Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol - Top 3

Ahhh... almost done with this season. Likely the last season I'll be watching. And I just realized that this is the episode where everyone visits their hometown. Meaning a whoooole lot of time draaaaaging by. I'll be opening another tab and perusing other websites.

Oh yeah, the contestants sing two songs tonight. One is their choice and the other is picked by the judges.

And I should mention that Lee DeWyze is already a trending topic over on Twitter. This says great things for his performances tonight. I can't wait.

Casey is up first. His choice was "Okay, It's Alright With Me" by Eric Hutchinson. I like it. He sounds good, but not really anything new. I still enjoyed it. Randy said it was only alright for him. Ellen wished he would have "brought it." Kara said the song choice didn't work out for him because not many people even know the song. Simon compared it to a salad course at dinner (not substantial).

Crystal decided to go a totally predictable route and do "Come To My Window" by Melissa Ethridge. Sorry for the cynicism, but I'm not thrilled when she just sounds the same every week. Actually, she doesn't sound as good as normal. I never love her, but her voice doesn't sound as good tonight. Randy didn't love the arrangement, but liked her vocal. Ellen said it was a good song choice. Kara referred to Randy and Ellen as "the guys" again and distracted me from what she was saying. Simon said it wasn't the most stunning version they've ever heard, but he's glad she's never compromised herself as an artist.

Lee!!!!! Oops, was I showing some favoritism there? AND HE'S SINGING SKYNYRD!!!! He picked "Simple Man" which is pretty much one of my faves. I always turn this one up in the car. Um, I love him. Period. No more words needed. Randy loved the song choice and the confidence he showed. Ellen said he showed us that he's in it to win. Kara said he showed everything he's got and round one goes to him. Simon said it was "absolutely on the money." He also said he crushed the other two in round one. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Casey's turn again. Randy and Kara picked "Daughters" by John Mayer. LOVE that song so I'm totally hoping he can pull it off. Aaaand he totally is. He doesn't sound just like John Mayer which is fine with me (nothing against him, but you don't want an exact copy). I'd buy his version. Randy said it fit him like a glove. Ellen said it was beautiful and she loved it. Kara said it was the right choice. Simon liked it better than his first song, but the arrangement was kind of lazy.

Crystal is up again. Ellen picked "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney. I really hope she doesn't change it to the point that I want to hurt her. Her voice seems off to me again. I swear I'm not just being catty! But as she keeps going she sounds normal again. It's a whole lot better than her first performance. Props to Ellen for picking this song. Randy said it was great. Ellen said she couldn't have asked for more and it was exactly what she was hoping for. Kara said she really pushed and her risks paid off. Simon said it should put her through to the final week.

And now we finish with Lee. Simon picked "Hallelujah" by just about everyone. There is no way to lose with this song. It's amazing. Oh GOOD LORD. Best version ever. Seriously. Chills. He's amazing and needs to win. Randy said he just threw down the gauntlet FOR REAL. Biggest moment and unbelievable. Ellen said it was stunning. Kara said that he's what the show is all about and he just owned the entire night. Simon said he was proud and that he really hopes he makes it in next week.

Okay, easy picks for me tonight. Lee was BY FAR the best. Just based on tonight he should win. Can we skip the top two next week and just give it to him now??? And I'm pretty sure Casey will go home. Because I have a feeling Crystal has a bigger fan base.

Okay, off to enjoy Glee (with NPH!!!! And an Aerosmith song!!!!!) and vote for Lee until I can't feel my fingers.

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