Thursday, August 13, 2009

You'll Thank Me Later

Or you won't. Because you may be so sucked in to one of the sites posted below that you have a totally non-productive day. If so, sorry.

Are you a person who pulls no punches? Enjoy Yes, some of the cards are offensive. But then stuff like this comes up and I die.

Do you love your local dollar store? Are you crafty? Okay then, here ya go. Dollar Store Crafts is only one of the best places ever! Sure some of it is stuff you wouldn't actually make. But I am totally wanting the cake stand above. There are holiday-related projects too! I've done some of the stuff from the site already.

If this picture sickens you, don't go to Patricia Waller's site. She has some mad crochet skills. If I could make the twisted stuff she does, I'd happily put in some time learning to crochet.

Don't Judge My Hair is fabulous in it's non-fabulousness. Go and reminisce about the styles you saw (or wore) back in the day. Or just be like me and breathe a huge sigh of relief because you missed some of these.

And lastly, have you ever wanted to know what some of your favorite characters would look like if they lived in Springfield (you know, home of The Simpsons)? Springfield Punx is a cool little project where you can see the Ghostbusters, the cast of Lost, and lots more characters made over in a Simpsons version. I love it.

So there ya go. If you're easily distracted (or just bored at work), you should probably wait until you go home to check this stuff out. I guarantee you'll be distracted by at least one site.

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