Friday, August 14, 2009

One More

Yesterday was one more day trip for Tad. He starts school on Monday (don't even get me started!) so we thought a trip to the beach was in order. And he told me in the car last night that he had a fun day. Mission accomplished.

So what exactly did we do yesterday?
  • drove to Pismo with a quick stop for breakfast
  • quick stop for some beach toys at Target, where Tad made out like a bandit in the dollar spot
  • an attempt at sand castles
  • playing in the FREEZING water, first with uncle Tim, then me, then uncle Tim again
  • burying Tad in the sand
  • writing our names in the sand
  • using the FREEZING outdoor showers with the surfers... and still having sand in one little boy's shorts
  • heading into town for some lunch (BBQ at Mo's, you must go)
  • sitting at lunch and hubby telling me that Chuck Liddell's trainer just walked into the restaurant, then trying not to act like a big fangirl
  • hitting up a candy store (like I need it!)
  • driving over to SLO
  • some shopping, including their big toy store
  • dinner at Woodstock Pizza, because you MUST do that when in SLO
  • dodging strollers and college kids at Farmer's Market
  • making two girls almost pee their pants when they pushed each other right into me and Tad (we'll just say mama-bear came out)
  • having Dippin' Dots (yaaaayyy!!!!)
  • getting some Kettle Corn (which Tad smelled and commented on every time we walked by the booth)

Today is more stuff. Swinging by my mom's, taking our library books back, hopefully work on invitations while Tad plays a bit, and other fun things that I won't be able to do nearly as much because my baby is going to school Monday.

If you can't tell, I'm really struggling with this whole school thing. I may be a mess on Monday.

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