Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

To my little brother, Nick!!!

This picture is what you get when it's after one in the morning, we're at the same party, and I leave my camera on the table while running to retrieve a Sharpie (yes, we drew on a guy who passed out).

My brother is pretty much awesome. He cracks me up. We enjoy (most of) the same things. Little things like shouting, "Danzig!!!" can give us endless amusement. He's going to be one of the coolest uncles ever once I have kids. He has light saber and Nerf battles with Tad. He lets Tad play his piano. Plus there's the fact that he's been in plenty of bands and I feel insanely proud every time I go watch him.

Maybe it's being so close in age (we're only seventeen months apart) or maybe it's that it was only the two of us growing up, but we're really close. He's always come to my defense (even when I didn't want him to). He's cheered me up when I needed it. He even went so far as to listen (or just pretend to) when I blabbed on and on in high school. He didn't throw a hissy fit when I dated his friends (sorry, brother). He's been a great brother.

So heeeey little brother (yeah, I saying that to you like on Scrubs), have an awesome birthday. Gimme a call and we'll take you up to the range sometime soon. Love you!

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