Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Ooops, kinda forgot about this today.

Kept it simple this week. Grey with a bright pink french tip. I like them.

Things are crazy this week. Rehearsals for our Christmas program at school start tomorrow afternoon. Did I mention I'm kinda the director again? Yeah. Plus our living room is emptying as I speak (and probably still as you read) because we're getting our carpets cleaned before my party in a couple weeks. Yay for clean carpets, not yay for all the moving involved. One of our cars is sleeping outside while our stuff is in the garage.

Oh and once the carpets are done y'all will get to see my new couch! Yeeee! Plus our Christmas tree can go up. All kinds of excitement!

Off to do more moving. :( Happy Monday night!

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