Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Me a Favor

Go ahead and oooh and aaah over this fabulous giveaway. But don't enter, because I would very much like to win the fabric stash. Oh the fun things I could do!!!

*picture and giveaway are from Sarah at A Flower For You, such a cute blog!*

Dave Matthews!!!!

After over ten years of LOVING Dave Matthews Band, I FINALLY got to see him in concert last night.


I absolutely loved him and my old-man crush on him is renewed. I went with my mom (thanks again for buying us tickets mom!) and she really enjoyed them too. She's also a fan of Jason Mraz now (he opened).

The band was amazing and it was totally what I was expecting. Right down to the losers smoking pot two rows behind us. And judging by the smell, I would say they got a bad deal. It just didn't smell right... but whatever.

And now, since I don't want to bore you and I really have other things I should be doing, I'll leave you with one more picture of man that I went hoarse screaming for (yeah, my voice was actually scratchy and cracking by the time I got home). He did not disappoint (even if he didn't play my all-time-favorite, Crash).

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wow I'm tired. And I even slept in this morning!

The shower yesterday was a success, but no pictures yet because I'd rather upload everything at once, and we have the DMB concert tonight...

I will say, I hate PMS. Hubby came home to me having a meltdown on Friday night because I had so much left to do.

So enjoy your day. I'll return tomorrow. With some pics.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Robots Love Fridays

I uploaded a video from their show on Wednesday night. And since today is busy, that's what you get. That and a picture of Leon and me. (It's funny to me how he looks like his dad and I look like my mom in it.) It's a new favorite picture of mine.

I'm aware the video isn't the best sound quality or anything. But I shot it on my camera's video function. And I like it because it's my boys.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Again...

Check me out, I'm actually doing something I said I would do!

So the grand surprise I was planning for yesterday were THESE beauties!

Yezzir, TWILIGHT CUPCAKES!!! They were red velvet too! All for my girl Claudia (heeeey!). I worked with Claudia back in the day and now she works with my mom. It was her birthday and I got these in my head and HAD to make them. I was so happy with them that I was squealing in my kitchen (much to hubby's dismay).

An apple for the book cover (DUH). Only it wasn't so "duh" for everyone. My mom totally asked why I made an apple (forgive her, she only just finished the first book and isn't crazy into it like the rest of us).

A sparkly heart. Because Edward sparkles. *sigh* Mom asked about that one too...

And OF COURSE I had to do these!! They were my favorite (and Claudia's, and Heather's, and probably everyone else's). All the decorations were done with marshmallow fondant (only my second time using it). And the frosting was of course cream cheese. So if anyone wants them, I'll take orders...

Then last night hubby and I went to a show. In a little tiny bar. But I'm going to upload video so I'll leave that for tomorrow's post. For now, enjoy a picture of us after a few drinks...

Hey There

You all know I'm a total slacker by now. At least, if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that. If this is your first time reading, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Typhoid Ashley. And I'm great at slacking off and procrastinating.

My massive surprise went off great yesterday. And the show last night was super fun. But I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. Please don't act surprised. My slackerifficness combined with my crappy computer makes this a regular thing.

But I'll get them up later. Promise. Because my surprise was just too awesome not to share. Right, Claudia?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

When school gets back in session I automatically start thinking of fall. Summer here is too HOT! And I like the extra coverage fall clothing brings. So I hope you don't think it's too early to check out some fall goodies!

And since I'm a shoe whore, let's focus on shoes today, shall we?

First up: boots. I love boots. This year I'm determined to buy a pair of skinny jeans so I can do the whole jeans-tucked-into-boots thing.

And now, flats. Because it does get too cold for flip-flops and these are the next best thing, right?

So there ya go, a quick wish list for you. Feel free to take me shopping. I'd love some fabulous boots for my Las Vegas trip in October...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Monkey

I'm busy today making phone calls and making as many of these babies as I can. And I realized that my next six weeks are full of INSANITY. So much insanity that I may just refer to it as insanity squared. Because I'm a math nerd you know.

Want a peek at my life? You know you do. It'll make you feel better that you're not this busy on this Monday morning.

8/26 - Something top secret scheduled, and hopefully a show that night (my favorite boys are playing!)
8/29 - Bridal shower that mom and I are planning. Taking up most of this week.
8/30 - Possible wedding planning meeting. And DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! I've only wanted to see them for ten years or so...
8/31 or 9/1 - Another hunting trip. For two or three nights.
9/4 - Hopefully I'll get to spend a weekend with my favorite Kindergarten manlet.
9/10 - Hubby and I are going to see Gary Allan!!!! *swoon*
9/11 - Lucky me, I get to stay up ALL NIGHT with some 5th and 6th grade kids at church. Joy.
9/12 - Baby shower for one of hubby's cousins. No clue if I'll get to sew something like I had hoped.
9/19 - Second bridal shower. I'm not totally in charge of this one though.
9/26 - Sissy's bachelorette party! Plans still aren't clear, but it'll be a crazy night for sure.
10/3 - THE WEDDING. Which means rehearsal and set up the day before that.

That's just my calendar right now. There's no telling what else may be added. I may start tutoring again by then, or even have a job! (hint hint districts) I'm exhausted just looking at it!

Hallelujah for vacation right after the wedding.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's Saturday. Most of the kids around here are sleeping in or enjoying some playtime after their first week of school. If I didn't have things to do I might contemplate driving up to see my sister and her kids and help them enjoy their Saturday. But I told hubby I would bake after his super-crappy day at work yesterday. And I have things to do to get ready for the bridal shower next weekend. Which will also be known as


Seriously. Don't believe me? Here's a preview of the greatness...

Those are the invitations my mom and I made last Sunday (with all the details that would delight my cyber-stalkers* edited out). Are they not awesome?! They're totally fitting for my sis too, because I'm not kidding when I say she's untraditional. Sis would have picked Halloween as their wedding date if her fiance would have let her.
So there's how my weekend will be spent. Showery and weddingy things. What are y'all doing?
*I probably don't have any cyber-stalkers, but personal information shouldn't be splashed on the internet and to say that I do have cyber-stalkers sounds more interesting. Don't you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Man

Yup, pictures of the first day of school. You know you've been waiting.

Brand new pimpin' Hurley shirt and Etnies. How cute is he???

And showing off the Transformers backpack (and lunchbox!) that grandma Jocelyn bought for him.

I had to take a quick self-portrait with him. He was pretty excited to go to school.

His school mascot is a lion, so we had to pose with the statue at school.

And here he is waiting to go in. He was so much smaller than a lot of the kids in his class. Michael (his soon-to-be step dad) and I were talking about it. He may have been small, but he was easily the cutest.

The kids shook hands with the teacher before putting their backpacks down. Hench the delay in his handshake. He was already taking off his backpack.

And getting his name tag for the first day! He was pretty excited about that too.

You can barely see him behind the little girl's backpack, but here he is leaving class. He came out with a smile, that's always good!

And with mommy (who will probably kill me if she sees that I posted this picture).

I haven't talked to him since Monday, so I don't know how the rest of his week has gone. I'm hoping to talk to him or even see him this weekend. Tuesday they got a visit from a fire truck, so I'm guessing he'll have lots to tell me.
Happy Friday friends! Hope everyone's week (whether it was at school or not) was great!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gone A-Huntin'

Ahhhhh camping. I haven't been camping in the mountains in... over a decade. Seriously. And the last time I went camping at all was in high school, but that was at the beach so I don't think it counts with hubby.

When I met hubby I found out he (and his dad, brothers, and cousins) hunts. I didn't freak out at this like I probably would have as a wimpy high school girl. And he hasn't done it much since we met so it definitely wasn't a big deal. But he won an $800 bow in a raffle recently and archery season started last Saturday. So a trip was in order.

Here's the thing: when hubby goes hunting, he roughs it. Like, the site we use is one that he and his cousins cleared out years ago. You don't pay for a site. There's no nice sodium lights spaced randomly around. And there's no bathrooms. You have to drive about ten minutes to get to a bathroom. Further if you want a shower.


But we had a lot of fun! We went up Monday afternoon without being sure we would be able to stay the night (I had to call after five to find out about jury duty). Obviously, I didn't get called in so we were able to stay two nights and come back yesterday. If you're at all familiar with the Sierra Nevadas and the Central Valley, we drove up past Shaver Lake and Dinkey Creek. We actually had to drive across the Wishon Dam to get to hubby's favorite spot.

By the time we got to our site, we were at about 7,000 feet. The craziest part? The top of the range is 7,300 feet. We were 300 feet from the top of the Sierra Nevadas! That was just so insanely cool to me. Maybe I'm a nerd. But check it, those trees up there are the tippy-top.

So lucky me, hunting involves realtree camouflage. I wore a pair of hubby's old pants (it was like flashing back to high school, remember when I wore baggy boys' pants mom?) and a jacket that's just slightly too small for him, but still big on me. Here I am looking all wildery.

Basically, we got dressed and walked around. Quietly. The best times are supposed to be sunrise and sunset. That's when deer are on the move. But in all three of our trips out (one in the morning, two at dusk) we saw nothing. No deer tracks. No deer poop. And no deer. We did find bear tracks and bear poop though. And because I love all of you, here's are pictures. Poop, back paw, front paw. (Great, now there's a picture of poop on my blog.)

That's not to say we didn't see deer though. We spotted this doe on the way in Monday. She just stared at us and continued eating her pile of dried horse poop (I'm serious). Unfortch in California, doe aren't legal. So we continued on our way.

Tuesday we drove down to the little mountain store and on our way back spotted another doe and a buck. But he was barely a buck, his antlers were only spikes. So technically he's called a spike. Unless you're me. I don't know terminology so I told hubby that he "hasn't sprouted yet." And now I'm calling him a bucklet. You know my affection for that suffix.

Then Wednesday we did our sunrise hunt. It was cold, and we wanted to go further than we had before, so we took the Blazer and drove around a couple roads. We got out and hiked one trail, which is where we found the bear tracks (semi-fresh too!). Finally is was about 8:30 and the sun was up so we hopped back in the car and I started the drive back to camp (still slow, on the off-chance we saw something). Then, just chillin' in the road, there was a buck. Three-point (meaning three points on each antler). Hubby was out before I even stopped the car. He was gone for maybe twenty minutes. I watched him draw back on the bow once, but then he changed his mind and disappeared. He came back empty-handed and said that he didn't have a good shot.

Quick explanation here. When hunting deer, you want to hit the lower third of their torso. That's where you can get a shot at the heart and both lungs. Hubby didn't have a shot of the lower third. So he would have had to track it, and the dear would have been in serious pain. Which, contrary to popular hippie belief, good hunters don't want. That's right people, hunters aren't evil. Anyway, he didn't take the shot and the buck took off.

Now we're planning another trip. Hopefully next week, but we'll see. Hubby's determined to get that buck. And now we know where he hangs out.

So my first hunting trip was a good experience. We'll see how I deal if we actually bring a dead animal home in the car next time... and for sticking with me, have some more pretty pictures.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Okay, so it's already late (ish). But here's your wish list. Full of random things seen (some by accident, some searched for) on the internet.

School started up this week, which always means that fall isn't far away. So when I saw this dress, I marked it. I may need it for the fall weather. (via Old Navy)

LOOK! A classic Snoopy Sno-Cone machine! Hubby and I saw one of these at a toy store semi-recently and I begged him to buy it. Seeing as how it's currently on my wish list, I'll let you guess at his answer. (via Perpetual Kid)

There's no way hubby would allow me to put up this fabulousness anywhere in our place. Not without me agreeing to a buck head mounted on the wall as well. So I may be sending the link my cousin's way. (via A+R Store)

Okay, first off, I would not wear this. It just doesn't look like it could possibly be flattering. Now in t-shirt form... possibly. But it makes me laugh because my mom asks me frequently, "Is this going on the blog?" (via Forever21)

Wow. There's realtree camouflage on my blog. On a wish list, not in a post mocking it. But really, if I'm going to keep hunting with hubby I'm going to need some realtree clothes that fit. And this is so ugly it's almost cute. Plus it's cut for a woman! I can try to be cute while hunting, can't I?? (via Cabela's)

And still on the subject of hunting, perhaps I should pick up this necklace as a good luck charm before our next hunting trip. Hubby was soooo close to getting a buck today... but that's a story for tomorrow's blog. In the meantime, I like the good luck charm idea. (via Etsy)

I know this is probably the MOST random wishlist you've seen yet. But I'm a random person, and still tired from our trip. Next week's list will follow a theme, don't you worry.

Hey Guys

I'll try to get a wish list together this afternoon. Hubby and I just got home from the mountains a few hours ago, so there's still laundry and cleaning to be done. So list later, camping stories maybe tomorrow, and we'll go ahead and finish off the week with my little Kindergarten manlet.

Come back later!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Almost Forgot!

So I meant to let my serious post about sending Tad to Kindergarten be it for today. For those of you wondering, I did it without actually crying. But I did tear up in the car.

Anywho, I totally forgot the cast of Dancing With the Stars was announced this morning!!! So for those of you who haven't seen the list yet, let's review...

Aaron Carter - He sings and acts apparently. To me, he's just Nick Carter's (from the Backstreet Boys) little brother.

Ashley Hamilton - I had no clue. I guess he writes songs. But I'm guessing most people are going to label him as "George Hamilton's kid."

Chuck Liddell - Okay, I have to admit that I shrieked when I saw his name. He's a HUGE part of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). I've watched him fight plenty of times and I love him. Hubby actually got to meet him at his place in SLO (he's from the area and still trains there). I'm totally pulling for him and hope he doesn't disappoint.

Debi Mazar - Actress, apparently in Entourage (which I don't watch so I didn't know that). She looks totally stoned in her picture on ABC's site.

Donny Osmond - *vomit* That's all I have to say about that.

Joanna Krupa - If you haven't heard of her, don't worry, I haven't either. And I'm pop culture obsessed! I guess she's a model. Meh.

Kathy Ireland - Dude, how old is she now? She still looks good, I'll give her that. Used to be a model, now has some massive company that involves selling clothes at K-Mart.

Kelly Osbourne - Really? Okay then.

Louie Vito - A pro snowboarder. I don't follow snowboarding so I haven't heard of the guy. He looks all of twelve years old.

Macy Gray - Singer. I know one of her songs. Her voice is super-raspy so I couldn't enjoy her AT ALL.

Mark Dacascos - Super kung-fu actor dude. He hosted Iron Chef which is how most people will know him. He's "Manny" to me because the first thing I saw him in was Brotherhood of the Wolf. In which he was pretty (pardon the language) kickass. I like him.

Melissa Joan Hart - A.K.A. Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Clarissa Explains It All. Dude I totally dated myself by mentioning Clarissa didn't I?

Michael Irvin - Used to be a football player. Meaning he'll probably be pretty decent. Most football players are.

Mya - Dude, she was singing when I was in high school. And the first thing I think of when I see her is Ghetto Superstar. Do you guys remember that song?! I'm going to go download it now...

Natalie Coughlin - Olympic gold medalist swimmer. That's all I know. She's cute, if that helps.

Tom DeLay - A politician? Hmmm...

If you want to go read the actual mini-bios here's the link. Picture slideshow and everything. I'm honestly excited for Chuck Liddell. I really hope he can dance. And I can't wait for hubby to call his buddy John (who introduced them) and see if he's giving him a bad time yet. Although, would you tease a guy who fights in the UFC?

It's Here

August 17, 2009.

My little guy is starting Kindergarten today.

I am freaked out and excited. I am worried and proud.

Tim and I took a huge role in helping Beth with Tad. It was never forced on us, or asked of us. We just had this bond with him instantly. He was "ours."

So I feel a little bit like a mom sending my firstborn off to school. I'm sad that he's not a baby anymore. I'm worried about all the things I can't control. What if he isn't as ready as I think he is? What if he doesn't like his teacher? What if there's a bully in his class? What if he doesn't make friends? What if he just misses home?

I know there are probably plenty of moms that do this on the first day of school. I just didn't expect to feel it this much.

So excuse my quietness and seriousness today. I'm going to orientation with my little man. And tomorrow he'll be on his own for his first full day of school.

And I'll sit and wonder how the hell I'm going to do this with my own kids one day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

One More

Yesterday was one more day trip for Tad. He starts school on Monday (don't even get me started!) so we thought a trip to the beach was in order. And he told me in the car last night that he had a fun day. Mission accomplished.

So what exactly did we do yesterday?
  • drove to Pismo with a quick stop for breakfast
  • quick stop for some beach toys at Target, where Tad made out like a bandit in the dollar spot
  • an attempt at sand castles
  • playing in the FREEZING water, first with uncle Tim, then me, then uncle Tim again
  • burying Tad in the sand
  • writing our names in the sand
  • using the FREEZING outdoor showers with the surfers... and still having sand in one little boy's shorts
  • heading into town for some lunch (BBQ at Mo's, you must go)
  • sitting at lunch and hubby telling me that Chuck Liddell's trainer just walked into the restaurant, then trying not to act like a big fangirl
  • hitting up a candy store (like I need it!)
  • driving over to SLO
  • some shopping, including their big toy store
  • dinner at Woodstock Pizza, because you MUST do that when in SLO
  • dodging strollers and college kids at Farmer's Market
  • making two girls almost pee their pants when they pushed each other right into me and Tad (we'll just say mama-bear came out)
  • having Dippin' Dots (yaaaayyy!!!!)
  • getting some Kettle Corn (which Tad smelled and commented on every time we walked by the booth)

Today is more stuff. Swinging by my mom's, taking our library books back, hopefully work on invitations while Tad plays a bit, and other fun things that I won't be able to do nearly as much because my baby is going to school Monday.

If you can't tell, I'm really struggling with this whole school thing. I may be a mess on Monday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You'll Thank Me Later

Or you won't. Because you may be so sucked in to one of the sites posted below that you have a totally non-productive day. If so, sorry.

Are you a person who pulls no punches? Enjoy Yes, some of the cards are offensive. But then stuff like this comes up and I die.

Do you love your local dollar store? Are you crafty? Okay then, here ya go. Dollar Store Crafts is only one of the best places ever! Sure some of it is stuff you wouldn't actually make. But I am totally wanting the cake stand above. There are holiday-related projects too! I've done some of the stuff from the site already.

If this picture sickens you, don't go to Patricia Waller's site. She has some mad crochet skills. If I could make the twisted stuff she does, I'd happily put in some time learning to crochet.

Don't Judge My Hair is fabulous in it's non-fabulousness. Go and reminisce about the styles you saw (or wore) back in the day. Or just be like me and breathe a huge sigh of relief because you missed some of these.

And lastly, have you ever wanted to know what some of your favorite characters would look like if they lived in Springfield (you know, home of The Simpsons)? Springfield Punx is a cool little project where you can see the Ghostbusters, the cast of Lost, and lots more characters made over in a Simpsons version. I love it.

So there ya go. If you're easily distracted (or just bored at work), you should probably wait until you go home to check this stuff out. I guarantee you'll be distracted by at least one site.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I know, it's a little late in the day, but I had one all ready and then decided to shelve it in favor of one more summery one. Hubby and I are taking the kid to the beach tomorrow (at least I'm pretty sure we are) so I thought a wish list for the beach would be fun.

How stinkin' cute is this swimsuit? I reeeeeally want it. (via etsy)

And of course a nice easy dress to throw on over said swimsuit for bumming around town. (via Forever21)

Can't forget a super adorable tote for the sunblock, beach read, and other such things! (via etsy)

And we'll have to have a beach blanket to stretch out on. (via Target)

Then there's beach umbrellas. Because it can get hot out there in the sun. (via Target)

And we'll need sand toys for the kid. Because you can't go to the beach without building a sand castle! (via Amazon)

So there ya go. A little late, but there's your wish list. I'll come up with something for tomorrow while I'm gone. Maybe just some fun things I've come across this week...