Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Coolness

Good thing a lot of you didn't work today, because I totally forgot about putting something up this morning! Yesterday was a busy day. I cleaned, cooked, went to my grandma's, cleaned, and cooked some more! But it was worth it. Hubby and I had a nice Valentine's dinner.

So for your weekly coolness, here are some snow pictures from winter camp.

That is the PILE of snow on top of my head that accumulated while I played with my cabin girls. Because it was snowing a lot. Wanna see?

Yes. Giant movie snowflakes. It was amazing. And so fun! I had never actually been at the snow WHILE it's snowing. I loved it.

I took shelter under a tree here because the snow kinda tried to get my camera wet. All that snow on the trees? It wasn't there when we got in Friday night. It snowed for a good six hours. It was amazing.

So enjoy your Monday people, whether you're at work or lucky enough to have a day off.

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