Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Things

I see myself cracking open more than one bottle of wine this month. See, it's almost December which means I have entirely too much to do. I'm looking forward to all of it, but it's also going to make me tiiiiired...

5 Things I'm Excited For
  1. All of a sudden there's a lot to do this weekend. Possible football game Friday, several events in Tower on Saturday, and probably a whole lot of sewing on Sunday. 
  2. Finishing the Christmas decorations. The goal is for me to do everything I possibly can (which is everything that does not involve climbing on rooftops) this weekend. I won't get all my sewing done (well, it's doubtful anyway), but if I can get my tree up and all the other stuff that doesn't have to be made... I'll be content.
  3. Christmas program at school! I was the "acting coach" last year (just call me the director). I'm doing the same thing this year. Rehearsals start today. We have five after-school rehearsals and at least two during the school day. All before the fifteenth. Because that's when we have to be perfect. I'm going to tell the kids that a great performance can be considered my birthday present. :)
  4. Oh yeah... my birthday! Obviously there won't be much celebrating on the actual night. But we're having a party over here. Which means lots of prep. And I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more of it than I was hoping to.
  5. Christmas. I love it. But man it's a lot of work. I feel like I should have three celebrations just to get back all the time I put in. I'm done with one gift. One. That's pathetic.
There's so much more going on besides that. Church stuff, another tattoo, a trip to Vegas... I'll sleep someday...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Ooops, kinda forgot about this today.

Kept it simple this week. Grey with a bright pink french tip. I like them.

Things are crazy this week. Rehearsals for our Christmas program at school start tomorrow afternoon. Did I mention I'm kinda the director again? Yeah. Plus our living room is emptying as I speak (and probably still as you read) because we're getting our carpets cleaned before my party in a couple weeks. Yay for clean carpets, not yay for all the moving involved. One of our cars is sleeping outside while our stuff is in the garage.

Oh and once the carpets are done y'all will get to see my new couch! Yeeee! Plus our Christmas tree can go up. All kinds of excitement!

Off to do more moving. :( Happy Monday night!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's see if I can keep this short and sweet and let everyone get back to celebrating (or preparing to celebrate)...

I feel like every year there's more to be thankful for. Is that a part of growing up, or am I just that blessed? I work at a private Christian school so I teach my kids daily Bible lessons and one week our theme was blessings. It's funny how a lesson designed for first and second graders can make you look at your own life. There's so much to be thankful for that I just overlook things sometimes. So a quick list today...
  • my job. Thankful doesn't begin to cover it, I'm definitely blessed by being there.
  • my family. Mine as well as my husband's. How many people can have their brother-in-law live with them and genuinely enjoy i?
  • the ability my husband and I have to support ourselves without getting into debt. That's so hard for so many these days that it's a big deal to me that we live in a house and have our individual cars. It's not something to be overlooked.
I also wanted to throw some things in from Pinterest...

Happy Thanksgiving friends. I'm thankful for all of you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Want

Okay, a mix between a wish list and a want. More than one thing, but not a whole list.

Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm big on head coverings right now. It just got cold. And I got a mustard beanie last week. So this grey one would be a nice part of my collection.

Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

It's a hooded scarf. I actually have seen the incredibly less-than-stellar name "scoodie" floating around. Minus the stupid name, I want one. I may have to make up a pattern.

Source: wanelo.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Aaaand the coolest hair dryer I've ever seen. Very much want.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. I'm crossing my fingers our paychecks come before Black Friday like they did last year. I'm also gearing up for Christmas over here. Just made a garland last night for the mantel. Must add to it and make it look pretty...

Oh, and I have to take the boy back today. :( I'd keep him if I could.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Woohoo! Checked something off the list yesterday... I hope y'all are fully aware that I'm not going to finish it. I mean, we have just over three weeks to my birthday.

Anyhow, we bought a couch! No pictures yet. I want to get my gross carpets cleaned before we take pretty pictures. I love it. The arms are even comfy for sitting.

Now I'm off to spend time with the manlet. He's here with me. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Yay-yuh. Vacationnnnnnn. We watched Walking Dead at the bar last night. Good times, I see us doing the same next Sunday. And when I got home I did a quickie manicure that actually turned out pretty cute...

The colors aren't the easiest to distinguish. The bottom is a taupey grey. The top is a metallic silvery lavender. And then a silver glitter stripe in the middle. Kinda love.

We're off to check something off my list today. Then start decorating for Christmas later this week.

P.S. I saw Breaking Dawn yesterday... loved it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Photo

Me and my boy. Since next week is Thanksgiving break I do believe I'll be spending a little time with his adorable face. :)

Two conferences left today. Then DMV... ugh. But then it's vacation time!!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old School

I love having a buttload of music on my computer. I can hit a random list and see what pops up. This did last night.

What girl wasn't obsessed with this song in the 90's? I still have a massive girl crush on Gwen. And I can still sing every word to this song.

It's Thursday. And I'm half-done with conferences. And my break starts next week! We're off to cross something off my semi-forgotten 30 Before 30 list. Because let's face it, I'm not hitting all of those in less than a month. Famous for my procrastination...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Things

I actually did a lot this weekend. So here's a rundown...

5 Things I Did This Weekend
  1. Report cards. Yay. But they're done. And I didn't stay up late either!
  2. Went to a canned food drive in my favorite spot in Fresno. 
  3. Saw a band I've only seen once and been dying to see again.
  4. Bought stuff to make my birthday invitations. And some centerpiece stuff.
  5. Bought some super cute shoes.
So yes, it was a good weekend. I had a moment of embarrassment thanks to my dad... he came down to the food drive because one of the shops sponsoring it is owned by his friend from high school. So my dad and I were hanging out. This also happens to be the site of my weekend bar so we went downstairs from time to time and had a drink together.

This band that I was talking about... LOVE them. I saw them once and was obsessed. They're just talented and super cool guys. So I was upstairs listening to them and my dad came out and listened to them for awhile and people were impressed/amused that I knew their songs and that was a total run on sentence. *whew* So when my dad and I were back downstairs we were sitting next to some of the guys at the bar and we chatted with the one right next to us. Well when he was ready for another drink my dad says, "Hey let me get your next beer. My daughter over here loves you guys."

Way to make me sound like a fangirl. *head smack*

But it was only one second of being embarrassed. And the day overall was pretty sweet. And since none of y'all have any clue who I've been talking about, how about some links?

The band I'm apparently a fangirl for: Poor Man's Poison

The shop owned by dad's friend and his wife: Bebe O's

You should probably just expect a picture of the fabulous shoes I bought at Bebe O's later this week. And you should go visit them. I love them to pieces.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Oh Monday, you're even more unwelcome after a three-day weekend. I didn't sleep great, my throat hurts a little... ugh.

So... did my nails last night. If there's one routine I keep up with it's that one.

I tried to go for an ombre-ish look with two different greens. It came out mildly camouflage looking. I'm okay with that.

So off to another Monday. Yay me though. This is our last week before Thanksgiving break!

Friday, November 11, 2011

All In a Day Off...

I may have to start reviewing stuff I buy on here. Think it'll get me freebies? ;)

I bought super comfy (and cheap) shoes today. Plus some amazing chips. Plus I've been raving about my curling iron to anyone who will listen.

Write-ups may come soon. Not tomorrow, headed to a fundraiser/canned food drive. If you're local head down to Tower or text me and you can join me.

Friday Photo

Friday at hooooome. Yes. *insert Snoopy dance and unnecessarily loud singing of joy*

Actually I have to grade this weekend. Conferences are next week. But it's always nice to sleep in for an extra day. Besides the grading this weekend? A fund raiser, some bar time, spontaneous dancing in my living room (thank goodness for weekends alone), soap operas, and who knows.

Who wants a photo?

Love my brother. And I love that he works at a bar that had a Halloween party, because we really weren't up for throwing one this year. I also love my wings. They got a lot of compliments.

Happy Friday friends! If you want in on some fun in the Tower District tomorrow hit me up!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Manicure

I only have nine days of waking up before Thanksgiving break. Yessss. Oh, and I did my nails.

They look kinda pink, but they're totally red. With the ring finger going a little Tim Burton-ish with the stripes.

Another busy week ahead, thankfully I'm not sick this time though. That cold was brutal. And I think I gave it to hubby. Oops.

Friday is a day off. Saturday I'm heading to a fundraiser. Sounds like the week will fly by.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excuses Are Like Armpits...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... but that doesn't mean I don't have one for you! I know I'm lame and I haven't been posting. But I'm sick. It's a cold, but it's trying its best to kick my arse. I took off work yesterday which I HATE doing because having a sub just throws my kids off.

Oh well.

So yeah, nose is red, I have man voice and I'm starting to cough (which usually means I'm almost done with the runny nose). I am SLEEPING all morning Saturday until I have to get ready for our school's auction. And hopefully by Monday I'll be fine. Because really, sick for a week with a cold is just weak.