Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Things

They might just be happening for us.

See, we're sick of this apartment. And our lease will be up very shortly. But not soon enough for us. We started looking at houses. Unfortunately not to buy, but to rent. But hello, it's a house! No shared walls, no shared parking, more space, a kitchen that's bigger than a postage stamp... definitely a step up from this place.

So the search really started last week. Made some calls, made some visits. We really liked one that we looked at. It was close to church for me, jiu jitsu for hubby. Not close to my mom, but close to my father-in-law. It was definitely on the "like" list.

After a few failures, we knew we should call back. So hubby did. The owner said that another family had filled out an application and was waiting for approval. She would call us either way.

So I was disappointed, sure we wouldn't find anything else we liked. Because I'm apparently a bit of a pessimist. We went and looked at one yesterday afternoon. A friend of ours used to live in the area. We knew we liked it. We pulled up... and I loved it. It has black trim. I don't know why that gets me, but it does. Then we went in. And I fell further in love. The kitchen is wonderful. The rooms are a decent size. Not huge, but big bedrooms are rare these days (at least out here they are). There's a decent back yard. A fireplace. High ceilings. Three car garage. I'm sold.

So hubby asked for an application. Owner said he would email us today. We heard from him last night. And he mentioned that he would knock $500 off the first month's rent AS WELL as $500 of the deposit. SCORE! We're faxing him our application ASAP. And unless someone swoops in before we can do that, I think it will be ours.

I'm so stoked about this! We're not even buying but I feel so awesome! I'll be able to have people over without feeling crowded! I'll have room in my kitchen for everything! I'll have a place for my mom's sewing machine!

So cross your fingers for us and hope that we get it. I'll be UNBELIEVABLY happy if we do.

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MalContent said...

Fingers definitely crossed. Also toes. And eyes. Just for good measure.