Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol - Final 2

Go Lee!!!!

Just had to get that out of my system. :) We're finally almost done. And I really don't see myself watching without Simon next year, but who knows.

Tonight is three songs. First is the contestant's favorite song, then the executive producer's choice, then the one that they'll sing if they win. Hopefully this year's winner song is better than last year's. I was NOT impressed last year.

So Lee is up first tonight. He picked "The Boxer" for his favorite tonight. Good choice. He won over a lot of people with this one the first time around. And he sounded great again. Randy said it was a great way to start off the night. Ellen said she couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself. Kara said he needed to "punch harder." Simon said he expected more passion and excitement.

Crystal picked "Me and Bobby McGee." I'm of course pretty "meh" about it. Smart choice for her though, her fans like when she sounds like that. Randy loved it. Ellen said she was compelling. Kara loved it. Simon said it brought him back to when they fell in love with her.

Lee is up again and Simon Fuller picked "Everybody Hurts." Pretty excellent song choice. It totally suits Lee. He didn't disappoint AT ALL. Randy said it was better than the first performance. Ellen said she wanted to see him get into it more. Kara said he was emotionally accessible. Simon said it was a brilliant song choice, but he feels like Lee is nervous.

Crystal got assigned "Black Velvet." Yeah, I can see the reasoning behind picking this one. She's good, but I swear I'm hearing some "off" moments. Hubby is remarking about the "sheeple" that have kept her in. And with that final scream-note, I can say I didn't love it. Randy said she's in it to win it. Ellen said it was fantastic. Kara said she went all out. Simon had an issue with the song because he's heard it done badly so much. But he said she nailed it.

**Okay, so I've been hitting other sites during the commercials. Apparently the skipped the decision to write a song for the winner and the contestants will sing a cover of something. Hmmm...**

Lee will get stuck with "Beautiful Day" if he wins. I'm surprised Bono got over himself enough to let someone cover one of his songs for their first single. Oh wait, my cattiness is coming out... so Lee... he sounds good. I wish they would have changed up the song just a little. Although his voice is definitely different enough from Bono's that it doesn't sound exactly the same. And I like Lee's version better. ;) Randy liked it. Ellen loved him and told him she's proud of him. Kara said he got swallowed up a little in the song. But then threw out that he's grown the most and he deserves to be there. Simon said he made the most of it and that Lee is what the competition was designed for. Yay Simon!

Crystal will sing "Up To The Mountain." Or she would if she won, which she won't. Was that evil? hee hee I don't even know this one, but it's sounding like a typical Crystal song. It's far better than her last two. Because at least she has to slow it down, which lessens the shout-notes. I still wouldn't buy an album of this though. Randy said that that performance is what the show is all about. Ellen said she's in a league of her own. Kara said she was emotionally invested. Um, Crystal is allowed to speak before Simon gives his input???? Lee didn't get a moment. Whatevs. Simon said it was the best performance of the night. And then threw out "outstanding."

Okay, so Crystal sounded the same as always tonight. And I'll fully admit that Lee didn't sound as strong as last week. That said, I still like him better. And I shall be voting for him. Let's hope it all works out.

Now I'm off to watch Glee. And hopefully enjoy it in spite of the Lady Gaga tunes. I'll have to listen to some brain cleansing music after the episode I imagine.

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