Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I'm influenced by the upcoming holiday this week. So these are things I totally wouldn't mind getting. If hubby and I were getting gifts this year. Which we're not. But I can totally look at these and dream. Once again, everything was found on Etsy.

These pillows are pretty cute. I'm not too thrilled with the price, but I'm pretty sure I could make them if I still want them next year. (via SofaGarden)

I love this necklace. I love the color combo. And I'm pretty sure I'd wear it all the time. (via verarodrigues)

This is a cute, non-cheesy Valentine's Day shirt. I don't think I own any shirts tied to this particular holiday. But I'd start a collection with this one. (via ShamefulTees)

Seeing as how I use that symbol all the time, I think I need this one. (via metalsmitten)

I'm also one of those weirdos that likes conversation hearts (hubby hates them and just admitted to it this year). So these necklaces are perfect to me also. (via minasyani)

And I picked this because it's adorable. I have a thing about birds. And it's pink, so it fits in with the holiday, right? And it's a cupcake pedestal!!! I think it would have to be on my counter all the time. (via whitneysmith)

Don't be surprised if you start seeing some house stuff on the list next week. There's plenty out there that I would love to have if we had the dinero.

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