Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Not About the Burgers

Today is Memorial Day here in the States.

For kids it's day off of school.

For a lot of grown ups it's a day off of work.

For just about everyone it's the official kick-off day for summer. The perfect day to jump back in the pool, bust out the grill, and make some burgers.

I'm just here to remind everyone, it's not about the burgers.

Today is a day to think about our war veterans. Specifically to remember those who died to give us many of the rights and freedoms we have at the moment. There are plenty of people who don't support war in general. There are plenty of people who don't support our troops. I'm not one of those. I rarely get political/religious/personal on here, but days like today earn it.

I stand behind every one of my family, friends, and acquaintances who are in the military. If someone gets sent overseas, I'm praying for their safe return. If any of their loved ones needed help with something while they were gone, I would offer it up. Isn't that the least anyone can do for someone who is putting their life on the line for the country we live in? For you personally?

So take just a minute today to appreciate what we have, and the men and women who fought to make it this way. Even if you don't know anyone personally, just think about it. I'm not asking you to go to a cemetery, or a memorial, or anything out of the normal day. Just stop and think. And give a silent (or loud) thanks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Photo - Special Edition!

So you've been getting my photo edits lately. And I've been getting some good feedback. Mostly from my mom, but feedback is feedback!

So today I thought I would show you a before and after edit. Plus something else special to me.

I took this one in my mom's backyard Sunday. It's in her veggie garden.

Here it is brightened up a bit and with a little more color saturation.

Now, my little manlet was also at mom's Sunday. And he LOVES taking pictures, whether it's with my camera or my phone. So he went out and got this one (he actually got this one before I copied his shot).

And here's his brightened up and more saturated.

I think I may be raising a little photographer. :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


They look like they're just riveted by my mad piping skills.

They're totally not. They have other motives for sitting on the counter and watching me.

FROSTING!!!! (yup, straight from the piping bag)

And you know what comes next?

These are the things that boys do at my house.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Ahh the return of the list. Have I ever told you guys how hard it is to think of something sometimes? Yeah, this was one of those weeks.

Now let's get something straight here. Yes, this list is full of baby things. NO, I am not pregnant. Not planning on getting pregnant either. But I know at least four friends who are pregnant, so it's easy to get baby on the brain around here.

So today, I thought I'd get some of the baby thoughts out of my system and find some cute onesies. Some I wouldn't mind owning (okay, ALL of them) when I have my own. One day. In the far, FAR future.

(In case you couldn't guess, everything today is from Etsy.)

Love this movie. Need this onesie for a child one day. (via HCAMOM1)

I love the saying. Rachel, you might just need this one my dear. (via ToadsnTiaras)

Love this one too. Rachel, are you ordering yet?? (via eggagogo)

Classic. And perfect since Tim and I were children in the 80's. (via HutchMe)

Not gonna lie, I squealed over this. SQUEALED. I'm seriously considering this one for my cousin. We loved NKOTB together and she just so happens to be having a girl later this year. (via babycakesanddecor)

We wants it. 'Nuf said. (via BABYWOOD)

Loooove. I have a thing for Legend of Zelda. (via eagleeyedesigns)

Since boys in general seem to be Star Wars fans, I think almost any dad would like this for his little one. (via BABYWOOD)

I had a t-shirt that said this for Tad. Sadly he's finally outgrown it. But I saved it for later use. Now a onesie would complete the collection. (via StyledStickz)

DYING! I kind of really want this one for my cousin too. We loved this movie growing up and listened to the soundtrack obsessively when I was visiting. (via WeROnsieful)

And I had to throw in a pleasantly geeky one. Because math humor just gets me every time. (via WeROnesieful)

There ya are, Rachel, if you're reading today I have to warn you of something. DON'T START BROWSING BABY ON ETSY! There are entirely too many cute things once you start browsing. You will want them all.

For those of you have care little for baby stuff, sorry. I'll try to shut my ovaries up next week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol - Final 2

Go Lee!!!!

Just had to get that out of my system. :) We're finally almost done. And I really don't see myself watching without Simon next year, but who knows.

Tonight is three songs. First is the contestant's favorite song, then the executive producer's choice, then the one that they'll sing if they win. Hopefully this year's winner song is better than last year's. I was NOT impressed last year.

So Lee is up first tonight. He picked "The Boxer" for his favorite tonight. Good choice. He won over a lot of people with this one the first time around. And he sounded great again. Randy said it was a great way to start off the night. Ellen said she couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself. Kara said he needed to "punch harder." Simon said he expected more passion and excitement.

Crystal picked "Me and Bobby McGee." I'm of course pretty "meh" about it. Smart choice for her though, her fans like when she sounds like that. Randy loved it. Ellen said she was compelling. Kara loved it. Simon said it brought him back to when they fell in love with her.

Lee is up again and Simon Fuller picked "Everybody Hurts." Pretty excellent song choice. It totally suits Lee. He didn't disappoint AT ALL. Randy said it was better than the first performance. Ellen said she wanted to see him get into it more. Kara said he was emotionally accessible. Simon said it was a brilliant song choice, but he feels like Lee is nervous.

Crystal got assigned "Black Velvet." Yeah, I can see the reasoning behind picking this one. She's good, but I swear I'm hearing some "off" moments. Hubby is remarking about the "sheeple" that have kept her in. And with that final scream-note, I can say I didn't love it. Randy said she's in it to win it. Ellen said it was fantastic. Kara said she went all out. Simon had an issue with the song because he's heard it done badly so much. But he said she nailed it.

**Okay, so I've been hitting other sites during the commercials. Apparently the skipped the decision to write a song for the winner and the contestants will sing a cover of something. Hmmm...**

Lee will get stuck with "Beautiful Day" if he wins. I'm surprised Bono got over himself enough to let someone cover one of his songs for their first single. Oh wait, my cattiness is coming out... so Lee... he sounds good. I wish they would have changed up the song just a little. Although his voice is definitely different enough from Bono's that it doesn't sound exactly the same. And I like Lee's version better. ;) Randy liked it. Ellen loved him and told him she's proud of him. Kara said he got swallowed up a little in the song. But then threw out that he's grown the most and he deserves to be there. Simon said he made the most of it and that Lee is what the competition was designed for. Yay Simon!

Crystal will sing "Up To The Mountain." Or she would if she won, which she won't. Was that evil? hee hee I don't even know this one, but it's sounding like a typical Crystal song. It's far better than her last two. Because at least she has to slow it down, which lessens the shout-notes. I still wouldn't buy an album of this though. Randy said that that performance is what the show is all about. Ellen said she's in a league of her own. Kara said she was emotionally invested. Um, Crystal is allowed to speak before Simon gives his input???? Lee didn't get a moment. Whatevs. Simon said it was the best performance of the night. And then threw out "outstanding."

Okay, so Crystal sounded the same as always tonight. And I'll fully admit that Lee didn't sound as strong as last week. That said, I still like him better. And I shall be voting for him. Let's hope it all works out.

Now I'm off to watch Glee. And hopefully enjoy it in spite of the Lady Gaga tunes. I'll have to listen to some brain cleansing music after the episode I imagine.

5 Things...

Oops. Kinda forgot to write this one earlier. Guess that's bound to happen when you haven't had to write daily for awhile. Oh well. Here ya go.

5 Things I Wish Would Go Away
  1. The funky tan lines on my back/shoulders. I've gone out and tanned a couple times and hubby thinks they're going away. I have two and a half weeks to get rid of them. (Hello strapless bridesmaid dress.)
  2. My sniffles. It's allergies, and I take my medicine, but there's still always something there to annoy me.
  3. Chuggington. The youngest nephew likes it, so I let him watch. But I don't enjoy it at all. Can't we have more Imagination Movers or something?
  4. Stress. I've been doing pretty good. Better than I was a few weeks ago. I'm trying to let things go, but it's hard because I'm a complete control freak. But I'm working on it.
  5. The ginormous weeds in my front yard! I don't know what they are, but they're weird. Kind of fuzzy and they get HUGE quickly. And to really get them out you have to dig at them, not just pull. It's really frustrating.
Sorry for the semi-venting. I've been tired. And my brain didn't have anything more exciting to write about.

Tomorrow I get back to wish lists. We're DONE with May birthdays now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

To my little brother, Nick!!!

This picture is what you get when it's after one in the morning, we're at the same party, and I leave my camera on the table while running to retrieve a Sharpie (yes, we drew on a guy who passed out).

My brother is pretty much awesome. He cracks me up. We enjoy (most of) the same things. Little things like shouting, "Danzig!!!" can give us endless amusement. He's going to be one of the coolest uncles ever once I have kids. He has light saber and Nerf battles with Tad. He lets Tad play his piano. Plus there's the fact that he's been in plenty of bands and I feel insanely proud every time I go watch him.

Maybe it's being so close in age (we're only seventeen months apart) or maybe it's that it was only the two of us growing up, but we're really close. He's always come to my defense (even when I didn't want him to). He's cheered me up when I needed it. He even went so far as to listen (or just pretend to) when I blabbed on and on in high school. He didn't throw a hissy fit when I dated his friends (sorry, brother). He's been a great brother.

So heeeey little brother (yeah, I saying that to you like on Scrubs), have an awesome birthday. Gimme a call and we'll take you up to the range sometime soon. Love you!


Okay, I knew going in that I wasn't ready for the Lost finale. I knew. I was discussing it with my mother and she was asking about the deaths that completely derailed me and I just KNEW I wasn't ready for this.

And holy cow, was it amazing!

I won't attempt a recap, or even my own two cents on the episode, because you can find those anywhere. And they'll probably be better thought out than my own would be.

I just have to say: I cried for a good portion of it. Like, easily forty minutes. Possibly more. Two rum and cokes did not help me relax. Terry O'Quinn is OUTSTANDING. The man needs an Emmy this year. I can also appreciate Michael Emerson a bit more now. I pink-puffy-heart Daniel Dae Kim. All these actors are now going to be referred to as their characters. Which is funny, because up until now hubby and I referred to Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel. And Dominic Monaghan has always been "Merry" to us (thanks LOTR). But now he'll forever be "Chah-lie."

Yes, we say it like Claire would. Hubby corrects me if I don't say it that way.

Seriously, I really don't know if there will ever be another show that can compare with this. AMAZINGNESS. And totally worth the puffy eyes and headache I've suffered.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My mother-in-law/other mother (yes, like Coraline), Chris!!

I think I posted this picture before. But it makes me laugh! How can I not post it for her birthday???

I'm trying to think of one good story about Chris. But it's hard. Because there are definitely weird moments from day to day. Like my first trip with her, but without hubby. We drove to Hollister with some of her sisters. THAT was an interesting trip (especially since hubby and I weren't even engaged yet). Or how the first time I met her I wasn't even ready to meet her. Hubby just decided to stop by her house on our way back home from a race. Because meeting your boyfriend's mom in jeans and a big college sweatshirt, little makeup, and a hot mess of a hair day is exactly what every girl wants to do, right?

But Chris always keeps things interesting. So happy birthday, Chris! Love you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Photo

Happy Friday!

Today I give you a very weird little boy.

Lego helmet + weird boy + Sharpie in my purse = little finger dude.

The things we do to entertain ourselves on the ride home...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My youngest niece, Willow!

This picture cracks me up. That's last Christmas. She finally started to like us enough that she smiles for pictures and even hugs us goodbye. Still won't let us babysit her but...

As I mentioned, Willow isn't really the most... friendly child. That might not even be the word for it. She just doesn't like people immediately. The first (and last!) time I babysat her, she cried. Didn't just cry - screamed. Crawled into her car seat and cried. Cried until she fell asleep. When she woke up she let me give her a snack, but if I looked at her... FORGET IT! It's funny now, but I told my sis that I wasn't watching her again.

But I'll sew for her. I love sewing for her. Little skirts and dresses are easy (and super adorable when you're used to boys!). Good thing she's cute.

Happy birthday, Willow! Love you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My cousin Dane!

I enjoy this picture of him beating up on our cousin. It's more fun than a nice picture. Because this kind of picture speaks volumes about a person.

It says that my cousin Dane enjoys torturing our younger cousins (much like I enjoy doing).

Dane grew up an hour away from me, so we weren't close as kids. But you know how growing up can make it that much easier to be closer? Yeah, that kind of happened. He's funny. Different kind of funny than my brother, but still funny. And his hairiness reminds me of Wolverine, which amuses me. Seriously, you should see him fluff that hair and wear his leather jacket around. It's awesome.

Happy birthday, Dane! Hope you spend it with some great friends. Love you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol - Top 3

Ahhh... almost done with this season. Likely the last season I'll be watching. And I just realized that this is the episode where everyone visits their hometown. Meaning a whoooole lot of time draaaaaging by. I'll be opening another tab and perusing other websites.

Oh yeah, the contestants sing two songs tonight. One is their choice and the other is picked by the judges.

And I should mention that Lee DeWyze is already a trending topic over on Twitter. This says great things for his performances tonight. I can't wait.

Casey is up first. His choice was "Okay, It's Alright With Me" by Eric Hutchinson. I like it. He sounds good, but not really anything new. I still enjoyed it. Randy said it was only alright for him. Ellen wished he would have "brought it." Kara said the song choice didn't work out for him because not many people even know the song. Simon compared it to a salad course at dinner (not substantial).

Crystal decided to go a totally predictable route and do "Come To My Window" by Melissa Ethridge. Sorry for the cynicism, but I'm not thrilled when she just sounds the same every week. Actually, she doesn't sound as good as normal. I never love her, but her voice doesn't sound as good tonight. Randy didn't love the arrangement, but liked her vocal. Ellen said it was a good song choice. Kara referred to Randy and Ellen as "the guys" again and distracted me from what she was saying. Simon said it wasn't the most stunning version they've ever heard, but he's glad she's never compromised herself as an artist.

Lee!!!!! Oops, was I showing some favoritism there? AND HE'S SINGING SKYNYRD!!!! He picked "Simple Man" which is pretty much one of my faves. I always turn this one up in the car. Um, I love him. Period. No more words needed. Randy loved the song choice and the confidence he showed. Ellen said he showed us that he's in it to win. Kara said he showed everything he's got and round one goes to him. Simon said it was "absolutely on the money." He also said he crushed the other two in round one. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Casey's turn again. Randy and Kara picked "Daughters" by John Mayer. LOVE that song so I'm totally hoping he can pull it off. Aaaand he totally is. He doesn't sound just like John Mayer which is fine with me (nothing against him, but you don't want an exact copy). I'd buy his version. Randy said it fit him like a glove. Ellen said it was beautiful and she loved it. Kara said it was the right choice. Simon liked it better than his first song, but the arrangement was kind of lazy.

Crystal is up again. Ellen picked "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney. I really hope she doesn't change it to the point that I want to hurt her. Her voice seems off to me again. I swear I'm not just being catty! But as she keeps going she sounds normal again. It's a whole lot better than her first performance. Props to Ellen for picking this song. Randy said it was great. Ellen said she couldn't have asked for more and it was exactly what she was hoping for. Kara said she really pushed and her risks paid off. Simon said it should put her through to the final week.

And now we finish with Lee. Simon picked "Hallelujah" by just about everyone. There is no way to lose with this song. It's amazing. Oh GOOD LORD. Best version ever. Seriously. Chills. He's amazing and needs to win. Randy said he just threw down the gauntlet FOR REAL. Biggest moment and unbelievable. Ellen said it was stunning. Kara said that he's what the show is all about and he just owned the entire night. Simon said he was proud and that he really hopes he makes it in next week.

Okay, easy picks for me tonight. Lee was BY FAR the best. Just based on tonight he should win. Can we skip the top two next week and just give it to him now??? And I'm pretty sure Casey will go home. Because I have a feeling Crystal has a bigger fan base.

Okay, off to enjoy Glee (with NPH!!!! And an Aerosmith song!!!!!) and vote for Lee until I can't feel my fingers.

5 Things...

Hubby and I have been watching the last couple seasons of Lost every chance we get. And now we're going to try and fly through this season on our DVR. By Sunday. It's actually been a little exhausting and not quite as helpful as we had hoped it would be. But it gave me some random thoughts related to the show. So this week, for possibly our final time...

5 Things About Lost
  1. I'm not too thrilled with the "explanation" of the light in last week's episode. I really hope that gets touched on a bit more. It just didn't make enough sense for me.
  2. Hubby decided that Hurley has made me cry more than any other character, and I guess it's true. I cried for him when Libby died. I cried when he found out Charlie died. Then I cried again when he had to tell Claire. I cried a couple weeks ago when he outright sobbed over the deaths in that episode. I even teared up when he was able to be happy with Libby in sideways world. I guess we'll see what happens with this final three and a half hours...
  3. Watching last season over again has only confirmed that I still can't stand Juliet. And I'm horrified that her and Sawyer might end up together in sideways world. Eeesh...
  4. I'm bothered by the fact that the Man in Black has no name. REALLY bothered.
  5. I can't decide if my favorite couple for the whole series would be Jin and Sun or Desmond and Penny. Not that that really matters, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
*sigh* I am SO not ready for tonight. The episode title may have caused a small brain hemorrhage. I'll have a box of tissues ready to go. And I'm DEFINITELY not ready for Sunday night. At all.

So, if any of my readers actually keep up with the show, what are you hoping to see in the last few hours? Any random thoughts you want to share?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh My

I just found my birthday cake for this year. Mom, hubby, anyone else who would contemplate buying me a cake, feel free to go for this one in seven months.

I'm not even kidding. This cake would make my life complete.

Monday Coolness

I was telling a friend about this video this weekend. I enjoy it immensely.

I do have issues with the fact that in the land of infomercials no one can do anything right.

Here's hoping you don't have issues with your everyday tasks today. Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My aunt Kathy!

She's the one smack-dab in the middle. Think my mom and her sisters resemble each other a bit?

I'm Kathy's baby. Seriously, just ask her. A guy I dated tried to tell her otherwise once and you should have seen the daggers that came out of her eyes at him. It's okay, she ran into him at his work after we broke up (he had been a massive jerk to me) and called him a loser. In front of his co-workers. Best aunt ever.

She was in high school when I was born so the age difference between us isn't ginormous. Maybe that's why we've always been close. I've been able to help her with her kids when she needed a nanny. And she's always been there for me. She's as much a friend as she is an aunt.

Happy birthday, aunt Kathy. I love you!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My aunt Glenda!

Here she is with Tad. She loves him. But who doesn't??

Glenda is my mom's sis. I don't know if you can see the resemblance here, but one of these days I'll post a picture from my wedding that will make you laugh at how alike we all look.

Aunt Glenda is probably the troublemaker of the four of them (if we had to pick one). There's a certain embarrassing story involving her and my mom that I used to win a radio contest once. And just this last Mother's Day she revealed more antics from her youth that we didn't know about. My youngest cousin was in tears she was laughing so hard. And don't ask me to reveal those stories - the only reason I got away with the radio contest one is because it was pretty anonymous.

Aunt Glenda's new thing is all this super active stuff. She doing runs with her kids and this summer she's all excited to go canoeing again. She's even trying to get all of us in on the canoeing. She's definitely up for everything and that's just one reason she's so much fun.

Happy birthday, aunt Glenda! Love you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photo

I swear these weeks are flying by. Every week when it comes time to post a photo I feel like I JUST did it.

This week you get another one I played with. I definitely think this one should go on my wall.

I don't know if you guys are getting tired of all my edits or not. But I have fun with them. This one is actually a picture from last year that I found and thought I'd mess with.

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday. I have birthday posts coming both days this weekend. May is kind of a crazy month for my family...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maybe A Little Obsessed...

So I have this application on my Facebook that I can use to keep track of the books I've read. A couple friends have it too so it's always interesting to see what my friends are reading. Especially since we came together because of a book group. But anyway...

I was updating it last night because I just finished a book and I realized something that made me laugh. I've read six books so far this year. All six of them have been vampire books.

Now, four of those are the Twilight series. The other two were from the House of Night series. So what's my next logical choice for reading material? My Sookie Stackhouse books of course. I wondered aloud to hubby if I could get away with reading solely vampire books this year. It would be pretty funny. I have eight books from this series. Depending on how busy I am, those could last me anywhere from four weeks to a couple months.

That's where I have a question for y'all. (And Claudia, you'll probably be most helpful here.) If I actually decide to be some kind of weirdo who spends the year reading only vampire books, what else should I pick up? It doesn't have to be a series, and it would be nice if the books were easy to find. So send me your suggestions.

**And actually, if I'm not around to reply to comments or emails, it's because I'm out of town until Saturday. But that doesn't mean I don't want your recommendations.**

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Even thought the last few days haven't been warm, I know sundress weather is just around the corner. And I haven't been to Old Navy in a while, so I thought I'd check out what they have. Everything here today is courtesy of them.

I'll take these please.

I would own this one in several colors if I could. It's just that cute.

This is WAY cute. I love that plaid. Although with my luck I would have problems with the chesticle region...

Black may not scream "summer" but the flowers on this totally make up for it, right?

This looks really cute, but I know it would be something I would have to try on. Pretty sure I could even carry it over into fall with leggings and a cardigan.

And this. I love stripes. And they're pretty cute in this blue color. I have gold sandals that would be awesome with this one.

Now I'm off to contemplate which of these I could knock off with my own sewing machine. Because I'm far too broke to go dress shopping at the moment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol - Top 4

I remember last year's top 4. Because it was on Tad's birthday. And Allison and Adam did "Slow Ride" for the duet while Slash played guitar. Totally made Tad's night.

Anyway, tonight is songs from movies. Jamie Foxx is mentor (?!?). And we have duets again.

OMG Lee is singing "Kiss From A Rose!" I LOVED this song when it came out. His voice is perfect for it. Probably not his best, but I love it anyway. And I'll be voting for him tonight. Randy said it was just okay. He wanted him to be more rock apparently. Ellen said there could have been more done with the song, but she still loved him. Kara said it was a difficult song in the first place, but he's still great. Simon had been hoping for a better song choice and thought this performance was verging on karaoke.

Big Mike's turn. He's singing "Will You Be There." You have no idea how hard I laughed when he said that. My youngest nephew is OBSESSED with the movie Free Willy so I'm really sick of the song, haha. That said, Big Mike's voice is workin' for me. It sounds just different enough that I'm able to stomach it right now. Randy didn't love it for him. Ellen thought it was a little predictable. Kara was sitting there comparing it to past performances. Simon expected a better song choice.

First duet of the night: Crystal and Lee singing "Falling Slowly." I freakin' love this song. No surprise - LOVE LEE. And actually, I'm surprised to say that I like Crystal doing this song. Randy loved it. Ellen loved it. Kara loved it. Simon called it fantastic.

Casey is singing "Mrs. Robinson." He sounds good, but I'm way distracted by all the girls looking like they're about to wipe drool from their chins because they're so close to him. It's kind of funny. It's probably not his absolute best, but I like it. Randy decided to be a child and suggest that he picked the song because of Kara's crush. He liked it, but didn't love it. Ellen liked it and called Kara "Mrs. Robinson." Kara said it was a good choice. Simon didn't think the performance had the substance necessary for the top 4.

Crystal has the last solo performance. She picked "I'm Alright" from Caddyshack. Sorry, but it was the same exact Crystal for me. She sounded fine, but I wasn't thrilled. Randy liked it. Ellen said she made the song better. Kara agreed with Ellen. Simon said she's back in the game.

Casey and Big Mike's duet is last. And they're singing "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman." They sound really good together. And Casey is pretty stinkin' adorable. I like. Randy loved them together. Ellen made me die by saying, "As a matter of fact, yes I have loved a woman." A hundred points to her. Kara loved it. Simon echoed that the duets were better than the solo performances tonight. Which I totally agree with.

So tomorrow, I think either Casey or Mike will go home. But I'm not sure which. Now excuse me while I go vote for Lee a hundred times. Not that I did that last week or anything...

5 Things...

Wow I had quite the week last week. Watching the little boy, throwing a party for my two older boys, tracking down chairs and tables, getting all the last minute party supplies, making decorations, having sick boys, cleaning, more cleaning, throwing an amazing party, hosting UFC, Mother's Day... and this week is shaping up to be the same!

Weeks like last week (and this week) make me feel like a grown up. And in honor of that...

5 Things That Make Me Feel Grown Up
  1. While vacuuming the other day I realized I need a new one. I wished I had kids for half a second so I could ask for a new one for Mother's Day. WANTING a vacuum as a gift = totally grown up.
  2. I found out yet another person I know is pregnant. Having pregnant friends makes me feel grown up.
  3. Job interviews. 'Nuf said.
  4. Changing your shoes because your feet have suffered enough over the past few days. Young people keep the cute shoes that make the outfit even if their feet are suffering. I did not. Even though the shoes were amazing and new. I went with comfy. Totally grown up.
  5. Getting down on the floor and scrubbing it. Ugh. I always swore I would own a mop, but it just doesn't get the job done sometimes. So here goes... *sigh* Mom... you were right about scrubbing the floor being better. That should count as two: floor scrubbing and telling mom she was right.
Now just because I feel grown up doesn't mean I act like one at all. Case in point: my cousin and I made a massive flower necklace yesterday. Just like elementary school.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Coolness

Ha, not so much cool as funny to me today. I laughed pretty hard the first time I saw this guy.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My aunt Sam!

Here's Sam with her son and his girlfriend. She's my dad's baby sister. And my partner in crime when we get together. We tend to be amusing.

When my cousins were little, for some reason they called her "Hammy" instead of "Sammy." As I'm sure you would expect, I took that and ran with it. I think she's still Hammy in my phone or email. And she lets me get away with it!

Happy birthday Sam! Love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a short and sweet note to all you moms out there.

You are amazing and probably under appreciated. But your hard work and tough love make a difference.

Mom - I won't get into it too much here, but you have shown me strength and wisdom so much lately. I'm so glad I can come to you and feel better after we've talked.

Bon - Only you could be considered a mom and a best friend. You've gotten me through so much.

Sissy - You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up. Your children love you beyond words. And I will always be there for all of you.

Rachel - I'm so thrilled for you. You are going to be a wonderful mother. WONDERFUL.

There are lots more people I could address here, but I'll stick with the short and sweet idea - I love all of you!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Photo

Friday again! But I'm not set to relax. I have the big bridal shower tomorrow! And then genius me said yes to hosting UFC night. Again. Only because we're not paying for it this time around. Hubby's cousin offered to pay because he doesn't really have the space to host it himself. Then Sunday is Mother's Day. Church to see one of my kids play piano during service, then brunch with the fabulous Josey women.

Today is another of my edits for fun. This was from our anniversary trip to the coast. It's Moonstone Beach in Cambria.

The whole beach is little rocks. Not sand, but rocks. And there are some pretty cool rocks to be found. Tad has a mini collection from our trip. And yes, I was down on the ground to take this picture. It's another one that might make the wall. Not sure yet.

Happy Friday! And come back Sunday for a special Mother's Day post and a birthday post!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been so insanely busy that I'm just exhausted. We watch my youngest nephew during the week now (he's 3) and he's SO different than Tad was. It's amazing how siblings can be so different! Then I'm prepping for the bridal shower this weekend. Add to that my role as listener/sympathizer/counselor to some loved ones... *whew*

So have some randomness, because this is as close as I can get to complete thoughts at the moment.
  • So OMG Lost this week. I don't think I have EVER cried that hard over a show or movie. Maybe, but one doesn't come to mind. I mean, full on sobs that left me feeling wiped out when I was done. Then I couldn't even talk about the episode with hubby when it was over. Because THAT brought the tears back. Even reading recaps/analysis today made me tear up!
  • My Tad's birthday turned out pretty good. I took cupcakes and balloons to school for him. Both in the theme of dinosaurs. His class thought the cupcakes were the coolest ever.
  • Speaking of the cupcakes, the chocolate frosting I made for them... *drool* I ate it on graham crackers last night. I'll be honest and say that I considered eating it with a spoon. But that could be my "monthly gift" and it's influence.
  • Claudia, you might be my new BFF. See, my girl Claudia snagged some actual photos (taken by someone we know) of JOSH DUHAMEL!!! Did you hear me? JOSH DUHAMEL! Then gave them to me when I stopped by my mom's office yesterday. Claudia, if I ever get an invite to meet a certain mutual love of ours, I'll totally invite you. I'll even let you have first hug.
  • Oh yeah, one of Tad's little friends from class killed me with cuteness yesterday. As I was leaving, he told me, "Hey Paul's aunt, you're nice." It was adorable.
  • I read somewhere this week that there is a sequel to The Dark Crystal being made. This scares me. Very much.
That oughta do it for me today. I need to get to work.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My Tad!

Yup, it's my baby's birthday today. He's 6! I'm feeling really old right now. Doesn't 6 sound old? Doesn't he LOOK old? It kills me.

There's really nothing I can say about Tad that you haven't heard already. If I could, I would buy him and keep him as my own. If I knew my kids would turn out as awesome as him, I would have at least four. He's weird and it's totally our fault. He's sweet and I don't know if I can take the credit for that. He's smart and creative and I'd like to think we had a hand in that.

He's perfect.

Happy birthday little man! I love you all the way to infinity and beyond!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol - Top 5

Soooo Harry Connick Jr. is the mentor this week. Helping the contestants sing Sinatra. I kinda like Harry. For an old guy anyway.

Aaron is up first. He picked "Fly Me To The Moon." Gotta throw out - he looks a hundred times better than he normally does tonight. He sounded good too. I like the song, so that helps me like him a little more tonight. Randy said he did a really good job. Ellen said he had beautiful vocals. Kara thought it was good, but it wasn't as strong as last week. Simon was with Kara.

And now it's Casey's turn. And he's singing "Blue Skies." I love this song. LOVE it. And Casey sounds okay. It's not great, but I don't know that I expected it to be. It's totally NOT him. Randy said it was probably his worst performance. Ellen said it was stiff. Kara didn't love it. Simon said he wasn't fantastic and came over a little awkward.

Crystal picked "Summer Wind." Haha, I have to say it. Her hair is confusing me. It's pretty from the front. Looks clean and everything. Then you have those dreads in the back. *sigh* Oh well... she sounds good. It's finally something that doesn't sound like EVERYTHING else she's done. I can actually say I like it because of that. Randy said it was okay but a little sleepy. Ellen wanted her to loosen up a little. Kara "kind of liked it." Simon said it felt a little indulgent.

*side note* So now that Siobhan is gone, we're going to give Crystal time to justify her song choices?? This is why Idol goes over EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Now it's Big Mike's turn. He picked my absolute favorite, "The Way You Look Tonight." I love it. He sounds great. Totally grabbed my attention. Randy gushed over him. Ellen loved him. Kara said he sounded great and still sounded like himself. Simon pretty much hinted that he blew everyone else out of the water.

And Lee gets to finish the night with "That's Life." Um, his voice is pretty much perfect for this music. Okay, he gets my votes again tonight. I'm seriously loving listening to him tonight. Randy loved it. Ellen said if this was the last night of performances he would have just won the whole thing. Kara told him he can win. Simon said it was by far the best performance of the night.

So obviously I'm going to put Aaron, Crystal and Casey in the bottom. Maybe with Casey going home. Or Aaron. I don't think Crystal will be out yet.

Alrighty, gotta go vote for Lee!


5 Things...

I didn't get to do a 5 Things post last week because some LAME-O company was having issues with their internet service. *cough*Comcast*cough*

Anywho, two weeks ago I gave you 5 Things I Love About Spring. In the spirit of being bipolar, today I give you...

5 Things I Hate About Spring
  1. Pollen. Hubby and I have awful allergies and spring can be miserable for us. We can go through boxes of tissues and tons of medicine.
  2. Saying goodbye to baggy winter sweatshirts. There's something comforting about being able to spend the whole day in a big sweatshirt that hides your flab.
  3. The return of shorts. Some days I like my legs, some days I don't. But I don't like them after winter is over. They need a tan!
  4. The inevitable first tan lines of the year. I got mine over spring break. You don't realize just how warm it's going to be so you skip the sun block. Then you're stuck with a funky tan line three months into the year. Grrrr...
  5. The reminder that swim suit season is just around the corner. And you need to work out, get a tan, and find a cute suit. Ugh. I haven't bought a new one in a couple years actually. Haven't wanted to because of money or just not wanting to wear one in the first place. This year I need a one piece because I'm with the church kids so much. And of course no one makes cute (affordable) one piece suits. Boooo.
There ya go. Anything you care to share today?

Happy Birthday to...

My Micah Paige!!!

My cousin Micah is pretty much the coolest. And she's definitely the bestest house sitter ever! We're a lot alike, which means we always have fun together. She has some of the best friends that are constantly coming to my house with her. I love everything about her! Even the fact that she shops in my closet a lot more lately.

Micah is one of Tad's favorite people too. They always blow out her birthday candles together. Because that's the kind of person she is. She'll share her birthday candles with a kid.

Happy birthday Micah! I love you cousin!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Coolness

It's Monday again! And this promises to be quite the crazy week for me. I'm in the process of finding enough tables and chairs for the bridal shower this weekend. And waiting on our children's pastor to call me. And babysitting. And planning a small birthday celebration for tomorrow.


I didn't find a video that called to me today, but I took this picture when we went out of town for our anniversary. It amuses me.

That squirrel is being a mooch. I wish I had food for him, because I'm pretty sure he would have taken it out of my hand. He walked RIGHT UP to hubby and I and started begging. And he was a FATTY! Apparently the squirrels at Morro Rock are well fed.

Everyone have a nice (or at least bearable) Monday!