Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, I knew going in that I wasn't ready for the Lost finale. I knew. I was discussing it with my mother and she was asking about the deaths that completely derailed me and I just KNEW I wasn't ready for this.

And holy cow, was it amazing!

I won't attempt a recap, or even my own two cents on the episode, because you can find those anywhere. And they'll probably be better thought out than my own would be.

I just have to say: I cried for a good portion of it. Like, easily forty minutes. Possibly more. Two rum and cokes did not help me relax. Terry O'Quinn is OUTSTANDING. The man needs an Emmy this year. I can also appreciate Michael Emerson a bit more now. I pink-puffy-heart Daniel Dae Kim. All these actors are now going to be referred to as their characters. Which is funny, because up until now hubby and I referred to Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel. And Dominic Monaghan has always been "Merry" to us (thanks LOTR). But now he'll forever be "Chah-lie."

Yes, we say it like Claire would. Hubby corrects me if I don't say it that way.

Seriously, I really don't know if there will ever be another show that can compare with this. AMAZINGNESS. And totally worth the puffy eyes and headache I've suffered.

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