Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American Idol - Top 9

Hello Idol. And hello Phillip. *sigh* I love him. LOVE him. Sexy beast.

Oh, sorry about that. Having an inappropriate moment. But that boy... *whew* he just does things for me!

Oh whatev Ryan. Quoting Hunger Games? Not cute... so tonight's theme is the idols of our contestants. Anyone else tired of Tommy Hilfiger styling them? I feel like he's boring. BUT Stevie Nicks is our mentor!! She's amazing.

Colton is first... OMGOMGOMG COLTON IS SINGING LIFEHOUSE. I shrieked when he said that. My mom texted me just to ask if I saw him. Melting. Into a puddle. I have an ex who used to sing this. Plus I saw Lifehouse live. So I have standards. And seriously... I'm rambling and sounding ridiculous but this boy... oh my. I turned my phone off so I wouldn't be interrupted because I had two people texting me and it was just too distracting. Steven called him a dream come true. Yes. Yes. YES.

Awwww Colton... seriously. Killing me. KILLING me.

Skylar had to take my moment away. No surprise that she likes Miranda Lambert... I find both of them obnoxious so it makes sense. I'm tempted to fast forward... but I guess I won't.

*tangent to distract me during a song I don't enjoy... I posted a video of Phillip on my FB and my buddy who is NOT into Idol at all watched it... and was impressed. The power of Phillip...

Oh yeah... so Skylar. She sounded like I expected? She didn't mess up? Husband called it karaoke. The judges like her... I don't get it. I just don't.

First trio of the night is Colton, Elise and Phillip AND THEY ARE SINGING FLEETWOOD MAC. Thank you for the cleanse after Skylar. Perfection. My husband and brother in law may or may not be thinking I'm losing my mind. I'm screeching, swooning, and squealing.

Heejun is up next. Singing Donny Hathaway. His voice still surprises me. Like really. He sounded REALLY GOOD tonight. Steven told him he doesn't even know how good he is.

*aside... Stevie Nicks is AMAZING! I love her!

Hollie is doing Carrie Underwood. I can see her doing that. She has the pipes. Is it just me or does she get the smoky stage effect every week? Brother said it's because she has "that angel thing going." Yup, she rocks it. I love how tiny she is with her giant voice. It's cute. She'd be perfect for my brother. Because I picture my brother with a little petite girl. And she can sing. And he likes to play music. Maybe I should work on that...

*tangent... in case you haven't noticed, I don't care what the judges say tonight. It may be my new thing.

DeAndre (a.k.a. Hairography) is next. He's singing Eric Benet, which I can totally see fitting. Yup. It works for him. Like. Standing o from the judges. Brother said it was boring. But he's a boy and I'm pretty sure he's not the target audience.

Jessica is taking on Beyonce. Brother is a fan of her... which if you know him is no surprise. He's trying to predict her as the winner, but I'm trying to let him know that girls just don't win recently. Especially when we have options like Phillip and Colton... drroooool. But wow... if you don't look up she almost sounds like Beyonce. Good call on her part. Even husband commented... and he hasn't done much except roll his eyes at all my girlishness.

Oh... medley of Michael Jackson for DeAndre, Heejun, and Joshua. Heejun is adorable in his fedora. Haha, he's fedorable. I think DeAndre and Heejun are strongest here. I just don't think it fits Joshua.

PHILLIP!!!!! Stevie Nicks said she thinks he's going to be famous and she said if he had been around back in the days of Fleetwood Mac he would have been asked to join. And she called him gorgeous. I agree. Good call woman. Anyway he's singing Johnny Lange. And being Phillip. He's so adorable it kills me! I could listen to him forever. But again... I have a ridiculous weakness for guitar players. Brother is a fan too. I knew I let him live with us for a reason.

Joshua picked Mariah Carey. Interesting, but I can see him doing it. Brother just asked what was with the dead trees on stage. Without missing a beat husband responded, "Cuz they can't live." Do you see what I live with??? I should charge admission to their ridiculousness. Anyway, back to Joshua... I was right. Good choice. He totally pulls it off. Even the boys here liked him... even if they try to say otherwise.

Last trio is doing Madonna. Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica. Jessica nails it right away. And Hollie. Again... not a Skylar fan. No one here is. But we're all loving Hollie and Jessica. Plus, Skylar's outfit is not doing her any favors. Jeez I sound catty... but I'm just throwin' it out there.

Elise is doing Led Zeppelin!!!! LEGIT. Stevie Nicks even said that Robert Plant would be proud. They even sang together for funsies! So cute. Whoa. Whoa. Such a good choice. She's just meant for this style. Love her. Daaaaamn. That is all. No other words without gushing.

Damn. Like really. I can't get over that. She was awesome!!!

Okay, so... bottom three? They were too good. I dunno. But here goes...
  1. Skylar (wishful thinking)
  2. DeAndre (people may have been bored)
  3. Hollie (I just get a feeling)
I just don't know. I do know that I wish Phillip would walk into my living room and sing to me. *sigh* Maybe if I swoon enough husband will be motivated to pick up his guitar...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Manicure

What whaaaaat...

I have a manicure for ya. And I love it.

The picture could probably be a bit better, but it is what it is. I did a gradient/ombre color job then stamped over it with my Konad plate and black polish. I'm kind of in love. But it's chipping like a beast on the tips. Probably because my nails are too long... hmmmmm.

I'm ready for Friday. Is that bad? Because next week is SPRING BREEEEEAK!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I get home from church...

American Idol is not recording.

Seriously. Comcast had to resend a signal today because of an equipment issue (NO SURPRISE THERE JERKS!) and apparently it erased my programmed recordings.


So I'm off to attempt to find performances online. Probably only Phillip. And so there won't be a blog. Because really... no.

Have a manicure, since I never got around to posting it this week...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Idol - Top 12...

So unless you don't follow anything at all on the internet, you were aware coming into tonight that something happened with Jermaine.

ANDOHMYGOD the contestants are singing songs from their birth year... the years range from 1983 to 1995. WHAT??????? I had to take a moment and pause I felt so old. Yuck.

Phillip is up first... let's just get the swooning out of the way. And he was the sweetest looking little baby. He sang "Hard to Handle" and I felt old when I found myself thinking that the song isn't too old. He nailed it. I'm still in love. Madly in love. The judges are too.

Jessica next, born in 1995. Jeez. I was in junior high already! She chose "Turn the Beat Around." Word of the night comes from "swaggernaut." haha I dare y'all to use it tomorrow. I don't love her performance. The verses are a little manic. She sounds better on the chorus. But it didn't wow me. It's gotta suck being so awesome last week and having to meet those expectations again. No pressure!! Steven said the rhythm was "a little shady." Then he and Jennifer complimented her sparkly pants... as soon as you get an outfit compliment you know you weren't amazing.

Heejun is the bestest. His parents are goofy too and it's adorable. He picked "Right Here Waiting." I want to love the song because I love him so much, but it felt to breathy at the beginning. I was a little sad that I didn't love him as much as I normally do. Jennifer liked it by the end. Randy and Steven backed me up with the breathy sound. I knew I was smart...

Elise was saved by the judges last week when it came down to her and Jeremy. She's singing "Let's Stay Together." Of course they had to compare her with a certain president who sang it recently. I like her take. Mucho. I think it worked for her and she proved she should still be there. Steven gushed a bit. Jennifer said it was right on every single level. Randy was annoying. (Gosh, it didn't take me long to start tuning out Randy and calling him annoying, did it?)

Deandre's turn... born in 1994. He looks like daddy. He wanted a song from The Lion King. Jimmy and talked him out of it. And talked him into "Endless Love." Sorry, but that's a little snooze-worthy. Just sayin'. And he sounded good, but I was bored. Sorry. I miss the hairography right now. The judges agreed it wasn't a great choice. And Randy had a non-annoying moment when he agreed with me and called it boring.

Shannon is up. And I about hemorrhaged because SHE DIDN'T KNOW "DON'T SPEAK" BY NO DOUBT! Wow. Like... you're a baby. She ended up going with "One Sweet Day." I remember that one. I'm bored again. Maybe because I'm sleepy and ready for bed after doing NINE parent conferences and then going straight to church tonight... but I'm not feeling it. Jennifer said it was beautiful. Steven agreed. Randy name-dropped and I stopped listening to him.

**ASIDE: if this show wasn't on a school night I would already have my own official drinking game. Including Randy's name-dropping. SO predictable.

Oh hey Colton... what's up baby? I died a bit... because there's a picture of him WITH CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!! *double swoon* He picked "Broken Heart." And he was told to make it hard rock. Yes please. Aaaaand... I love it. It's like a little concert. I want to be at that concert. When he leaves the show and opens for Daughtry I'll be there screaming like a pubescent girl. Jennifer said the beginning made her think, "Colton's a lover." I sighed. She's crushing a little too. She pointed out that he looks pretty when he sings. Steven didn't like it... WHAT?!?! I can't believe it!!! I actually listened to Randy and I'm happy that he liked him.

Erika is picking "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. Just from practice I think it's a perfect choice. I enjoy her. She has a big voice and it seems kind of effortless. Steven was... undecided? But said he still loves her voice. Jennifer was unsure of the arrangement. THANK YOU Randy. At least he said he liked it. But then he kinda criticized and I'm so confused.

So here's our big "reveal." We all knew it was Jermaine going home. He had FOUR active warrants out. And apparently that wasn't the point as much as him being dishonest about it. So of course they show him at Tuesday's rehearsal nailing his song. I just shrieked! It's the song from "American Tale!" I'm giggling.

Skylar was apparently a psychotic child... and she's singing "Love Sneakin' Up On You." I feel like she's predictable. It doesn't help that I already don't enjoy her. She gets on my nerves. The judges like her. Meh.

It's time for Joshua! He's singing "When a Man Loves a Woman." I'm liking. I like him a lot. I also like that Ryan brought a ginormous tub crawdads (or crawfish as Joshua calls them) and my whole living room was a wee bit jealous. Judges are standing, Jennifer is jumping up and down... well done.

Hollie is going to sing Celine... "Power of Love." For half a second I was doing the math to see if she was possibly young enough to do the song from Titanic. She nailed it. Eric wowed. Judges loved her.

Soooooo... tomorrow we'll have a normal bottom three? I'm assuming. Here's my bottom three prediction:
  1. Heejun
  2. Shannon
  3. Deandre
Just a guess. Now I'm off to bed. I'm faaaaar too tired for this. Except I'm not too tired to squeal when Ryan said Chris Daughtry will be on the results show tomorrow!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Things

OHMYGOODNESS. Still not feeling totally recovered. I came home from work yesterday and took a three hour nap. No judging. Wait until you hear the breakdown of my weekend. I posted it on Facebook Sunday...

From Friday night to Sunday morning I spent 19 hours in high heels (like, the 4 inchers), 22 hours with the seester, three bars, one couch guest, and nine hours of sleep at night. I threw in a couple short naps for good measure. *whew* The sleep is what is still killing me. We got in at three in the morning once, then five in the morning the next day. That time change screwed us up there...

So what did I DO? Well lemme tell ya...

Five Things I Did This Weekend
  1. Celebrated mommy's birthday! Went to dinner and hung out a bit.
  2. Shopping with the sister. No major damage, just a couple cute little things.
  3. Met a lacrosse team. This was only unique because I have never met anyone who plays lacrosse. Cool people too. And funny.
  4. Met a super white guy with the most Hispanic last name ever. I obviously won't post it here, because what kind of creeper would I be telling you some random stranger's name? Just trust me, we didn't believe it was his name at first.
  5. People watching. People watching so hard. This is what we do at bars. I actually became famous among the people we were hanging out with for my people watching skills. They told me it was one of the fun parts of their night. If you want to be entertained, take me to Tower on a Friday or Saturday night. Or both. Just don't keep me out late.
Now in case you're wondering, husband is fine with me going out. Because he does this absolutely insane thing that apparently very few people have heard of... he TRUSTS me. OMG shocking! Or it would seem that way when people ask why I'm not out with my husband. His sis and I are super close and have each other's backs. We're good.

This weekend? Much less festivities. Maybe trying to cheer up a newly single friend. Guess we'll have to see.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Manicure

Hard to see... but there's plaid there. A really light, really fine plaid. I bought stamping plates which are the BEST THING EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but they're pretty freakin' awesome.

I'm not playing today. I'm a zombie. Super fun weekend. But I didn't get enough sleep to function. So... yeah. You can hear about it if you show tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol - Top 13

Gotta start with... Jennifer shouldn't wear an unflattering white onesie-pantsuit-thing. Not her best look.

So hello there! The girls are singing Whitney Houston tonight, the guys are singing Stevie Wonder. I have a feeling Jessica will pull off Whitney best. When everyone was introduced I totally gave a little squeak for Phillip. He just makes me sigh. In such a happy way.

So tonight is a bit different. They're going to reveal the lowest guy and the lowest girl tomorrow night... then the judges will pick who goes home. Ooooh... aaaah. The suspense!

So let's start...

Joshua is singing "I Wish." I liked him. His hopping was a little distracting at times, but he was on. Randy loved him. Jennifer wanted to punch him again... not really, she giggled about it. Steven said he keeps getting better and better.

Elise came next with "Greatest Love of All." Well, she wanted to anyway. Jimmy convinced her to change to "I'm Your Baby Tonight." I like it. Not sure I love it. She's been better, that's for sure. She definitely nailed the end though. That kinda sold me right there. Eric popped up with a comment about her being good. Jennifer said it wasn't her best. Steven didn't think the song was right for her particular voice. Randy pretty much echoed the other two.

ASIDE: What in the name of God is on Randy's jacket?? Honestly. Oh! And the fur collar! Oh Randy... can I call Stacy and Clinton on you?

Jermaine chose "Knocks Me Off My Feet." He's good. And I get that his deep voice is unusual and intriguing. But he's boring to me. I need to you get my attention. Steven said the song "fit him like an Armani suit." Love the analogy. Jennifer liked him, but wants him to "connect" more. Randy didn't love all of it, but he still likes him.

Erika is singing "I Believe in You and Me." I enjoy her. Very much. And I have to say she's lookin' good tonight. We only had good things to say in my house. I liked her a lot. Randy loved her. Jennifer got her "goosies." Steven loved her.

Colton is doing "Lately." Oh Colton... with your skinny legs and crazy hair. You're adorable. I am thoroughly enjoying him. Hubby said he sounds mumbly. OH final note killed me. Let me pick myself up off the floor... Steven told him he was outstanding. Jennifer thought he was great. Randy got booed for a minute because he didn't swoon over him. Then he said he was flawless by the end.

Shannon, or as I may start calling her, Ginormica (I mean that in the nicest way possible), picked "I Have Nothing." I like this song. I really want to find her perfect, but she's not. Eric and I are discussing the few rough patches we've heard. OUCH. There was particularly bad one. A for effort, but poor baby didn't kill it. Jennifer told her she needed to relax more because she knows she can do it. Steven blamed her nerves. Randy reiterated what the others said.

ASIDE: I just noticed Steven's mic has a scarf tied around it. Winning. Love that man. Also, I'm dying laughing at how short Ryan is next to Shannon. The jokes are flying over here.

Deandre is still adorable and he's singing "Master Blaster." I don't know this at all. But Deandre is rockin' out and enjoying himself on stage. Which I love. Eric said he reminds him of a mix between Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley. I liked him A LOT. Good performance. Steven loved him. Jennifer gushed. Randy loved that he showed another side of himself tonight.

Skylar picked "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" Eric just watched her practice session and said she can't be an American Idol because she's not hot enough. These are the realtime conversations in my house. This song got decidedly country with her voice. There's even some steel guitar in there. She sounds good and all. But hubby just said she's no Carrie Underwood. I agree. Jennifer said it wasn't all perfect, but she liked it. Steven liked it. Randy agreed with the others that she was stronger by the end.

Heejun is HILARIOUS. I lurve him. He's singing "All In Love is Fair." I enjoy him. He's so surprising! I want him to be my best friend. Jennifer told him she loves him. Steven gushed a little. Randy said it wasn't perfect but it was "reeeeally good."

Hollie is singing "All the Man I Need." She made Eric wow. She's so bitty but she's so good! I liked her. Possibly best of the girls so far. Randy said she nailed it. Jennifer gushed. Steven loved it.

Jeremy chose "Ribbon in the Sky." I'm sitting here talkin' him up to Eric. I liked him. He's good. Steven enjoyed him. Jennifer said it was beautiful. Randy thought it wasn't his best. I kinda agree, but I still liked him.

Jessica could have won me a bet if I had put money on her. She's going with "I Will Always Love You." I so knew she was going to. Sorry for the language but HOLY SHIT. Jennifer was crying. Our house was silent which DOES NOT HAPPEN. I got goosebumps. The judges do not even matter right now. They loved her, blah, blah...

ASIDE: I love how Eric is SO into this now that he lives here. I'm loving this. I have him watching so many shows.

Phillip Phillips!!!! AAAUGHHHH!!!! Die and come back to life and die again from love. He's singing "Superstitious" which is probably my favorite Stevie Wonder song. I feel like he sounds like Dave Matthews would sound if he covered this song. I just love this boy to pieces. Jennifer was making some serious bedroom eyes at him. The judges loved him, as they should. Give this boy a contract now and let me have concert tickets. My friend Kristie and I are starting a fan club. I am in lurrrrve!

Alright, my tops are obviously Phillip and Jessica. Hubby likes Phillip and Jessica. Eric likes Hollie and Jessica. My bottom two are Shannon and Elise (I like them, but they were weak). Hubby isn't playing. Eric said Deandre and Shannon.

Soooo tomorrow. We'll get a bottom two. I'm voting. And I'll report back tomorrow to see who goes home.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Manicure

Keepin' it simple this week. Grey with a bunch of criss crossy stripes. Wasn't feeling too inspired by anything in particular.

Four weeks to spring break. Not that I'm counting. I have plenty to do before then. Theme night at church this week. Conferences next week. Hubby's birthday. Baking for a wedding. I will be so ready for break when it gets here!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Idol - Official Top 13

Why is Jennifer wearing a sparkly paper sack tonight? Um...

So I'll be honest and confess that I just went ahead and read the spoilers to find out who's staying before I even watched. Results always feel like they take too long. And I was in a mood so I just decided, "Go for it!"

I'm so happy I have friends at work who watch this. It makes it so fun!

So let's do this. America voted in ten finalists. From those the judges will pick three more "wild cards."

Guys are up first. I have to throw out the best comment in a write up I read this week. Chase looks like Robert Pattinson and Brenden Fraser had a baby. I just paused so hubby could look. Go find a pic. For reals. You won't be able to unsee it.

Hey, um... why did we have to bring in Jimmy already? I can't stand that guy! Although he did say he would sign Phillip RIGHT NOW. And I love that.

I'm not even nervous because I know who's going through. I am gloating though. And squealing in anticipation. I do still feel bad for Jeremy. He's so good. Aaaand IT'S PHILLIIIIIPPPPP!!!! Pink sparkly hearts everywhere!!!!

Girls up... no sympathy for Brielle here. Not a fan. And poor Hallie looks so giant next to tiny Jessica and Hollie. Happy that the two of them made it.

Commercial. Candy break. Texting with my friend Kristie (hey girrrl!!! Shout out! haha)

Boys again. I loathe Jimmy more for disliking Heejun. You leave my boy alone! AHAHAHA!!! Heejun busted him by answering Ryan's question about Jimmy with... "Who's that?" I died. And applauded. So going through... Joshua and Heejun! Yay-yuh!!! I really wasn't sure Heejun would make it, but I'm glad he did. He is so far from boring. Also, pretty sure he and my Phil have a bromance going on.

Girls' turn. Shannon is such a giant. A pretty giant, but a giant. Baylie's dress is fab. I want it. But I guess I should get to the important stuff. Shannon and Skylar are through. Let's be honest here, I want Skylar to leave. She bugs. Just sayin'.

Boys again. Jimmy being obnoxious again. I think people hate Jimmy so anyone he hates they'll love. I think this particular group was pretty messed up. Why call up three guys that aren't even in the top 10? Ouch.

Ladies... and Elise is through. I liked her, but I'm a little irritated she's been sitting through this whole episode looking depressed. At least fake positivity.

Lots of screams for Colton... I approve. ;) Deandre's hair also stole the show right now. And Colton is through. More hearts and unicorns. lol And then the last spot goes to Jermaine. Which honestly surprised me because I thought Eben would have the Bieber factor going for him.

So now six contestants get a chance for wild card. Basically, sing for your life. The judges chose...
  • Jen Hirsh - She chose "Oh Darlin'" which I LOVE. Great song. She started a little tame and had me worried, but then she went for it and I enjoyed myself. 
  • Jeremy Rosado - I couldn't hear what he said he was singing. LOOK AT JENNIFER LOOK AT HIM. She wants to squeeze him. So do I. The kid has a voice and I love him. And he cried!!! Werk it Jeremy! America loves you right now. Myself and my BFF Jennifer included.
  • Brielle Von Hugel - Attacking Ryan with your overzealous hug is probably not the way to go. She sounds pretty good, but then the camera went to Phil and I pretty much blocked out everything else and saw hearts and rainbows and puppies. I also wish they would quit showing momager. I might like Brielle more without her in the camera every other minute. Ouch... the judges are pretty brutal.
  • Deandre Brackensick - My friend and I were discussing how he is just a swoon-worthy young man. And I confessed that I feel too old and inappropriate and cougar-ish for loving these young boys. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM? Boy has some serious hairography! Plus that voice... he's a yes. Please.
  • Erika Van Pelt - She picked Lady Gaga which is usually enough to turn me off... but she's good. I totally forgive her. She's totally real and passionate and I truly enjoy her.
  • Reed Grimm - He's so weird. In a fun way. Hey Reed, can you come sing at my next party??? He wears me out just watching him all over that stage.
So moment of truth... the three wild cards are... Erika, Jeremy (who promptly dropped to his knees and made me and my girl Jennifer tear up), and Deandre.

So our top 13 is:
  1. Phillip Phillips
  2. Jessica Sanchez
  3. Hollie Cavanaugh
  4. Joshua Ledet
  5. Heejun Han
  6. Shannon Magrane
  7. Skylar Laine
  8. Elise Testone
  9. Colton Dixon
  10. Jermaine Jones
  11. Erika Van Pelt
  12. Jeremy Rosado
  13. Deandre Brackensick
A'ight. Off to gush about Phil. Thank goodness I have a husband who lets me gush and be a nerd. :) Next week they're doing a tribute to Whitney. Shall we place bets on who's singing the song from The Bodyguard?