Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Things

I see myself cracking open more than one bottle of wine this month. See, it's almost December which means I have entirely too much to do. I'm looking forward to all of it, but it's also going to make me tiiiiired...

5 Things I'm Excited For
  1. All of a sudden there's a lot to do this weekend. Possible football game Friday, several events in Tower on Saturday, and probably a whole lot of sewing on Sunday. 
  2. Finishing the Christmas decorations. The goal is for me to do everything I possibly can (which is everything that does not involve climbing on rooftops) this weekend. I won't get all my sewing done (well, it's doubtful anyway), but if I can get my tree up and all the other stuff that doesn't have to be made... I'll be content.
  3. Christmas program at school! I was the "acting coach" last year (just call me the director). I'm doing the same thing this year. Rehearsals start today. We have five after-school rehearsals and at least two during the school day. All before the fifteenth. Because that's when we have to be perfect. I'm going to tell the kids that a great performance can be considered my birthday present. :)
  4. Oh yeah... my birthday! Obviously there won't be much celebrating on the actual night. But we're having a party over here. Which means lots of prep. And I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more of it than I was hoping to.
  5. Christmas. I love it. But man it's a lot of work. I feel like I should have three celebrations just to get back all the time I put in. I'm done with one gift. One. That's pathetic.
There's so much more going on besides that. Church stuff, another tattoo, a trip to Vegas... I'll sleep someday...

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