Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 12 Girls

Everything is done with and we're on to the Top 24! Girls get their turn tonight. I don't think I have any favorites yet. So I guess I shall see what happens tonight.

Side note: LOVING Ellen so far. But she pretty much rocks anyway and I was stoked when I heard that she was filling Paula's seat.

Anywho, let's get on with the singing.

Paige Miles: I don't even remember her from auditions and Hollywood. And hubby just said the same thing. She's singing "All Right Now" by Free. She's good, but I don't love it. And it's just a weird song choice to me. Okay, Simon is saying he didn't love the song either. But he loves her voice. Kara loved it. Randy liked her, but isn't sure about song choice either. Ellen liked her. OMG, she just said she's sewn into her outfit and has had to pee for five hours. SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. Oddly enough, I like her a little more for saying she has to pee on live television. That's totally something I would say.

**Glee commercial! I can't wait!!!

Ashley Rodriguez: I really only remember her because of her name. She's singing "Happy" by Leona Lewis. I don't know the song so I'm not sure how it's supposed to sound. She's good, but there are parts I'm not sure about. That could totally be because I don't know the song at all. No clue. Kara babbled, but I think she said she liked her. Randy kind of rambled too. Ellen's agreeing with them. They're pretty much asking her to take more risks with her song choices. Simon didn't like it.

**Not gonna lie, I'm kinda loving these weird Old Spice commercials. They're about as random as I am.

Janell Wheeler: I really liked her in Hollywood. She's doing "What About Love" by Heart. I don't love it. I think it was just a bad choice for her. Randy didn't love the choice either because it didn't really work for her voice. Ellen loved it. Simon liked moments in her performance, but not the whole thing. Kara called the song "too big." Can I start a drinking game now for every time she says a song is "too big" for someone.

Lilly Scott: Gotta say it... her hair bugs me. The weird white-greyishness is freakin' me out. She's singing "Fixing A Hole" by The Beatles. She's kind of reminding me of Megan Joy from... last season? She's different and I can see where she could be popular. Ellen is way excited for her. Simon loved her, but isn't "feeling star power." Kara called her "believable" (that might be another word for the drinking game). And she liked her. Randy loved that she'd kind of "indie."

Katelyn Epperly: I've liked her so far. She's cute too. She's singing "Oh Darling" by The Beatles. I LOVE this song. She sounds good. She might be my favorite so far. Of course the song choice helps. Simon likes her, but didn't like everything about the song. Kara gave me another drinking game phrase. Oh, and she liked her, but not the makeover. Randy liked her. Ellen liked her.

Haeley Vaughn: I like her. She's cute and she's pretty good. She's doing "I Wanna Hold YOur Hand" by The Beatles. Popular band tonight. Okay, I really like her version which is a SHOCK if you know me. I'm harsh when people sing anything by The Beatles. She's not perfect, but I really like her. Kara talked a lot and maybe liked her? I'm not sure. Randy said pretty much the same I think. Ellen said she "shines." And she enjoyed it. Simon called it "verging on terrible." Um, huh?

Lacey Brown: If my hair was straight, I'd totally cut my hair like hers. SO cute. She's singing "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. Ack! Another one that I love. I don't love it. She has good parts, but overall I'm not feelin' it. Randy didn't think it was the right song. Ellen didn't love it either. She said she thinks she's better than that. Simon called it indulgent and obviously did NOT like it. Kara didn't like the song choice either.

Michelle Delamor: She's another one I've liked so far. She picked "Falling" by Alicia Keys. She's good, but no better than the original song. Although that is a tough song. Ellen loved it. Simon liked it, but wasn't wowed. Kara blessed me with another drinking phrase. 'Nuf said. Randy liked it, but wants her to take risks.

Didi Benami: I only remember her because she sang a song Kara wrote. She's singing "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. OH! I actually know it! haha Wasn't even aware I knew it until she started singing it. I actually really like this one. And she sounds really good. The song is totally perfect for her voice. Simon called her indulgent too. But he still likes her and her voice. Kara liked her. Randy said he's missing the "star factor." Ellen liked it.

Siobhan Magnus: I remember her because her name is spelled weird. She's singing "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. I die at this because hubby has actually sung this badly around the house for me. And I mock him for enjoying Chris Isaak. Anyway, she can totally hit the high notes. I think hubby is even impressed. Kara liked her. Randy liked her, but kind of wanted a bigger song. Ellen loved it. She pretty much gushed. Simon liked it, but didn't love it.

Crystal Bowersox: She's singing "Hand in My Pocket" by Alanis Morissette. Meh. Props because she can do the whole guitar and harmonica thing, but the song isn't making me excited.
Randy liked her, but isn't sure about her song choice. Ellen said she's a fan. Simon said she was good, but said it didn't stop him in his tracks. Kara rambled, but said she liked her.

Katie Stevens: She's singing "Feelin' Good" and she better kill it if she's gonna sing something by Michael Buble. She's good. She sounds so much older than she actually is. Not in a good way either. The performance feels old. Ellen felt like it was conservative and wants her to be more current. Seeing as how she's only seventeen. Simon totally agrees. He called it "pageanty." Kara liked her, but said she didn't kill the performance. Randy liked her too, and pretty much agreed with everyone.

I don't know about who'll be in the bottom on Thursday. Ashley, Paige and Lacey were the least memorable for me. Although Crystal didn't do a whole lot to stand out either. Hubby didn't really care for Lacey or Crystal (although part of that could be the dreadlocks).

Be back tomorrow with the boys. Can't wait for ANDREW!!!

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