Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Want

Okay, a mix between a wish list and a want. More than one thing, but not a whole list.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm big on head coverings right now. It just got cold. And I got a mustard beanie last week. So this grey one would be a nice part of my collection.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

It's a hooded scarf. I actually have seen the incredibly less-than-stellar name "scoodie" floating around. Minus the stupid name, I want one. I may have to make up a pattern.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Aaaand the coolest hair dryer I've ever seen. Very much want.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. I'm crossing my fingers our paychecks come before Black Friday like they did last year. I'm also gearing up for Christmas over here. Just made a garland last night for the mantel. Must add to it and make it look pretty...

Oh, and I have to take the boy back today. :( I'd keep him if I could.

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