Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Tad-ism in a Good While

So I logged onto my computer earlier tonight and Tad was sitting right next to me. (Pathetic confession alert) Myspace is my home page and there was a still from Lost on their front page. It featured John Locke.

Tad looked at it and said, "What's that?"
Me: "What?"
Tad: "That guy. Who is that?"
Me: "Oh, just a guy on television. He's on a show that uncle Tim and I like."
Tad: "Oh. I thought it was Bonnie's husband."

I DIED LAUGHING. Seriously, the people upstairs probably heard me. Because I have been saying that LeRoy looks like John Locke SINCE DAY ONE. Would you like to see my argument?

DO YOU SEE IT??? I don't know why this pleased me so much. But I love it and had to share. Thanks, Tad, for the validation.

Friday Photo

Let's just call it the People of Wal-Mart edition, shall we? I spotted this sign marking the aisle on a recent trip.

Look at it. Did you spot the problem?

Yup. "Pain reliefer."

Seriously? Meh, it's Wal-Mart. I shouldn't be surprised.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol - Elimination

So I saw one of the girls coming. The other surprised me a little.

Girls: Ashley left, which I guessed she might. So did Janell. Not upsetting to me.

Boys: Joe was the first. He was standing with Tim and I was POSITIVE that Tim would be the one leaving. He was baaad last night. Even he looked shocked when Joe went home instead. Second to go home was Tyler. He was one of my guesses.

Did Alex Lambert cuss when he found out he was staying? My sound went out twice so I just wanted to see if that was him cussing or my horrible service.

Also, I can obviously never expect hubby to listen to Kris Allen. He talked a whole lot of smack while he was on. I shushed him.

So next week we'll ditch four more. Maybe my predictions will be better...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol - Top 12 Boys

Yay! Boys' turn tonight! Can't wait to hear Andrew (who it looks like will be going last if they're going by the order of introductions).

Todrick Hall: He super reminds me of someone, but I don't know who. Kind of a guy I went to high school with. He's singing "Since You Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. Um, he turned it into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SONG. It's not really my taste, but it's good. He sounds good. I can imagine hearing him on the radio with this version. Ellen is grinning madly. She liked him. Randy thought he changed it TOO much. I love the original, but I could still appreciate his version. Kara agreed with Randy. Simon thought the arrangement was "crazy." He said he murdered the song. Ouch.

Aaron Kelly: I haven't loved him so far. He's good, but just not a favorite. He's doing "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts. Not loving it. Rascal Flatts seems tough for people on this show. Hubby's not likin' it either. Simon liked it. Whaaa? But he said he doesn't look confident at all. Kara liked him. Randy liked him, but at least he mentioned there were pitchy moments. Ellen loves him. I'm questioning if I need to go clean my ears or something.

Jermaine Sellers: He's singing "Get Here" by Oleta Adams (I think?). There were some rough moments at the start. And a couple more later. Meh. Ellen thought he was pushing a little too much. Randy thought he was trying too much vocally. Kara blabbed along the same lines as the other two. Simon didn't like the choice and said he tried to oversing it.

Tim Urban: He was a last-minute replacement for someone who was determined ineligible. He's singing One Republic's "Apologize." I'm not a fan of this song. Just don't like it. Ouch. Why did he pick this??? He has trouble with the high notes... which there are plenty of. Poor guy's probably not around for long. Simon is brutal. He said that their original decision not to put him through was right on. Kara gave me drinking arsenal (I should really start playing that game). Randy said it was the wrong song (and mentioned the failed falsetto). Ellen tried to compliment him by calling him adorable (five hundred times), but didn't like the singing.

Joe Munoz: I vaguely remember him from auditions and Hollywood. He's singing "You and I Both" by Jason Mraz. He's good. Not sure if he's great. He has some really good moments though. And he's WAY better than a couple guys already. Ellen liked him a lot. Randy didn't think the song choice was perfect, but he like it anyway. Kara liked him best so far. Simon liked him but pretty much said he wouldn't buy him as a star.

Tyler Grady: I did NOT take him seriously at his audition. I thought he was going to be awful. But he's kind of fun. He's singing "American Woman." This is SO PERFECT for him. He's totally enjoying himself, which makes me like him more. Vocals aren't perfect, but he's a great performer. Simon said it was memorable, but for the wrong reasons. Kara kind of agreed which is funny because she liked him a lot up until now. Randy called it "style over substance." Ellen said he needs to work more.

Lee Dewyze: He pretty much came out of nowhere. But I loved him in Hollywood when he sang The Fray. Tonight he's singing "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. He's also playing his guitar tonight. It's good, but sadly not great. I still like him though. Ellen liked the choice, loves the tone of his voice, but there were rough parts. Randy didn't like the song choice. Kara is making no sense. Simon loved it and called it the best performance tonight. Wow.

John Park: This is the guy that Shania Twain hit on (or something). Maybe she was drunk. He's doing "God Bless the Child." I don't like the song choice. I'm a little bored by it. All of ten seconds in. Yeah, I don't really like it. Which is too bad, because I like him. Simon thought it was flat and pointless. Kara agreed and even threw out the word "indulgent." Randy liked his voice, just not the song. Ellen didn't understand his song choice, but still liked the performance.

Michael Lynche a.k.a. Big Mike: I LOVE Big Mike. He's huge. And adorable. And I almost cried when his baby was born and he was on the phone with his wife. He's singing "This Love" by Maroon 5. And he's playing his guitar. It's good, but I feel like it could be better. I don't know. I'm guessing he's so lovable he'll get through anyway. Ellen loved him. Randy liked him. Kara liked it, but didn't think it was great. Simon looks pissy. He didn't think he delivered enough.

Alex Lambert: He's singing "Wonderful World" by James Morrison. Not great. And what's with the hair looking suspiciously like a mullet? It's distracting me from the singing. Anyway, yeah, not great. Simon called it uncomfortable (I agree) but did say he has a good voice. Kara liked him (I think that's what all her words meant). Randy loves his voice. Ellen mentioned the mullet (okay, so I'm not imagining things). She compared him to an unripe banana. This is just one reason I love her. She told him to "ripen."

Casey James: Not gonna lie, LOVE him. I tweeted that he's like a cleaner version of Sawyer. *sigh* He's singing "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. And I like it. And that's not just me looking at his prettiness. Or his half-unbuttoned shirt. And seriously, Kara needs to BACK UP AND QUIT BEING RIDICULOUS. Kara is on drugs and making no sense. Ellen said she could feel Kara undressing him with her eyes. Randy liked him, liked the song choice. Kara attempts to tell him he's good, but can't help hitting on him in the process. Simon loved his song choice and called him honest and sincere.

Andrew Garcia: Ohhhh the man who made my husband like a Paula Abdul song. I almost cried when he made it to the Top 24. Seriously. He was so overwhelmed. He picked "Sugar We're Going Down" by Fallout Boy. Acoustic... that's the way to my heart. haha And it's pretty different from the original, which is fine with me. Simon was disappointed. It wasn't original enough for him. Kara thought it was a strange rendition. Randy said he's a fan even if he didn't love this song. Ellen liked him. All the judges mentioned how much they still love his rendition of "Straight Up."

Jermaine, Tim, Tyler or John. I think they'll be in trouble the most. We shall see tomorrow. I doubt I'll write a full blog on the results show. But I'll put the results up for those who like to see my take on them.


No wish list today. Just not feelin' it. That and there's entirely too much that I would love to wish for today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 12 Girls

Everything is done with and we're on to the Top 24! Girls get their turn tonight. I don't think I have any favorites yet. So I guess I shall see what happens tonight.

Side note: LOVING Ellen so far. But she pretty much rocks anyway and I was stoked when I heard that she was filling Paula's seat.

Anywho, let's get on with the singing.

Paige Miles: I don't even remember her from auditions and Hollywood. And hubby just said the same thing. She's singing "All Right Now" by Free. She's good, but I don't love it. And it's just a weird song choice to me. Okay, Simon is saying he didn't love the song either. But he loves her voice. Kara loved it. Randy liked her, but isn't sure about song choice either. Ellen liked her. OMG, she just said she's sewn into her outfit and has had to pee for five hours. SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. Oddly enough, I like her a little more for saying she has to pee on live television. That's totally something I would say.

**Glee commercial! I can't wait!!!

Ashley Rodriguez: I really only remember her because of her name. She's singing "Happy" by Leona Lewis. I don't know the song so I'm not sure how it's supposed to sound. She's good, but there are parts I'm not sure about. That could totally be because I don't know the song at all. No clue. Kara babbled, but I think she said she liked her. Randy kind of rambled too. Ellen's agreeing with them. They're pretty much asking her to take more risks with her song choices. Simon didn't like it.

**Not gonna lie, I'm kinda loving these weird Old Spice commercials. They're about as random as I am.

Janell Wheeler: I really liked her in Hollywood. She's doing "What About Love" by Heart. I don't love it. I think it was just a bad choice for her. Randy didn't love the choice either because it didn't really work for her voice. Ellen loved it. Simon liked moments in her performance, but not the whole thing. Kara called the song "too big." Can I start a drinking game now for every time she says a song is "too big" for someone.

Lilly Scott: Gotta say it... her hair bugs me. The weird white-greyishness is freakin' me out. She's singing "Fixing A Hole" by The Beatles. She's kind of reminding me of Megan Joy from... last season? She's different and I can see where she could be popular. Ellen is way excited for her. Simon loved her, but isn't "feeling star power." Kara called her "believable" (that might be another word for the drinking game). And she liked her. Randy loved that she'd kind of "indie."

Katelyn Epperly: I've liked her so far. She's cute too. She's singing "Oh Darling" by The Beatles. I LOVE this song. She sounds good. She might be my favorite so far. Of course the song choice helps. Simon likes her, but didn't like everything about the song. Kara gave me another drinking game phrase. Oh, and she liked her, but not the makeover. Randy liked her. Ellen liked her.

Haeley Vaughn: I like her. She's cute and she's pretty good. She's doing "I Wanna Hold YOur Hand" by The Beatles. Popular band tonight. Okay, I really like her version which is a SHOCK if you know me. I'm harsh when people sing anything by The Beatles. She's not perfect, but I really like her. Kara talked a lot and maybe liked her? I'm not sure. Randy said pretty much the same I think. Ellen said she "shines." And she enjoyed it. Simon called it "verging on terrible." Um, huh?

Lacey Brown: If my hair was straight, I'd totally cut my hair like hers. SO cute. She's singing "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. Ack! Another one that I love. I don't love it. She has good parts, but overall I'm not feelin' it. Randy didn't think it was the right song. Ellen didn't love it either. She said she thinks she's better than that. Simon called it indulgent and obviously did NOT like it. Kara didn't like the song choice either.

Michelle Delamor: She's another one I've liked so far. She picked "Falling" by Alicia Keys. She's good, but no better than the original song. Although that is a tough song. Ellen loved it. Simon liked it, but wasn't wowed. Kara blessed me with another drinking phrase. 'Nuf said. Randy liked it, but wants her to take risks.

Didi Benami: I only remember her because she sang a song Kara wrote. She's singing "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. OH! I actually know it! haha Wasn't even aware I knew it until she started singing it. I actually really like this one. And she sounds really good. The song is totally perfect for her voice. Simon called her indulgent too. But he still likes her and her voice. Kara liked her. Randy said he's missing the "star factor." Ellen liked it.

Siobhan Magnus: I remember her because her name is spelled weird. She's singing "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. I die at this because hubby has actually sung this badly around the house for me. And I mock him for enjoying Chris Isaak. Anyway, she can totally hit the high notes. I think hubby is even impressed. Kara liked her. Randy liked her, but kind of wanted a bigger song. Ellen loved it. She pretty much gushed. Simon liked it, but didn't love it.

Crystal Bowersox: She's singing "Hand in My Pocket" by Alanis Morissette. Meh. Props because she can do the whole guitar and harmonica thing, but the song isn't making me excited.
Randy liked her, but isn't sure about her song choice. Ellen said she's a fan. Simon said she was good, but said it didn't stop him in his tracks. Kara rambled, but said she liked her.

Katie Stevens: She's singing "Feelin' Good" and she better kill it if she's gonna sing something by Michael Buble. She's good. She sounds so much older than she actually is. Not in a good way either. The performance feels old. Ellen felt like it was conservative and wants her to be more current. Seeing as how she's only seventeen. Simon totally agrees. He called it "pageanty." Kara liked her, but said she didn't kill the performance. Randy liked her too, and pretty much agreed with everyone.

I don't know about who'll be in the bottom on Thursday. Ashley, Paige and Lacey were the least memorable for me. Although Crystal didn't do a whole lot to stand out either. Hubby didn't really care for Lacey or Crystal (although part of that could be the dreadlocks).

Be back tomorrow with the boys. Can't wait for ANDREW!!!

5 Things...

Okay, I was actually thinking about this a couple weeks ago and totally forgot. Or I wrote about something else. But whatev, I remembered today!

So remember my list? Yeah, it needs an update. So technically instead of 5 things today, it's 5 men!
  1. Gerard Butler: Yup. He's still there. Why wouldn't he be? He's HOT and he sings. Perfect.
  2. Robert Pattinson: Okay, I fully came to understand the buzz last year. He's the complete opposite of my typical type (if I had a type I guess it would be totally manly), but I love him anyway. *sigh*
  3. Sam Worthington: New addition!!! The man is teh hotness (my interwebz friends will get the misspelling of "the"). I think I crushed on him when Terminator Salvation came out. Then he just started popping up everywhere and I loved him. Pretty much 50% of the reason I'm so stoked for the remake of Clash of the Titans.
  4. Josh Holloway: I don't know if it's Josh Holloway or just his character on Lost that gets me. Probably the actual character of Sawyer. But whatev, Josh Holloway is NOT bad to look at. And I'm not gonna lie, he was totally in a dream of mine the other night.
  5. Josh Duhamel: He's still there! Even if he did marry Fergie (yuck). I was reminded how much I love him when I watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! last weekend. He's so stinking cute.
There you are. A different version of 5 things today. So I always ask people to share, and y'all never do. I dare you post your celebrity list. DARE you. DO IT.

**So I'm not about to name drop, but ya know the degrees of separation thing? I am one away from Josh Duhamel and two away from R. Patz. Be jealous, haha.**

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Coolness

This might be my favorite Monday Coolness post ever. Including future ones. THAT'S how cool it is.

So as I've mentioned I read a TON of blogs. One of the many is a blog called Jen Loves Kev. Written by Jen, it's full of fun things like outfit posts, weekend recaps, and even some personal posts. All it takes is a few posts where Jen talks about Kev and you know that they are an adorable couple who is totally in love.

Well, for Valentine's Day, Kev created a video for Jen that wasn't just any video. It was the start of a new project to "share the love." With everyone. Kev created a site Right now what you'll find is a flyer available for download. Print it, write your love's name on it (or don't) and take pictures! Leave flyers in public places. Do exactly what Jen and Kev are hoping to do and share the love.

I love this idea and you HAVE to go watch her video that Kev made. Her post also talks a little more about their project. I teared up. So ladies, you might want a tissue depending on your sensitivity level today.

So go forth and share the love!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Photo

Friiiidaaay! One week closer to our move, woohoo!!!

You get another Tad picture today. Don't mind the fact that I'm looking ratty. I was watching them do jiu jitsu when he ran over and said, "Tia Ashley, do you have your camera?" Of course I did, and I said so. He plopped in my lap and said, "Let's take a picture!"

So I did.

Seriously LOVE this kid. He's the best.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay, haven't mentioned it here or anything, but I've pretty much been dying for the Eclipse trailer to come out. The movie comes out in June and we have seen NOTHING as far as a trailer goes.

Found an announcement about the trailer today. It'll show before Remember Me, which starts March 12.

Okay, I kinda wanted to see the movie already, this just makes me want to see it SO MUCH more. The trailer will likely be online the next day, so I'll post it for those of you who care (oddly enough, those of you who care never comment... hmmmm).

I'm countin' down.

Happy Birthday to...

My cousin (in-law) Luke! (Or as hubby likes to call him, Luscious Lucius. Ick.)

Luke welcomed me into the family right away. He's pretty much awesome. He has the same weird sense of humor as hubby and he's always fun. I love our UFC nights with Luke and Elaine (his wife) and our random adventures like Sudz in the City. It's NEVER boring.

Luke, you're easily one of my favorites, happy birthday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Hola! Today is a list with a purpose. See, I have/am throwing a black and white party in the next few weeks, and I have no clue what to wear. I had hoped to sew a skirt (the one that I failed at for my cousin's party), but I'd rather not stress about something else. Because two days after the party is the start of the big move. So adding the stress of sewing with a deadline? Not such a great idea.

So here are a few I found and liked. Not all are in my price range, but hey. It's a wish list!

This one from LuLu's is pretty stinkin' cute. That bow? Killer. It totally makes it.

I happen to like this BCBG dress at Nordstrom. I know that that particular shape works for me. And it totally wouldn't be that short on me, because my legs are about half the length of most models' legs.

I LOVE this one. I totally want to wear one-shouldered dresses right now. I actually wanted one as my bridesmaid dress, but the maid-of-honor liked it too, so I deferred to her. This one is also from Nordstrom and WAAAAAY out of my price range. *sigh* Oh well.

This one is from Ruche. I love that the top has a texture to it. It adds a little bit more to the dress. But it's not so complicated that I couldn't throw a sash on it for some color.

And this one has pockets. I heart pockets on dresses right now. Plus it's that same shape that I know I can wear. It's from A new discovery to me.

So since I'll likely end up with NONE of these dresses, I guess the search is still on. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Happy Birthday to...

My uncle Tim!

Here he is with a bald Tad last spring. He loves that kid. Who doesn't?

Uncle Tim used to spoil my brother and me rotten. Licensed sports jackets, the coolest loud toys, everything. Then he had kids... *sigh* It's a pretty big joke with us now.

Uncle Tim is fun still. He likes country concerts and I've been to a couple with him and my aunt and my cousin. He has good taste in beer (and he always shares). He's weird, but that just runs in the family on my dad's side.

Random story time: when I was little (like, before he had kids) he used to call me "Princess." I was his first niece, don't judge. Well, somehow, I got demoted from "Princess" to "Rodent." Yeah, "Rodent." Or even "Ashley Rodent." I'm still not sure why, maybe because I'm short. Anyway, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got popular and I went from "Rodent" to "Splinter." Yeah, their rat dad/sensei. Are you feeling the love yet?

Even if I do have a rat as my namesake, I still love you uncle Tim. Hopefully you'll give better names to my kids one day. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Things...

I feel kind of out of ideas at the moment. So I'll go with easy stuff.

5 Random Things About Me
  1. I look forward to Tuesdays. SO much. I get to have Tad, even if it's only for a few hours, and even if it's not one-on-one time.
  2. Lost tangent: I really wish Jack would have killed Ben on the operating table. Really.
  3. Hubby and I may have found a way to get out of paying for breaking our lease. Maybe. We shall see.
  4. I kind of wish I was a morning person. I've got a bunch of great breakfast recipes that don't get made. Because I am SO not a morning person.
  5. At the moment I'm really fed up with the people upstairs. The crappy music has stopped for the most part, but they let their kid run all over the apartment. And I swear they must drop furniture up there or something because several times a day something drops so hard that our windows shake. *sigh* I cannot wait to be out of here.
Anyone have anything random to share about themselves today?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Coolness

Good thing a lot of you didn't work today, because I totally forgot about putting something up this morning! Yesterday was a busy day. I cleaned, cooked, went to my grandma's, cleaned, and cooked some more! But it was worth it. Hubby and I had a nice Valentine's dinner.

So for your weekly coolness, here are some snow pictures from winter camp.

That is the PILE of snow on top of my head that accumulated while I played with my cabin girls. Because it was snowing a lot. Wanna see?

Yes. Giant movie snowflakes. It was amazing. And so fun! I had never actually been at the snow WHILE it's snowing. I loved it.

I took shelter under a tree here because the snow kinda tried to get my camera wet. All that snow on the trees? It wasn't there when we got in Friday night. It snowed for a good six hours. It was amazing.

So enjoy your Monday people, whether you're at work or lucky enough to have a day off.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Photo

It's Friiiiidaaaay!!! Two days before Valentine's Day. And the day that we are putting in our notice at our apartment!!! Yup, we move into our new space March 8. Woohooo!!!

I had some trouble picking one photo today. So you get a few. Enjoy.

Here's Tad's window right now. We decorate his window since it's right by the front door here. And he was pretty stoked to decorate it for Valentine's Day. Now it turns out it will be the last window decorations we have living here...

Here's my Valentine's wreath! I pretty much love it. I didn't want to go overboard and have a bunch of glitter hearts or anything. So I stuck with hot pink feathers and sequins and other stuff from the Christmas clearance bin at a craft store. I know how to shop. ;)

See? Here's a closeup of some of the hot pink cuteness. (And I just realized this pictures is sideways, oops.)

And here is the thing that made my month. Thanks to my little Tad. I picked him up on Tuesday and he busted open his backpack and said, "Tia Ashley, I made you something." I figured he was just going to give me some of his schoolwork like he does sometimes. I always make a big deal out of anything he gives me. Anyway, he pulls out this paper you see above. In case you can't read it, the prompt says "If I found a box of Valentines..." and he finished it by writing, "I wd giv one to my Tia Ashley." (They're working on their inventive spelling right now and he's doing great!) How ADORABLE is that? I felt pretty special that out of everyone he could have named, he wrote MY name! It's sitting at my house making me smile every time I look at it.

So happy Friday everyone! And happy Valentine's Day in a couple days!

Late... Again

Your Friday photo is going to be late this morning. I stayed up making cupcakes for hubby's work. And I'm dumb enough to plan poorly and not realize how long it takes to reduce pomegranate juice to syrup.


So sit tight. I'll get a picture up later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So seriously, this kid makes me laugh. We baked when he and Taytem were here on Tuesday. He wore his apron (thanks mom!) and we had the following conversation.

Tad: Tia Ashley, why do aprons have pockets?
Me: Well, for you to put things in there. I only use my pocket for my phone.
Tad: I know! It's so that when food falls, it falls in the pockets, and you can EAT it!

We also told him that we're going to move into a house. About an hour later, he asked for a dog. That took longer than I expected. Hubby and I just laughed. And said maybe.

Because I'll gladly try and talk hubby into getting a little yorkie for Tad and I.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I'm influenced by the upcoming holiday this week. So these are things I totally wouldn't mind getting. If hubby and I were getting gifts this year. Which we're not. But I can totally look at these and dream. Once again, everything was found on Etsy.

These pillows are pretty cute. I'm not too thrilled with the price, but I'm pretty sure I could make them if I still want them next year. (via SofaGarden)

I love this necklace. I love the color combo. And I'm pretty sure I'd wear it all the time. (via verarodrigues)

This is a cute, non-cheesy Valentine's Day shirt. I don't think I own any shirts tied to this particular holiday. But I'd start a collection with this one. (via ShamefulTees)

Seeing as how I use that symbol all the time, I think I need this one. (via metalsmitten)

I'm also one of those weirdos that likes conversation hearts (hubby hates them and just admitted to it this year). So these necklaces are perfect to me also. (via minasyani)

And I picked this because it's adorable. I have a thing about birds. And it's pink, so it fits in with the holiday, right? And it's a cupcake pedestal!!! I think it would have to be on my counter all the time. (via whitneysmith)

Don't be surprised if you start seeing some house stuff on the list next week. There's plenty out there that I would love to have if we had the dinero.


Wish list is delayed. I kind of... didn't do it yet. I'm trying to get some other stuff done today. Which will really only work if my phone calls get returned...

Anyway, the list will pop up later.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Things...

Okay, so now that I know we're moving I have it on the brain CONSTANTLY. We're gaining another bedroom and actual space. So today I give you...

5 Things I'm Thinking About the House
  1. We need a fridge. And a washer and dryer. The search for affordable ones (I don't even want new!) begins.
  2. I'd love to get a loft bed for Tad. You know, it looks like a bunk bed, but it's only a bed on top with space underneath? I found an amazing one on Craigslist, but it's not in the budget. :(
  3. I'm going to need a bit more storage. Shelves and such. I'm just trying to decide what I want to use. And what's cheapest.
  4. I get to have a sewing room! Kind of. I have to share the room with other things that need storing. But I definitely plan on creating some kind of craft space. Which means I need a table now...
  5. I'm realizing that this could add up really quickly. Once we've moved my blog my change a bit and show off some of the projects we're doing. I've already got some painting and refinishing furniture planned. Maybe even some reupholstering.
Well, I'm off to overthink things and try to come up with cheapish solutions for our eventual move.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Coolness

Hello!! I made it back from our winter camp! I'm sick (boo), but we had a great time. It snowed on us on Saturday!!! Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes that made me feel like I was in a movie or something. It was awesome. There was a great speaker that the kids really enjoyed and we had some great worship led by a great guy (even if he did enjoy picking on us counselors).

So it's Monday, which means I have some random coolness for you. In the form of an Etsy shop today. I came across these photos on a blog and had to go save the seller, Christine Edwards.

They're dogs in ties.

This is Scooter. I love his wonky ear. Isn't he adorable? You can go ahead and squeal, I give you permission.

And this is Lincoln. He makes me happy too. I kind of have a thing for Boston terriers lately.

I'm seriously considering these two prints for Tad's room... at our NEW HOUSE!!! That's right, we got the house we wanted to rent. We'll sign the rental agreement this week and put in a notice at our apartment. Sometime soon we'll be outta here!!!!

Happy Monday!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Photo

Happy Friday friends! What are your plans for this first weekend of February? I'll use this week's photo to give you a hint what's on my schedule...

Yup, I'll be in the snow! I'm going to winter camp with my kids this afternoon. We'll be gone until Sunday. And there's a good amount of snow in the forecast! I'm excited, but also wish I was home with hubby. Anyone else feel that way when you're away from home even for a night or two?

So I'll be back, maybe with more snow pictures. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Things

They might just be happening for us.

See, we're sick of this apartment. And our lease will be up very shortly. But not soon enough for us. We started looking at houses. Unfortunately not to buy, but to rent. But hello, it's a house! No shared walls, no shared parking, more space, a kitchen that's bigger than a postage stamp... definitely a step up from this place.

So the search really started last week. Made some calls, made some visits. We really liked one that we looked at. It was close to church for me, jiu jitsu for hubby. Not close to my mom, but close to my father-in-law. It was definitely on the "like" list.

After a few failures, we knew we should call back. So hubby did. The owner said that another family had filled out an application and was waiting for approval. She would call us either way.

So I was disappointed, sure we wouldn't find anything else we liked. Because I'm apparently a bit of a pessimist. We went and looked at one yesterday afternoon. A friend of ours used to live in the area. We knew we liked it. We pulled up... and I loved it. It has black trim. I don't know why that gets me, but it does. Then we went in. And I fell further in love. The kitchen is wonderful. The rooms are a decent size. Not huge, but big bedrooms are rare these days (at least out here they are). There's a decent back yard. A fireplace. High ceilings. Three car garage. I'm sold.

So hubby asked for an application. Owner said he would email us today. We heard from him last night. And he mentioned that he would knock $500 off the first month's rent AS WELL as $500 of the deposit. SCORE! We're faxing him our application ASAP. And unless someone swoops in before we can do that, I think it will be ours.

I'm so stoked about this! We're not even buying but I feel so awesome! I'll be able to have people over without feeling crowded! I'll have room in my kitchen for everything! I'll have a place for my mom's sewing machine!

So cross your fingers for us and hope that we get it. I'll be UNBELIEVABLY happy if we do.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

I totally knew what I wanted to browse today. I broke down and bought a pair of leggings a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure I had mentioned at some point that I wouldn't wear leggings because I'm too old or something. But they were there. They were only five bucks... and I totally wanted them.

So now I have the problem of not much to wear them with. I have a couple cardigans that are long enough, but I need more long tops. I'm not going to be one of those weirdos who wears them as pants. Your butt should be mostly covered if you're going to wear leggings!

So I started at Forever 21. And I really like this blue one. It could totally be dressy if I wanted it to be.

I love this black one. Super cute.

This one is cute. I love that blue.

And this one just looks super comfy. For running errands and stuff like that.

Then I headed over to Target's site. Where I found this one. It kind of just looks like an oversized shirt, but that's what I've been looking for.

There's that blue again. And I love a cowl neck.

Last I hit up my trusty Old Navy. I'm a little ashamed to like what is basically a denim shirt, but I do. And it's nice and casual again.

Then this cardigan. I love the color. And it's short sleeved so I can wear it into spring. I might have to go look for it.

There you go. I'll still be searching, although I'm looking to make myself some tops too. With all my free time...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Things...

Well, this should be fairly obvious to you today.

  1. I am seriously contemplating throwing a finale party. Seriously. If you would come, let me know. As long as I can get at least ten other people, it's ON!
  2. The first four minutes of the the premiere showed up online last week. I wasn't even tempted to watch. This is a big deal because I tend to like spoilers. Not this time.
  3. We actually haven't followed the show the entire time. Hubby and I watched the first season (so did my mom) and a little of the second. Then life intervened and some shows had to be sacrificed. Fall of 2008 SyFy (back then it was still SciFi) showed four episodes every Monday night. We watched. And then realized that we should just rent the seasons so we could get through and catch up for the Season 5 premiere. So we did.
  4. Season 4 got me through my Christmas baking. I cried so hard I had to take a break from cookie dough.
  5. I despise Juliet. Hated her with Sawyer. Also don't want Jack and Kate together. Jack has evolved into this whiny, needy guy. Kate shouldn't deal with that crap. Go Kate and Sawyer!!!
It would be so easy to make this "10 things" today, but I won't. Not sure if I'll post my thoughts on the episode each week or not. I guess it'll depend on how I'm feeling. And just FYI, the American Idol live blogs will suffer. Lost wins.

Happy Birthday to...

My uncle Gil!

He's my uncle by marriage. That's him with my aunt. Gil cracks me up. A little secret: my aunt is totally robbing the cradle. I won't give away an age difference, but we'll just say that he and my husband are closer in age than he and my aunt. *nudge*wink*

One of the first times I actually hung out with Gil was at my aunt's house. I took my cousin to a play and hubby and I went in to say hi when we dropped her off. Gil had my aunt watching Jackass. Yup. Jackass. I was amazed. And he got a little bit of hero status because I'm pretty sure she would never have watched an episode otherwise. Is it sad that that's probably one of my first memories of him?

I also say "uncle" really sickeningly cutesy. Because it's funny that my uncle isn't terribly older than me. So it's really more of me being a butt. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

So happy birthday uncle Gil! I'll tell Tim to take it easy on you at jiu jitsu tonight.

Monday, February 1, 2010


So I didn't watch the Grammys last night, but if I had known Pink was performing I might have. I love her. I got a massive girl crush on her after her performance last year. Actually, I've always been a fan.

Anyway, I saw a video of her performance earlier today and I knew I had to share. She is AMAZING. You must watch.

Monday Coolness

Another week friends, but this week is special.


Are you ready?

So in honor of tomorrow, today's coolness is a Brokeback Mountain/Lost video. I laughed pretty hard the first time I saw it. And I mentioned it to a friend who decided he was interested in seeing it. So here ya go. It's funny to me how they used some of these moments. It's actually really well done.