Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Idol - Top 12...

So unless you don't follow anything at all on the internet, you were aware coming into tonight that something happened with Jermaine.

ANDOHMYGOD the contestants are singing songs from their birth year... the years range from 1983 to 1995. WHAT??????? I had to take a moment and pause I felt so old. Yuck.

Phillip is up first... let's just get the swooning out of the way. And he was the sweetest looking little baby. He sang "Hard to Handle" and I felt old when I found myself thinking that the song isn't too old. He nailed it. I'm still in love. Madly in love. The judges are too.

Jessica next, born in 1995. Jeez. I was in junior high already! She chose "Turn the Beat Around." Word of the night comes from "swaggernaut." haha I dare y'all to use it tomorrow. I don't love her performance. The verses are a little manic. She sounds better on the chorus. But it didn't wow me. It's gotta suck being so awesome last week and having to meet those expectations again. No pressure!! Steven said the rhythm was "a little shady." Then he and Jennifer complimented her sparkly pants... as soon as you get an outfit compliment you know you weren't amazing.

Heejun is the bestest. His parents are goofy too and it's adorable. He picked "Right Here Waiting." I want to love the song because I love him so much, but it felt to breathy at the beginning. I was a little sad that I didn't love him as much as I normally do. Jennifer liked it by the end. Randy and Steven backed me up with the breathy sound. I knew I was smart...

Elise was saved by the judges last week when it came down to her and Jeremy. She's singing "Let's Stay Together." Of course they had to compare her with a certain president who sang it recently. I like her take. Mucho. I think it worked for her and she proved she should still be there. Steven gushed a bit. Jennifer said it was right on every single level. Randy was annoying. (Gosh, it didn't take me long to start tuning out Randy and calling him annoying, did it?)

Deandre's turn... born in 1994. He looks like daddy. He wanted a song from The Lion King. Jimmy and talked him out of it. And talked him into "Endless Love." Sorry, but that's a little snooze-worthy. Just sayin'. And he sounded good, but I was bored. Sorry. I miss the hairography right now. The judges agreed it wasn't a great choice. And Randy had a non-annoying moment when he agreed with me and called it boring.

Shannon is up. And I about hemorrhaged because SHE DIDN'T KNOW "DON'T SPEAK" BY NO DOUBT! Wow. Like... you're a baby. She ended up going with "One Sweet Day." I remember that one. I'm bored again. Maybe because I'm sleepy and ready for bed after doing NINE parent conferences and then going straight to church tonight... but I'm not feeling it. Jennifer said it was beautiful. Steven agreed. Randy name-dropped and I stopped listening to him.

**ASIDE: if this show wasn't on a school night I would already have my own official drinking game. Including Randy's name-dropping. SO predictable.

Oh hey Colton... what's up baby? I died a bit... because there's a picture of him WITH CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!! *double swoon* He picked "Broken Heart." And he was told to make it hard rock. Yes please. Aaaaand... I love it. It's like a little concert. I want to be at that concert. When he leaves the show and opens for Daughtry I'll be there screaming like a pubescent girl. Jennifer said the beginning made her think, "Colton's a lover." I sighed. She's crushing a little too. She pointed out that he looks pretty when he sings. Steven didn't like it... WHAT?!?! I can't believe it!!! I actually listened to Randy and I'm happy that he liked him.

Erika is picking "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. Just from practice I think it's a perfect choice. I enjoy her. She has a big voice and it seems kind of effortless. Steven was... undecided? But said he still loves her voice. Jennifer was unsure of the arrangement. THANK YOU Randy. At least he said he liked it. But then he kinda criticized and I'm so confused.

So here's our big "reveal." We all knew it was Jermaine going home. He had FOUR active warrants out. And apparently that wasn't the point as much as him being dishonest about it. So of course they show him at Tuesday's rehearsal nailing his song. I just shrieked! It's the song from "American Tale!" I'm giggling.

Skylar was apparently a psychotic child... and she's singing "Love Sneakin' Up On You." I feel like she's predictable. It doesn't help that I already don't enjoy her. She gets on my nerves. The judges like her. Meh.

It's time for Joshua! He's singing "When a Man Loves a Woman." I'm liking. I like him a lot. I also like that Ryan brought a ginormous tub crawdads (or crawfish as Joshua calls them) and my whole living room was a wee bit jealous. Judges are standing, Jennifer is jumping up and down... well done.

Hollie is going to sing Celine... "Power of Love." For half a second I was doing the math to see if she was possibly young enough to do the song from Titanic. She nailed it. Eric wowed. Judges loved her.

Soooooo... tomorrow we'll have a normal bottom three? I'm assuming. Here's my bottom three prediction:
  1. Heejun
  2. Shannon
  3. Deandre
Just a guess. Now I'm off to bed. I'm faaaaar too tired for this. Except I'm not too tired to squeal when Ryan said Chris Daughtry will be on the results show tomorrow!!!!!!

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