Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Things

I actually did a lot this weekend. So here's a rundown...

5 Things I Did This Weekend
  1. Report cards. Yay. But they're done. And I didn't stay up late either!
  2. Went to a canned food drive in my favorite spot in Fresno. 
  3. Saw a band I've only seen once and been dying to see again.
  4. Bought stuff to make my birthday invitations. And some centerpiece stuff.
  5. Bought some super cute shoes.
So yes, it was a good weekend. I had a moment of embarrassment thanks to my dad... he came down to the food drive because one of the shops sponsoring it is owned by his friend from high school. So my dad and I were hanging out. This also happens to be the site of my weekend bar so we went downstairs from time to time and had a drink together.

This band that I was talking about... LOVE them. I saw them once and was obsessed. They're just talented and super cool guys. So I was upstairs listening to them and my dad came out and listened to them for awhile and people were impressed/amused that I knew their songs and that was a total run on sentence. *whew* So when my dad and I were back downstairs we were sitting next to some of the guys at the bar and we chatted with the one right next to us. Well when he was ready for another drink my dad says, "Hey let me get your next beer. My daughter over here loves you guys."

Way to make me sound like a fangirl. *head smack*

But it was only one second of being embarrassed. And the day overall was pretty sweet. And since none of y'all have any clue who I've been talking about, how about some links?

The band I'm apparently a fangirl for: Poor Man's Poison

The shop owned by dad's friend and his wife: Bebe O's

You should probably just expect a picture of the fabulous shoes I bought at Bebe O's later this week. And you should go visit them. I love them to pieces.

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