Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Photo

Friday again! But I'm not set to relax. I have the big bridal shower tomorrow! And then genius me said yes to hosting UFC night. Again. Only because we're not paying for it this time around. Hubby's cousin offered to pay because he doesn't really have the space to host it himself. Then Sunday is Mother's Day. Church to see one of my kids play piano during service, then brunch with the fabulous Josey women.

Today is another of my edits for fun. This was from our anniversary trip to the coast. It's Moonstone Beach in Cambria.

The whole beach is little rocks. Not sand, but rocks. And there are some pretty cool rocks to be found. Tad has a mini collection from our trip. And yes, I was down on the ground to take this picture. It's another one that might make the wall. Not sure yet.

Happy Friday! And come back Sunday for a special Mother's Day post and a birthday post!

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We likes it. We does.