Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Coolness

This might be my favorite Monday Coolness post ever. Including future ones. THAT'S how cool it is.

So as I've mentioned I read a TON of blogs. One of the many is a blog called Jen Loves Kev. Written by Jen, it's full of fun things like outfit posts, weekend recaps, and even some personal posts. All it takes is a few posts where Jen talks about Kev and you know that they are an adorable couple who is totally in love.

Well, for Valentine's Day, Kev created a video for Jen that wasn't just any video. It was the start of a new project to "share the love." With everyone. Kev created a site Right now what you'll find is a flyer available for download. Print it, write your love's name on it (or don't) and take pictures! Leave flyers in public places. Do exactly what Jen and Kev are hoping to do and share the love.

I love this idea and you HAVE to go watch her video that Kev made. Her post also talks a little more about their project. I teared up. So ladies, you might want a tissue depending on your sensitivity level today.

So go forth and share the love!

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