Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Man

Yup, pictures of the first day of school. You know you've been waiting.

Brand new pimpin' Hurley shirt and Etnies. How cute is he???

And showing off the Transformers backpack (and lunchbox!) that grandma Jocelyn bought for him.

I had to take a quick self-portrait with him. He was pretty excited to go to school.

His school mascot is a lion, so we had to pose with the statue at school.

And here he is waiting to go in. He was so much smaller than a lot of the kids in his class. Michael (his soon-to-be step dad) and I were talking about it. He may have been small, but he was easily the cutest.

The kids shook hands with the teacher before putting their backpacks down. Hench the delay in his handshake. He was already taking off his backpack.

And getting his name tag for the first day! He was pretty excited about that too.

You can barely see him behind the little girl's backpack, but here he is leaving class. He came out with a smile, that's always good!

And with mommy (who will probably kill me if she sees that I posted this picture).

I haven't talked to him since Monday, so I don't know how the rest of his week has gone. I'm hoping to talk to him or even see him this weekend. Tuesday they got a visit from a fire truck, so I'm guessing he'll have lots to tell me.
Happy Friday friends! Hope everyone's week (whether it was at school or not) was great!

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