Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol - Elimination

So I saw one of the girls coming. The other surprised me a little.

Girls: Ashley left, which I guessed she might. So did Janell. Not upsetting to me.

Boys: Joe was the first. He was standing with Tim and I was POSITIVE that Tim would be the one leaving. He was baaad last night. Even he looked shocked when Joe went home instead. Second to go home was Tyler. He was one of my guesses.

Did Alex Lambert cuss when he found out he was staying? My sound went out twice so I just wanted to see if that was him cussing or my horrible service.

Also, I can obviously never expect hubby to listen to Kris Allen. He talked a whole lot of smack while he was on. I shushed him.

So next week we'll ditch four more. Maybe my predictions will be better...

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