it... and was impressed. The power of Phillip...

Oh yeah... so Skylar. She sounded like I expected? She didn't mess up? Husband called it karaoke. The judges like her... I don't get it. I just don't.

First trio of the night is Colton, Elise and Phillip AND THEY ARE SINGING FLEETWOOD MAC. Thank you for the cleanse after Skylar. Perfection. My husband and brother in law may or may not be thinking I'm losing my mind. I'm screeching, swooning, and squealing.

Heejun is up next. Singing Donny Hathaway. His voice still surprises me. Like really. He sounded REALLY GOOD tonight. Steven told him he doesn't even know how good he is.

*aside... Stevie Nicks is AMAZING! I love her!

Hollie is doing Carrie Underwood. I can see her doing that. She has the pipes. Is it just me or does she get the smoky stage effect every week? Brother said it's because she has "that angel thing going." Yup, she rocks it. I love how tiny she is with her giant voice. It's cute. She'd be perfect for my brother. Because I picture my brother with a little petite girl. And she can sing. And he likes to play music. Maybe I should work on that...

*tangent... in case you haven't noticed, I don't care what the judges say tonight. It may be my new thing.

DeAndre (a.k.a. Hairography) is next. He's singing Eric Benet, which I can totally see fitting. Yup. It works for him. Like. Standing o from the judges. Brother said it was boring. But he's a boy and I'm pretty sure he's not the target audience.

Jessica is taking on Beyonce. Brother is a fan of her... which if you know him is no surprise. He's trying to predict her as the winner, but I'm trying to let him know that girls just don't win recently. Especially when we have options like Phillip and Colton... drroooool. But wow... if you don't look up she almost sounds like Beyonce. Good call on her part. Even husband commented... and he hasn't done much except roll his eyes at all my girlishness.

Oh... medley of Michael Jackson for DeAndre, Heejun, and Joshua. Heejun is adorable in his fedora. Haha, he's fedorable. I think DeAndre and Heejun are strongest here. I just don't think it fits Joshua.

PHILLIP!!!!! Stevie Nicks said she thinks he's going to be famous and she said if he had been around back in the days of Fleetwood Mac he would have been asked to join. And she called him gorgeous. I agree. Good call woman. Anyway he's singing Johnny Lange. And being Phillip. He's so adorable it kills me! I could listen to him forever. But again... I have a ridiculous weakness for guitar players. Brother is a fan too. I knew I let him live with us for a reason.

Joshua picked Mariah Carey. Interesting, but I can see him doing it. Brother just asked what was with the dead trees on stage. Without missing a beat husband responded, "Cuz they can't live." Do you see what I live with??? I should charge admission to their ridiculousness. Anyway, back to Joshua... I was right. Good choice. He totally pulls it off. Even the boys here liked him... even if they try to say otherwise.

Last trio is doing Madonna. Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica. Jessica nails it right away. And Hollie. Again... not a Skylar fan. No one here is. But we're all loving Hollie and Jessica. Plus, Skylar's outfit is not doing her any favors. Jeez I sound catty... but I'm just throwin' it out there.

Elise is doing Led Zeppelin!!!! LEGIT. Stevie Nicks even said that Robert Plant would be proud. They even sang together for funsies! So cute. Whoa. Whoa. Such a good choice. She's just meant for this style. Love her. Daaaaamn. That is all. No other words without gushing.

Damn. Like really. I can't get over that. She was awesome!!!

Okay, so... bottom three? They were too good. I dunno. But here goes...
  1. Skylar (wishful thinking)
  2. DeAndre (people may have been bored)
  3. Hollie (I just get a feeling)
I just don't know. I do know that I wish Phillip would walk into my living room and sing to me. *sigh* Maybe if I swoon enough husband will be motivated to pick up his guitar...

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