Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Monkey

I'm busy today making phone calls and making as many of these babies as I can. And I realized that my next six weeks are full of INSANITY. So much insanity that I may just refer to it as insanity squared. Because I'm a math nerd you know.

Want a peek at my life? You know you do. It'll make you feel better that you're not this busy on this Monday morning.

8/26 - Something top secret scheduled, and hopefully a show that night (my favorite boys are playing!)
8/29 - Bridal shower that mom and I are planning. Taking up most of this week.
8/30 - Possible wedding planning meeting. And DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! I've only wanted to see them for ten years or so...
8/31 or 9/1 - Another hunting trip. For two or three nights.
9/4 - Hopefully I'll get to spend a weekend with my favorite Kindergarten manlet.
9/10 - Hubby and I are going to see Gary Allan!!!! *swoon*
9/11 - Lucky me, I get to stay up ALL NIGHT with some 5th and 6th grade kids at church. Joy.
9/12 - Baby shower for one of hubby's cousins. No clue if I'll get to sew something like I had hoped.
9/19 - Second bridal shower. I'm not totally in charge of this one though.
9/26 - Sissy's bachelorette party! Plans still aren't clear, but it'll be a crazy night for sure.
10/3 - THE WEDDING. Which means rehearsal and set up the day before that.

That's just my calendar right now. There's no telling what else may be added. I may start tutoring again by then, or even have a job! (hint hint districts) I'm exhausted just looking at it!

Hallelujah for vacation right after the wedding.

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