Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My cousin Jeremy!!!!

That's him on the left. It's funny to me how much we look alike in this pic. How handsome are my cousins?! So Jeremy is only 15, but me being a midget he's bigger than me. No surprise there.

I babysat Jeremy when he was little so it really bothers me with him getting old. He has always been the sweetest boy around. Even in high school he's not too embarrassed to hug him mom or me or our grandma in front of his friends. He even comes and looks for me at church to say hi. Awwww.

Jeremy is a sweetie and even though we already celebrated his birthday with some cake and ice cream last night (I got him a rather splendid card) I hope his real birthday today is fun and filled with great things. Love you Jer!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Photo

Dude. It's already the last Friday of January.

The first month of the year is already ending. Crazy!

And I don't think I shared this picture yet. So here it is.

That's about fifteen minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve. So I guess it was technically New Year's Day. Tad barely made it. And I love this picture.

(FYI: That's really how he sleeps. He takes up more room than hubby or I do.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Late... No Surprise There

So I'm making a wreath for my door for Valentine's Day. This is unheard of because it's not a holiday I typically decorate for. But this year I'm all about it for some reason.

Anyways, I totally realized that I never showed you the wreath I made for Christmas! This is totally relevant because the wreaths are the same type.

So... tadaaaa!

Yeah, that's black tulle. And so many of you are probably thinking, "BLACK?! And what's with the green and purple???" Well, hubby and I have a Nightmare Before Christmas theme going on here for the holidays. Ornaments, fancy feather wreath for the mantle, little snow scene with figurines, and even a vampire teddy bear for the top of the tree this year! So the black and green and purple obviously fit in.

Here's a close up of the stuff I put in. Glitter ornaments are from a dollar store. So are the snowflakes. The ribbon I got for fifty cents a spool. Mom had the black tulle already. And I used a coupon for the styrofoam wreath that's under all that tulle. So it ended up being a really cheap project. And I LOVE how it turned out.

So like I said, currently working on a Valentine's Day wreath. But it's not going to be obnoxious pink or red tulle. I'm actually making it white. And I'll add in random pink and red stuff. It'll be cute. Maybe I'll get pics up next week. And I'll have to include Tad's window. He put up his little gel clings that I bought on clearance last year and they're looking mighty cute...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Happy Wednesday folks! How are things with y'all? Things have been... well, not quite crazy, but definitely not boring around here.

Last week I spent (or wasted depending on how you look at it) my time making a skirt. With no pattern or anything. So not-so-surprisingly it didn't come out right. I managed to recover and find something to wear to the party that the skirt was intended for. And it was quite a party. Good times were had.

The day after this party (where I went to bed after 4am) I went on the always splendid adventure of trying on bridesmaid dresses. But I had recovered and I had a TON of fun. This is the wedding of one of my BEST friends. And her sisters (both younger than us) still find me amusing when my husband and family do not. This made dress selection VERY fun.

And now I'm prepping for Valentine's Day and keeping an eye out for party ideas (I really am looking mom).

So after all that, here's the wish list for today! I found this site accidentally and fell in love. It's called Unique Vintage and they have ADORABLE dresses and things. So I decided I'd share some of the adorableness today. Even if I'm not quite sure I could pull off the whole vintage look... but moving on...

I am pretty much coveting this swimsuit. I tried on a similar shape last year so I know it works on me. And a one-piece is important for people like me who hang out with small children or go on church trips. No inappropriateness here.

This dress is adorable. It's vintagey and yet not obviously so. I think I could wear this one.

I. Love. Houndstooth. Therefore, I love this dress. Again, not so blatantly vintage that I couldn't pull it off. Right?

This won my heart. It's purple. And I'm pretty sure that would just be a flattering shape. And the full skirt would have me twirling constantly.

This dress is so many kinds of cute. Ruching at the waist? Yes please. It also comes in a solid and a plaid.

And then this one. It's a little bit school teacher, but not stuffy. I likey.

The site has more than just vintage-looking stuff. I spent a lot of time on it the first time I clicked over. It's pretty easy to get lost in full skirts and pretty things.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My grandma Ophie!!!

That's my adorable grandma in the red. How cute is she?? The lovely ladies with her are her daughters, her daughters-in-law, and Bon who's pretty much adopted by us.

My grandma rocks. I've probably mentioned that a few hundred times. She's always been there for all of her grandkids. Plus whoever we decide to bring around. It's an open door at grandma's house.

She was jumping-off-the-couch-excited when I told her I got into the Christian university here in town. She cried and hugged me about a dozen times when I told her I was getting married. She gave me her ring to wear for my wedding since her and my grandpa had just celebrated their 50th anniversary the year before.

She's amazing in so many ways I can't even get into here. The woman should be nominated for sainthood.

Happy birthday grandma. You are the absolute best anyone could ask for and I love you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Coolness

Okay. No explanation needed. Except that even now, I love the Backstreet Boys. Mom, try not to dance in your office.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Photo

Ha, this week's photo is going to make me look ridiculous.

Yup. That's my Edward doll. And yup, I'm kissing it.

Mom bought him for me for my birthday. He's sparkly!!! I wasn't actually going to kiss it, but I faked it and hubby called me on it. So I went ahead and kissed it for real and mom took a picture.

And just so you don't think I'm totally weird, no, I'm not sleeping with him next to my bed. He's not even in my bedroom. So there, I'm not totally weird. *cough*Claudia*cough*

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So you get a pretty random post today. Not to worry, you'll still have a photo for tomorrow.
  • I am so my grandmother. Making an outfit to go with a pair of shoes that I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE? Yup. Doing it. Hence the busyness.
  • I have come to the conclusion that I need to own more musicals. Recommendations?
  • I'm very excited for Valentine's Day. After the party this weekend (and the related sewing) is done, I'll be decorating at the apartment. Which is funny, because I've never been a big decorator for Valentine's Day.
  • I'm going to winter camp with my church kids in two weeks! I'm excited, but also realized that I should probably find some good snow pants. I'm guessing there will be lots of snow thrown my way.
  • I'm excited that today is supposed to be the worst of the storm systems coming through our area. I'm NOT excited that the rain is almost over.
  • I'm feeling pretty good about the gym lately. I feel like a couple things fit better. But it could totally just be me having a non-bloated day. I'll pretend the pounds are melting off...
That's enough randomness for the day. Happy Thursday friends! I'll be sewing the day away and then stretching and popping my poor back tonight. Yuck.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol - Tryout Night 4

Orlando. And Kristin Chenoweth is the guest judge. LOOOOVE her! No time stamps tonight. Because this totally isn't live.

Holy cow. Theo is flaming. Stereotypical flaming. And his pants are tighter than mine. No surprise that he's not good.

Okay, there was far too much focus on the "fun" that Kristin and Kara are having. I love Kristin, but I don't care enough to waste time on that segment.

Seth has an autistic kid. So that's the angle the show is working. He's good. The girls look insanely happy. So he's obviously through.

Okay, all the time filler is seriously annoying.

Jermaine is good. Kristin loves him. Randy must be smoking crack because he thinks it's the best he's heard this season. It was good, but not THAT good.

Shelby has a legit story. The right side of her face pretty much doesn't work. Kristin is BEAMING. Aaaaand Shelby just forgot the words. But the judges are laughing so it's good. They're putting her through.

Awwww, no Kristin for day 2 in Orlando? Boo.

Jay is beatboxing "Come Together" by the Beatles. He's good, but I hate that he did it to this song in particular. I love the Beatles. Okay, now he decided to sing. And he was actually good. And Kara and Randy put him through.

Medley of good chicks.

Cornelius is actually singing Tina Turner. And he did the splits and ripped his pants. They're putting him through. I'm guessing it's mostly because they're laughing too hard to say no?

Um, nice to see sisters striving to look like adult film stars. Bernadette is alright. Amanda is a little better, but not much. They seem to think their "hotness" will work. Hubby just commented on their "creepy relationship." He's got it. They're freaks. Ugh, they're actually through. Doubt they'll last (I'm hoping anyway).

Jarrod sounds like he's not all there. And he's making my headache worse by singing "Amazing Grace" a.k.a. The-Most-Overdone-Song-EVER. And he refuses to leave. Security had to physically restrain him! Nice!

Matthew was a STUPID teenager. He robbed a bank with a BB gun. Seriously. He's actually good though. Dude, Simon just gave him a "brilliant." Kara's predicting Top 12.

Dunzo! Until next week!

Happy Birthday to...

My aunt Brenda!

This is her with two of my cousins (not her boys though).

She's my mom's older sister and she was pretty stoked to have a niece (I've mentioned I was the firstborn, right?). So she pretty much spoiled me. And let me be the flower girl at her wedding. And has just been an awesome aunt.

When we went to Alabama she stayed at my grandpa's with my brother and cousin. She was up one night and in the kitchen. She opened the pantry and swears that "a HUGE cockroach JUMPED onto her head!!" That's how she tells it, I promise. She screamed bloody murder. Then went and scolded the boys for not coming to her rescue. We all got a good laugh when she told us the next morning. Especially since she pretty much acted it out.

And one of my other aunts swears she cried loudly at my wedding. I don't remember hearing her, but it's fun to hear my aunt Kathy imitate her. Actually, it's hysterical to hear her imitate her.

Even though we get good laughs sometimes, we still love her. So happy birthday aunt Brenda! Love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol - Tryout Night 3

Alright, Chicago. Bring it.

Obligatory mentions of our president. Obligatory presidential shirts/signs/etc.

Ick. Shania Twain as guest judge.

8:04 - Katelyn's up first. She's good. And cute. Which always helps. I'm going to age myself here though... who's Duffy? Whatever she sang is by someone named Duffy and I have no clue who that is. Oh yeah, she's through.

8:12 - Okay, about to lose my dinner at Amy talking about her dream about Ryan Seacrest. Who dreams about Ryan? And why did she just fake faint? She's psycho. Ditch her.

8:13 - I'm trying to eat and Amy is making it really difficult for my food to stay in my stomach. PUT YOUR BOOBS AWAAAAAAAY!!!

8:15 - Charity is good. Different good. Not packaged pop star good. She's through.

8:22 - Oh look, crazies.

8:23 - REALLY crazy lady? Trying to get bad with Simon. Ha! Simon just told her, "You know you still like me" and walked away. Nice.

8:24 - Angela is back for her third year (I think). I vaguely remember her. She's still good, but she sounds... like anyone else I've heard on the radio. Nothing new about her.

8:33 - Curley... um. Yeah. No. OH! I just realized I actually know the song!! It took me far too long to figure that out.

8:35 - Alannah isn't good. And the judges are pretty much mocking her with their "singing lesson."

8:37 - I'm really confused by Brian. Like, wondering if he's supposed to medicated. Oh, and he's singing Tiny Tim. This is all far too weird for me.

8:44 - Harold scares me. Really. And he's BUTCHERING Usher. Which makes me laugh. So basically I'm doing some frightened laughing.

8:47 - Bad people.

8:48 - John (I think, I wasn't paying full attention) is good. I wouldn't call him great. Shania is paying some SERIOUS attention to him. And now said he has "a beautiful bottom end." Which Randy is taking and running with it. He's through.

8:54 - Last audition of the night which means we have a sob story. Paige almost died. So obviously she'll make it through. She's good. Ha, Simon called her indulgent. And he's the only one who said no. But everyone else put her through. After entirely too much fake deliberation from Randy.

8:58 - WAIT! Justin, Keith, and Marcus all got lumped together for a last minute show. And they're all through now.

And so we're done. Tomorrow is Orlando. Only an hour again. Hallelujah. Although I may not be live again. You know, church and all. See you tomorrow night!

5 Things...

Maybe you should be expecting this on Tuesdays for awhile. I'm definitely having fun thinking of potential lists...

Today, 5 Things about PARTIES!
  1. I'm going to my cousin's cocktail party this weekend. Totally last minute. Which means I'm crazy enough to attempt to make myself a skirt. Call me insane.
  2. After watching the Golden Globes this weekend, I realized I REALLY want to throw a ridiculous party where my guests come dressed up and we have a red carpet, and ballots, and swag bags... it would be FABULOUS.
  3. I actually don't go to many parties anymore. Besides family birthday parties. But hubby and I don't run with a crowd that parties much.
  4. I have enough "themes" in my head to get married and throw an amazing party at least five more times. Hubby has not agreed to let me have this many vow renewals... yet.
  5. Speaking of weddings, and having themes in mind, my cousin pretty much has her wedding planned in her mind. And I cannot wait to be a part of it. But I guess we should find her a good man first...
I'm in a party mood. I may be in party mode this week, so forgive any missed posts or absentmindedness. I'll take pics Saturday to make up for it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My cousin Carson!

That's him in the middle being assaulted by my brother and I. We have a lot of bizarre pictures in my family.

Carson and my brother got all the funny genes in my family. And the tall genes. And if you ask Carson, he'll tell you they got the genes that gave them the "chiseled faces of a Greek God."


I was trying to think of a good story to tell about Carson, but I couldn't come up with anything that didn't also involve my brother. What does that tell you? They're inseparable and weird. Like when we were in Alabama and they bought toy shotguns at Wal-Mart. Carson named his Betsy. Carson likes to throw around the random Spanish. He likes to call our Mexican grandma "Abuelita" and our other grandma "Kare Bear" (her name is Karen). He's pretty stinkin' handsome, and if I had ended up with him for a little brother I'm pretty sure I'd have beaten down a desperate little girl by now.

Carson is awesome. And I'm struggling with the fact that he's 20 today. It makes me feel old. But either way, happy birthday cousin. Try not to get into TOO much trouble. I know what you're capable of...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oooh, Cupcakes!

I made cupcakes last week. First ones of the new year. Wanna see?

They were red velvet. For hubby's boss and his coworkers. See, hubby works weekends so he was scheduled to work Christmas. So he put in to get the day off as soon as he possibly could. And he got it. So when his boss (who knew me when I was in junior high and pretty much loves my mom and me) gave him his December schedule he said, "You'll notice you're off Christmas Day. As of December 24 I'm no longer on a diet. So if Ashley wants to thank me with cupcakes she could do that." (They kind of know me for my cupcakes there.)

So I made them. Boss-man's fave happens to be red velvet so the choice was obvious.

So here's the first ones of the year. Expect there to be a LOT more to come.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Photo

I love this week's photo. Just look at Tad's face.

Hubby got a Nerf machine gun for Christmas (thanks again, mom) and has been WAITING for the boys to be over so they could play with it. So when Tad and Cole spent the night last week hubby broke out the gun. They had fun shooting each other over and over and trying to smack the darts out of the air. I see more Nerf wars in my future.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My Bonnie!!!

I've talked about how awesome Bonnie is. So there's not much need to go into it again or you people may tune me out.

Here we are on New Year's Eve. As if you couldn't tell from the wonderful adornments on our heads, right? She's been a part of my life for about fifteen years now. Which is insane to think about. But I can't wait for the next fifteen years. And hopefully she'll be grandma Bonnie to my kids one day.

I love you Bonnie! Happy birthday!!
Love, Ceniza*

*If you're dying to know, it's a nickname from back in the day. She still writes it on my presents sometimes and I still sign cards that way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol - Tryout Night 2

Okay so I'm totally NOT live tonight. But I'll write anyway to keep you entertained. Wednesday nights may not be live at all. I have church so I'm not home and ready to write until 9:00 sometimes.

Anyway, let's get on with the tryouts...

They're in Atlanta and let me just say that I don't give a rat's patootie that Ryan is from there. He annoys me the last couple seasons. And Mary J. Blige is the guest judge? Boooring.

First up: Dewone... wow. Okay, he's singing an "original" song. Bad choice. I don't even have words for him. And now he's arguing. Leave.

Mary J. Blige cannot pronounce "congeniality." *sigh*

Keia is cute. Her pants are assaulting my eyes a bit with their brightness. But she can sing. So I'll forgive the pants. I like her. She's through - no surprise there.

Miriam, Noel, and Tisha (with her OBNOXIOUS earrings) are all good and thrown in a segment together.

Jermaine has a sick mom. So I'm assuming he's getting through. Oh okay, he's good. So at least he deserves it. He's TOTALLY changing up "What If God Was One Of Us." And I'm okay with it.

Oh no. No. Christy is on my last nerve. Immediately. She needs to take some downers. Like, now. ARGH!!! Hubby and I are groaning. And she's not good. And now she cops an attitude. Whatev.

Series of rejects. HAAAAA! Including the girl that brought cheerleaders with her for some reason. I don't like cheerleaders.

Haha. Hubby and I are being slightly evil. To the point that I actually WON'T share what we're saying.

Vanessa is... weird. Definitely a country girl. She's not bad actually, just very country. Simon likes her, which I could tell by the look on his face. They're putting her through. Wait, she just said "aeroplane." She'll be fun if only for the fact that I'm going to die at some of the things she says.

Okay, these "dramatizations" helping mock the Alabama boy are stupid. Not needed at all. Jesse is way too nervous. Mary J. Blige is CRACKING UP! Awww, and he not good. Which I totally expected. Why does Alabama get represented this way???

Some more people hearing no.

Just have to throw in, I put my church kids first tonight. I had a chance to go see Jason Castro tonight, but I went to church instead.

Okay, now we have Holly. Who's nuts. Obviously. She's dressed like a guitar. WHY is she singing with the glasses on? I can't get past them enough to hear her voice. She's not bad, but I want to hear her sing something that's not country. Aaaaand apparently I might get the chance because she made it through.

Series of badness. Oh, and it includes a boy singing Britney Spears. ha

Mallorie is good. But she doesn't seem any different than some of the other people we've already seen. She'll go through. Everyone was smiling.

Bunch of people getting through. *yawn*

Nooooooo. Antonio a.k.a."Skiiboski"? What? I'm so confused by this freak show. He has "American Idol" shaved into his head. And he's quite possibly insane. And he runs his mouth far too much. His singing wasn't awful, but he was better than I expected. Ugh. He's creeping me out now. Simon looks HORRIFIED at everyone saying yes. Honestly, I am too.

I'm scared. Carmen and Lauren must have twenty pounds on makeup on their faces. Each. Simon just summed it up for me by saying, "Annoying, annoying, annoying." Lauren isn't good. Period. Carmen was better, but I don't know about fantastic. Wow. Carmen is going through and Lauren isn't. They're going to sit here and cry and hate life because "they're BFFs and can't do anything without each other!! Like, OMG!!!" Ugh.

Another series of bad auditions. Mary J. Blige ACTUALLY said, "Oh my God!!" That's how... interesting they were.

Bryan is a cop. And actually good. They love him.

Lamar. Wow. For starters, someone ran an elfin-sized lawnmower through his eyebrows, leaving stripes. Oh, and he doesn't sing, he yells. Ugh, now he's trying to sing again. And not listening. He's one of THOSE contestants. Kick him out already. Ha, now security is escorting him out. AHAHA!!!! He totally busted out with, "I wish Paula was here." Love it.

I'm confused. Why is there an old man singing? Okay wait, his song is hilarious! He's mocking those tards who sag their pants too low. Mary J. Blige is in tears laughing. It was funny, but seriously? Weren't there enough good people to fill the show?

Okay, that's it for tonight. I'm gonna be dying about the pants song though. I will be laughing out loud when I see little turds sagging their pants from now on. More next week. Ugh, and I just saw that Shania Twain will be guest judging. Boooo.

Wednesday Wish List

I LOVE cardigans. I own a few too many. They're just so easy to wear! Throw on jeans and a tank top and I'm done. I bought a couple with a gift card I got so I thought I'd look around a bit more and see what else I missed.

The neck on this one from Banana Republic is FABULOUS. It's different. Love the look, don't love the price. Eesh.

I have a serious thing for sequins, but I have nowhere to wear them. I'd like to think this one from Forever 21 would be wearable on a daily basis.

How fun is this? It reminds me of Grease. It's from ModCloth and I pretty much love it.

The crochet on this one from LuLu's is adorable. It's totally dressy enough to go over a little black dress.

And I can't forget Old Navy. They have some of my favorite basics. I heart cable knit so this one makes me happy. I didn't see it when I was there last week...

And argyle is always cute. And the colors on this!! I may have to make a return trip to see if I can find this one. It might be a necessity.

Best thing about cardigans? I don't have to give them up once spring is here. I can totally wear them all the time. Yesssss.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol - Season Premiere!

Well hello there. Godzilla was just here. Destroying everything.

Okay, not really. Comcast screwed up. AGAIN. I'm desperately close to canceling service...

Anywho, I'm at mom's now, 25 minutes behind on the premiere. Thank God mommy lives so close to me.

Oh okay, they're in Boston. See? I didn't even know that.

8:29 - Amadeo is up. He's very stereotypical Italian guy. He's not bad, but he seems like he's yelling more than singing though. He got four yes votes so he's through.

8:34 - Awww... Derek, he totally doesn't realize that the correct word is "gravitating." And he takes "nature walks." Sorry, but I'm already not liking this guy. Mom gasped because he's singing Elton John, haha. Wow. No. No. No.

8:35 - Ha! He made my brother groan and walk away.

8:37 - A bunch of people who didn't make it. Crying, but no crazies yet.

8:42 - Mere is crazy. Officially. She's one of those anime people too. Her singing was more like yelling. Please don't beg. You're looking ridiculous.

8:45 - There is no WAY she has had 14 years of training. Or she would actually be able to sing.

8:46 - Luke isn't bad. He's actually pretty good. So is Benjamin. They're both through. And had the girls dancing in their seats.

8:47 - Andrew looks like a potential nutjob. Really. Or maybe he's already there. Ha! Simon called him a smartass. I think at this point I'd punch the guy. And the highlight of his tryout is Kara schooling him. For being an impatient, angry brat. What a brat.

8:59 - Oh look. An Ashley. I think I automatically like her. Yup. Like her. She can actually sing.

9:00 - I just got good laugh out of mom by calling Victoria Beckham "Skeletor." I only speak the truth.

9:02 - Tyler is a drummer. And he fell out of a tree. Smart guy. My mom just said, "What a dope." He's surprising me with his voice. He's actually good! Yes from everyone, he's going to Hollywood.

9:11 - Lisa... she seems a little full of herself on first impression. She SO thinks she is Mariah. I'm dying over here. Good Lord. I'm amused.

9:14 - WHY would you choose to butcher Johnny Cash? And we follow it with a parade of weirdos.

9:15 - I'm enjoying Mike and his Boston accent. And he picked one of my favorite songs ("Yesterday" by The Beatles). And he made it!

9:23 - "Touching" story about a girl's grandma. Meaning the girl will obviously make it. Because that's how Idol functions. She is good though. Actually, that's an understatement. The judges put her through.

9:28 - I already forgot this kid's name. He wasn't great, but he's through. Oh, his name is Joshua. He totally a quiet little mouse though, I don't see him getting far.

9:35 - What? Really. What? More bad ones, and I'm giggling insanely.

9:36 - We have a cancer story. Justin won me over already. He's singing "Feeling Good." Mom and I are crushing a little. Not gonna lie. Kara is totally giving him bedroom eyes. Simon's reaction just made mom and I scream! Haha, even HE was almost giving bedroom eyes!

9:44 - Um. Norberto. Wow. What's up with the hair? And the sequin vest. Um, and EVERYTHING!!! Simon summed it up with "weird." I totally agree.

9:46 - I already like Bosa. He just seems like a nice guy. He's a good singer. Don't know about amazing or anything. He's through. He needs more stage presence. And his family is the cutest. His dad is crying. Love them.

9:54 - Leah's good. She has a strong voice. Simon's loving her. You can tell by the look in his eyes. She's through.

Tomorrow they're in Atlanta. And if my cable doesn't screw up again, I'll be here blogging it.

5 Things...

I'm still trying stuff out here people. Not sure what will become regular and what I'll get tired of. So bear with me. I thought about this one yesterday and decided it goes nicely with my randomness.

I'll share five things I think about any given subject. It could be pop culture, aspects of daily life, or actual news events. Just another way to throw my opinion out there. Because it's my blog, and since you're here I'm guessing you want to know what I think. Right? Feel free to comment your own thoughts on the varying subjects.

Today, in honor of the start of American Idol tonight (and my return to live blogging!) I decided to post...

5 Things About American Idol

  1. I'm super stoked that Ellen DeGeneres is going to be joining the judges this season. I love her humor. She's going to be fun. I only wish we didn't have to wait until Hollywood week to see her.
  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE Simon is leaving after this season. What? You say you didn't hear that yet? He officially announced it yesterday because he's bringing X Factor over to the States (that should be capitalized, right?). I'm disappointed. And highly doubt I'll be watching American Idol after this season. We shall see...
  3. I'm one of those people who still enjoy the audition phase of the show. The meanness is a guilty pleasure of mine. But also, if I'm not paying attention during tryouts, I'm not going to get into the show. I need to see them to really care about the rest of the season.
  4. I hate results shows. The bad group numbers, the fact that we're wasting a whole time slot on something that could be done in a minute during a commercial break... I love my DVR on results night.
  5. As much as I enjoy the show now, I've never purchased a CD from a winner. I do have a Kelly Clarkson CD, but my mom gave it to me. Same with Daughtry (besides, he wasn't a winner). But other than that, I haven't liked anyone enough to run out and buy their music. Guess I'm not their target demographic.
There you are. Your first version of "5 Things." Hope you had fun. Feel free to throw in your input. And look for it to show up again soon, but who knows what it will be about at that point.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Coolness

Not sure if this will become a regular Monday thing, but I'd like it to be. Who doesn't need something nice for their Monday? And if you're the type who can't watch videos at work, sorry. But you should watch when you get home. Because chances are you'll still need it after your Monday.

So I came across this via Twitter. I follow Emmy Rossum and she posted a link with this a few days ago:

"Opera singers disguised as shopkeepers were selling produce at various stalls last November at the central market in Valencia, Spain./
Suddenly Verdi's Il Travatore started playing over the loudspeakers, and watch what happened."

It's pretty much the coolest thing ever. So watch. And happy Monday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I tend to not make resolutions. I'm not great at keeping them. So instead (and way late to the game... 10 days into the new year) I'm going to predict a couple things.

1. I WILL be successful at decorating some cookies with royal icing this year. I have made a couple attempts and failed. This year I'll succeed. At least once.

2. I'm pretty sure I'll suffer another baking related injury. This occurred to me while baking the other day when I almost burned myself. With all the baking I do, I just have a feeling I'll do it once more. If it's not that, I'm sure I'll be diagnosed with carpal tunnel (I'm only half-joking).

3. I will make most of my Christmas gifts again. But I'll start far sooner than I did last year.

4. I will make clothing for myself, and wear it. In public. I'm totally itching to sew again lately, but I don't know what I want to start with.

That's about it. I could say I'll lose weight and all, but that's too much like a resolution. Besides, summer and bridesmaid dresses are motivation enough for me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My nephew Talan!

Here he is with my Tad. They're about the same size, but Talan is actually only four today. And this picture makes me laugh because they're not BFFs. They actually fight a lot.

Talan kind of hated most people when he was younger. He's actually only been on speaking terms with hubby and I for about a year. haha He used to be scared of hubby I think.

So today, happy birthday to Talan (a.k.a. My Pal Tal and Taliban [yes, we're that twisted]). I shall be bringing Transformer cookies to his party. Because I'm that aunt.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Photo

Friday photos are back! For now at least. They'll be pretty random again, and hopefully I'll get the patience to scan in some old ones that you'll get a kick out of. But not right away.

This week I have a picture from Thanksgiving.

Me, my new brother-in-law, and my mother-in-law (a.k.a. Mommy Dearest). Yes, I'm trying to eat her head. Yes, she's aware of the weird face she's making. Her sisters just about cried laughing when they looked at the picture.

Yeah, we're always this strange.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!

OHMYGODYES. I was scared when I first heard about the Clash of the Titans remake. I'm a nerd and I still appreciate the old one - bad effects and all. But they I got word that Sam Worthington was in it. And Liam Neeson. And Ralph Fiennes. And that gave me hope. Then the teaser trailer came out, and I was a little excited.

Then my husband found a new trailer. And I can honestly say I am SO ready and SO stoked for this movie. It comes out the weekend after hubby's birthday, so it's obviously going to be his birthday movies. I CAN'T WAIT.

Wednesday Wish List

It's back! I enjoy looking around for fun stuff, so of course the wish list had to be back.

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been in love with tulle. It's so pretty and princessy and fun. I hate sewing on it, but I love looking at it. And there are some seriously cute things out there made with tulle. So that's what I'm sharing today. Of course everything comes from Etsy.

And just so you know, I may or may not be motivated by an upcoming wedding. My best friend Lauren got engaged a week before Christmas (there was much squealing over the phone when she told me). And just a couple days ago she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Of course I said yes! So if I seem a little focused on pretty frills, that's why.

This is a completely useless shrug. It would provide no warmth and minimal coverage. It reminds me of Clueless when Cher's dad tells her to put something on over her dress, and she puts a sheer little jacket on. Anyway, regardless of the usefulness I love it. It would make a cute addition to a bridesmaid dress, or bride. (via RomancingJuliet)

I'm not too in love with the fact that white tulle was used for this hairpiece. But I had to throw it in because I just saw those exact balls at a craft store the other day. I wanted a reason to buy them, but their colors don't go with my house (they're on a pick in Christmas clearance). I think I'll have to go back and buy them now. How did I not think of a hair accessory??? (via JGless330)

This is mighty pretty. I've been wanting to try out some stuff like this, but don't have the right kind of scraps laying around. Apparently burning the edges just a bit is what makes them curl? I may have to try this now. Because I'm in love with this gold one. (via GMPurseanalities)

This is a belt. You can't tell so much from the pictures, but it is. It would be cute to fancy up a plain dress. Or over a cardigan. I want to try one of these too. (via Silverpencils)

Um, I love this. Very, very much. Would I have any reason to wear it? Not really. But it's fabulous. And that striped top just kills me. I don't know why, but it makes the whole dress that much cooler. (via ouma)

This one is cute too. It's plain, it can be dyed, and I think it would be the funnest bridesmaid dress ever. EVER. (via ouma)

And this. Yeah, pretty much the same as the previous two. But I still love it. And may dream about it. I think I would feel like a little girl playing ballerina in it. Which is slightly ridiculous, but whatev. (via ouma - again!)

This one is different. And if I were to order this one in particular I would have some chesticle issues. Because I am not exactly built like a little boy. But back to the dress... I could almost consider wearing this one in public. People would probably still stare. I mean, it's a poufy tulle skirt. But I would seriously consider rocking it. (via glossvegas)

There you are friends! My list is a little on the expensive side today, but the dresses are so frivolous that it doesn't matter much.

Except that I really want to run through a field wearing a poufy tulle dress now...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I tried this a little when I started the blog. But I kinda got behind and didn't mention every birthday.

I'm going to try this year.

Which is a serious undertaking. And that means that they will not all be long, heartfelt posts. They may not all include pictures. But oh well. I'm at least aiming for acknowledgment. So if you want a special birthday post this year, hit me up. And if you want it to be super special, let's go hang out and take a picture that I can post. Or if you want it to be the BEST BLOG POST EVER WRITTEN, you could pay me...

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Keep an eye out. There are actually a few birthdays just this month.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi Friends

Just so you know, posting may be light for a week or so. I'm trying to figure out some weekly features and such. And I think I'm still recovering from the craziness of the holidays.

But before I go, is there anything you want to see or hear from me? I might bring back Friday photos, even though my computer tends to make uploads painful. I also plan to keep posting when I've baked fun things. And now that I've been sewing and crafting for a bit, I'll probably show off some of that stuff. Starting with some of the stuff I made for Christmas... but not just yet.

So sorry if I'm not around much. Just trying to decide what will keep this thing enjoyable.