Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yup, we're having a party today. Little brother-in-law's birthday happens to fall on the same day as UFC 101. Which also happens to fall on a day that my parents are gone and let me use their house (and pool).

So I'm off getting ready today. Frosting cupcakes, prepping burgers, and other fun things.

What sucks is that I came to a realization. With my plans to lose weight I probably shouldn't be baking just for the heck of it anymore. So when I get around to posting the fabulous stuff I made for today, it might be the last for a couple months.

Unless someone wants to hire me to make some for them. *hint hint* It totally doesn't have to be for a party, if you just have a hankering for a dozen cupcakes then hit me up!

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