Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Things...

I didn't get to do a 5 Things post last week because some LAME-O company was having issues with their internet service. *cough*Comcast*cough*

Anywho, two weeks ago I gave you 5 Things I Love About Spring. In the spirit of being bipolar, today I give you...

5 Things I Hate About Spring
  1. Pollen. Hubby and I have awful allergies and spring can be miserable for us. We can go through boxes of tissues and tons of medicine.
  2. Saying goodbye to baggy winter sweatshirts. There's something comforting about being able to spend the whole day in a big sweatshirt that hides your flab.
  3. The return of shorts. Some days I like my legs, some days I don't. But I don't like them after winter is over. They need a tan!
  4. The inevitable first tan lines of the year. I got mine over spring break. You don't realize just how warm it's going to be so you skip the sun block. Then you're stuck with a funky tan line three months into the year. Grrrr...
  5. The reminder that swim suit season is just around the corner. And you need to work out, get a tan, and find a cute suit. Ugh. I haven't bought a new one in a couple years actually. Haven't wanted to because of money or just not wanting to wear one in the first place. This year I need a one piece because I'm with the church kids so much. And of course no one makes cute (affordable) one piece suits. Boooo.
There ya go. Anything you care to share today?

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iluvcats said...

3 thing I hate about spring.

1. I hate when people fish for compliments

2. grape jelly waaay better than strawberry

3. I don't like when people let their dogs go poop poop somewher and don't pick it up! How wude!