Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My mother-in-law/other mother (yes, like Coraline), Chris!!

I think I posted this picture before. But it makes me laugh! How can I not post it for her birthday???

I'm trying to think of one good story about Chris. But it's hard. Because there are definitely weird moments from day to day. Like my first trip with her, but without hubby. We drove to Hollister with some of her sisters. THAT was an interesting trip (especially since hubby and I weren't even engaged yet). Or how the first time I met her I wasn't even ready to meet her. Hubby just decided to stop by her house on our way back home from a race. Because meeting your boyfriend's mom in jeans and a big college sweatshirt, little makeup, and a hot mess of a hair day is exactly what every girl wants to do, right?

But Chris always keeps things interesting. So happy birthday, Chris! Love you!

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