Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Okay, so it's already late (ish). But here's your wish list. Full of random things seen (some by accident, some searched for) on the internet.

School started up this week, which always means that fall isn't far away. So when I saw this dress, I marked it. I may need it for the fall weather. (via Old Navy)

LOOK! A classic Snoopy Sno-Cone machine! Hubby and I saw one of these at a toy store semi-recently and I begged him to buy it. Seeing as how it's currently on my wish list, I'll let you guess at his answer. (via Perpetual Kid)

There's no way hubby would allow me to put up this fabulousness anywhere in our place. Not without me agreeing to a buck head mounted on the wall as well. So I may be sending the link my cousin's way. (via A+R Store)

Okay, first off, I would not wear this. It just doesn't look like it could possibly be flattering. Now in t-shirt form... possibly. But it makes me laugh because my mom asks me frequently, "Is this going on the blog?" (via Forever21)

Wow. There's realtree camouflage on my blog. On a wish list, not in a post mocking it. But really, if I'm going to keep hunting with hubby I'm going to need some realtree clothes that fit. And this is so ugly it's almost cute. Plus it's cut for a woman! I can try to be cute while hunting, can't I?? (via Cabela's)

And still on the subject of hunting, perhaps I should pick up this necklace as a good luck charm before our next hunting trip. Hubby was soooo close to getting a buck today... but that's a story for tomorrow's blog. In the meantime, I like the good luck charm idea. (via Etsy)

I know this is probably the MOST random wishlist you've seen yet. But I'm a random person, and still tired from our trip. Next week's list will follow a theme, don't you worry.


Tim B said...

I'll buy you realtree honey!

alissa said...

ooo i like the antler necklace. not a hunting fan haha but love the necklace!