Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol - Season Premiere!

Well hello there. Godzilla was just here. Destroying everything.

Okay, not really. Comcast screwed up. AGAIN. I'm desperately close to canceling service...

Anywho, I'm at mom's now, 25 minutes behind on the premiere. Thank God mommy lives so close to me.

Oh okay, they're in Boston. See? I didn't even know that.

8:29 - Amadeo is up. He's very stereotypical Italian guy. He's not bad, but he seems like he's yelling more than singing though. He got four yes votes so he's through.

8:34 - Awww... Derek, he totally doesn't realize that the correct word is "gravitating." And he takes "nature walks." Sorry, but I'm already not liking this guy. Mom gasped because he's singing Elton John, haha. Wow. No. No. No.

8:35 - Ha! He made my brother groan and walk away.

8:37 - A bunch of people who didn't make it. Crying, but no crazies yet.

8:42 - Mere is crazy. Officially. She's one of those anime people too. Her singing was more like yelling. Please don't beg. You're looking ridiculous.

8:45 - There is no WAY she has had 14 years of training. Or she would actually be able to sing.

8:46 - Luke isn't bad. He's actually pretty good. So is Benjamin. They're both through. And had the girls dancing in their seats.

8:47 - Andrew looks like a potential nutjob. Really. Or maybe he's already there. Ha! Simon called him a smartass. I think at this point I'd punch the guy. And the highlight of his tryout is Kara schooling him. For being an impatient, angry brat. What a brat.

8:59 - Oh look. An Ashley. I think I automatically like her. Yup. Like her. She can actually sing.

9:00 - I just got good laugh out of mom by calling Victoria Beckham "Skeletor." I only speak the truth.

9:02 - Tyler is a drummer. And he fell out of a tree. Smart guy. My mom just said, "What a dope." He's surprising me with his voice. He's actually good! Yes from everyone, he's going to Hollywood.

9:11 - Lisa... she seems a little full of herself on first impression. She SO thinks she is Mariah. I'm dying over here. Good Lord. I'm amused.

9:14 - WHY would you choose to butcher Johnny Cash? And we follow it with a parade of weirdos.

9:15 - I'm enjoying Mike and his Boston accent. And he picked one of my favorite songs ("Yesterday" by The Beatles). And he made it!

9:23 - "Touching" story about a girl's grandma. Meaning the girl will obviously make it. Because that's how Idol functions. She is good though. Actually, that's an understatement. The judges put her through.

9:28 - I already forgot this kid's name. He wasn't great, but he's through. Oh, his name is Joshua. He totally a quiet little mouse though, I don't see him getting far.

9:35 - What? Really. What? More bad ones, and I'm giggling insanely.

9:36 - We have a cancer story. Justin won me over already. He's singing "Feeling Good." Mom and I are crushing a little. Not gonna lie. Kara is totally giving him bedroom eyes. Simon's reaction just made mom and I scream! Haha, even HE was almost giving bedroom eyes!

9:44 - Um. Norberto. Wow. What's up with the hair? And the sequin vest. Um, and EVERYTHING!!! Simon summed it up with "weird." I totally agree.

9:46 - I already like Bosa. He just seems like a nice guy. He's a good singer. Don't know about amazing or anything. He's through. He needs more stage presence. And his family is the cutest. His dad is crying. Love them.

9:54 - Leah's good. She has a strong voice. Simon's loving her. You can tell by the look in his eyes. She's through.

Tomorrow they're in Atlanta. And if my cable doesn't screw up again, I'll be here blogging it.

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