Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol - Top 13

Gotta start with... Jennifer shouldn't wear an unflattering white onesie-pantsuit-thing. Not her best look.

So hello there! The girls are singing Whitney Houston tonight, the guys are singing Stevie Wonder. I have a feeling Jessica will pull off Whitney best. When everyone was introduced I totally gave a little squeak for Phillip. He just makes me sigh. In such a happy way.

So tonight is a bit different. They're going to reveal the lowest guy and the lowest girl tomorrow night... then the judges will pick who goes home. Ooooh... aaaah. The suspense!

So let's start...

Joshua is singing "I Wish." I liked him. His hopping was a little distracting at times, but he was on. Randy loved him. Jennifer wanted to punch him again... not really, she giggled about it. Steven said he keeps getting better and better.

Elise came next with "Greatest Love of All." Well, she wanted to anyway. Jimmy convinced her to change to "I'm Your Baby Tonight." I like it. Not sure I love it. She's been better, that's for sure. She definitely nailed the end though. That kinda sold me right there. Eric popped up with a comment about her being good. Jennifer said it wasn't her best. Steven didn't think the song was right for her particular voice. Randy pretty much echoed the other two.

ASIDE: What in the name of God is on Randy's jacket?? Honestly. Oh! And the fur collar! Oh Randy... can I call Stacy and Clinton on you?

Jermaine chose "Knocks Me Off My Feet." He's good. And I get that his deep voice is unusual and intriguing. But he's boring to me. I need to you get my attention. Steven said the song "fit him like an Armani suit." Love the analogy. Jennifer liked him, but wants him to "connect" more. Randy didn't love all of it, but he still likes him.

Erika is singing "I Believe in You and Me." I enjoy her. Very much. And I have to say she's lookin' good tonight. We only had good things to say in my house. I liked her a lot. Randy loved her. Jennifer got her "goosies." Steven loved her.

Colton is doing "Lately." Oh Colton... with your skinny legs and crazy hair. You're adorable. I am thoroughly enjoying him. Hubby said he sounds mumbly. OH final note killed me. Let me pick myself up off the floor... Steven told him he was outstanding. Jennifer thought he was great. Randy got booed for a minute because he didn't swoon over him. Then he said he was flawless by the end.

Shannon, or as I may start calling her, Ginormica (I mean that in the nicest way possible), picked "I Have Nothing." I like this song. I really want to find her perfect, but she's not. Eric and I are discussing the few rough patches we've heard. OUCH. There was particularly bad one. A for effort, but poor baby didn't kill it. Jennifer told her she needed to relax more because she knows she can do it. Steven blamed her nerves. Randy reiterated what the others said.

ASIDE: I just noticed Steven's mic has a scarf tied around it. Winning. Love that man. Also, I'm dying laughing at how short Ryan is next to Shannon. The jokes are flying over here.

Deandre is still adorable and he's singing "Master Blaster." I don't know this at all. But Deandre is rockin' out and enjoying himself on stage. Which I love. Eric said he reminds him of a mix between Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley. I liked him A LOT. Good performance. Steven loved him. Jennifer gushed. Randy loved that he showed another side of himself tonight.

Skylar picked "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" Eric just watched her practice session and said she can't be an American Idol because she's not hot enough. These are the realtime conversations in my house. This song got decidedly country with her voice. There's even some steel guitar in there. She sounds good and all. But hubby just said she's no Carrie Underwood. I agree. Jennifer said it wasn't all perfect, but she liked it. Steven liked it. Randy agreed with the others that she was stronger by the end.

Heejun is HILARIOUS. I lurve him. He's singing "All In Love is Fair." I enjoy him. He's so surprising! I want him to be my best friend. Jennifer told him she loves him. Steven gushed a little. Randy said it wasn't perfect but it was "reeeeally good."

Hollie is singing "All the Man I Need." She made Eric wow. She's so bitty but she's so good! I liked her. Possibly best of the girls so far. Randy said she nailed it. Jennifer gushed. Steven loved it.

Jeremy chose "Ribbon in the Sky." I'm sitting here talkin' him up to Eric. I liked him. He's good. Steven enjoyed him. Jennifer said it was beautiful. Randy thought it wasn't his best. I kinda agree, but I still liked him.

Jessica could have won me a bet if I had put money on her. She's going with "I Will Always Love You." I so knew she was going to. Sorry for the language but HOLY SHIT. Jennifer was crying. Our house was silent which DOES NOT HAPPEN. I got goosebumps. The judges do not even matter right now. They loved her, blah, blah...

ASIDE: I love how Eric is SO into this now that he lives here. I'm loving this. I have him watching so many shows.

Phillip Phillips!!!! AAAUGHHHH!!!! Die and come back to life and die again from love. He's singing "Superstitious" which is probably my favorite Stevie Wonder song. I feel like he sounds like Dave Matthews would sound if he covered this song. I just love this boy to pieces. Jennifer was making some serious bedroom eyes at him. The judges loved him, as they should. Give this boy a contract now and let me have concert tickets. My friend Kristie and I are starting a fan club. I am in lurrrrve!

Alright, my tops are obviously Phillip and Jessica. Hubby likes Phillip and Jessica. Eric likes Hollie and Jessica. My bottom two are Shannon and Elise (I like them, but they were weak). Hubby isn't playing. Eric said Deandre and Shannon.

Soooo tomorrow. We'll get a bottom two. I'm voting. And I'll report back tomorrow to see who goes home.

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