Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Ahh the return of the list. Have I ever told you guys how hard it is to think of something sometimes? Yeah, this was one of those weeks.

Now let's get something straight here. Yes, this list is full of baby things. NO, I am not pregnant. Not planning on getting pregnant either. But I know at least four friends who are pregnant, so it's easy to get baby on the brain around here.

So today, I thought I'd get some of the baby thoughts out of my system and find some cute onesies. Some I wouldn't mind owning (okay, ALL of them) when I have my own. One day. In the far, FAR future.

(In case you couldn't guess, everything today is from Etsy.)

Love this movie. Need this onesie for a child one day. (via HCAMOM1)

I love the saying. Rachel, you might just need this one my dear. (via ToadsnTiaras)

Love this one too. Rachel, are you ordering yet?? (via eggagogo)

Classic. And perfect since Tim and I were children in the 80's. (via HutchMe)

Not gonna lie, I squealed over this. SQUEALED. I'm seriously considering this one for my cousin. We loved NKOTB together and she just so happens to be having a girl later this year. (via babycakesanddecor)

We wants it. 'Nuf said. (via BABYWOOD)

Loooove. I have a thing for Legend of Zelda. (via eagleeyedesigns)

Since boys in general seem to be Star Wars fans, I think almost any dad would like this for his little one. (via BABYWOOD)

I had a t-shirt that said this for Tad. Sadly he's finally outgrown it. But I saved it for later use. Now a onesie would complete the collection. (via StyledStickz)

DYING! I kind of really want this one for my cousin too. We loved this movie growing up and listened to the soundtrack obsessively when I was visiting. (via WeROnsieful)

And I had to throw in a pleasantly geeky one. Because math humor just gets me every time. (via WeROnesieful)

There ya are, Rachel, if you're reading today I have to warn you of something. DON'T START BROWSING BABY ON ETSY! There are entirely too many cute things once you start browsing. You will want them all.

For those of you have care little for baby stuff, sorry. I'll try to shut my ovaries up next week.

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Rachel Escobar said...

ahhhhhhh love 'em! going to try to order now! at leas the "worth the wait" one! love that! and it's so true! :) i will be careful tho!